10-Year Gann Cycles in Trading

Exploring the W. D. Gann cycles work is a never-ending source of inspiration.

For W. D. Gann cycles and vibrations were a core part of market analysis and forecasting, as he summarized so succinctly in his book The Tunnel Thru The Air:

“In making my calculations for the stock market, or any future event, I get the past history and find out what cycle we are in and then predict the curve for the future, which is a repetition of past market movements,” he said. “The great law of vibration is based on like producing like.”

As astro-traders, it’s vital that we understand the importance of Gann cycles in market timing.

In this video I’ve taken about six minutes to provide a quick review of one the most important Gann cycles that the legendary trader used in his remarkable market forecasts nearly 100 years ago.

The 10-year cycle that Gann described still works today!

As you watch the video, remember that it just represents the tip of the iceberg in the study and application of Gann cycles!

Gann Cycles and Our New Mini-Course

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    1. The bet way to test them is through repeated personal experience. What markets are you interested in?

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