Profitable Eclipse Trading with a NASDAQ Stock

One of the stocks featured in last year’s special report on “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets” was Charels & Colvard Ltd. (NASDAQ – CTHR).

CTHR was identified as a potential trading candidate because of the alignment the solar eclipse made with the company’s first-trade horoscope. The firm is a jewelry manufacturer and distributor based in North Carolina, and even though it’s not a heavily-traded issue it provided a great opportunity for astro-traders seeking short-term profits with minimal risk.

I’ve just been looking at the record of the trade in this stock that got underway after the eclipse in November, along with the other stocks covered in the November report. The results are pretty impressive!

You can get a review of how this trade was structured, including the use of stop-loss levels in the trade as it progressed in a new video I’ve just posted on YouTube. Take a look at:

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