A Rare Daily Horoscope

Every day brings its own planetary configurations.The daily horoscope that gets created for all of us brings the potential for celebrations or challenges, depending on how our individual natal charts are impacted by current celestial events.

That’s what draws so many of us to the daily horoscope column in their newspaper or favorite website. We all want to know what makes us special. We want to know what we can do to align ourselves more effectively with today’s planetary weather, so that we can succeed in love, money, career, or other endeavors.

A lot of the timing factors that influence a daily horoscope are pretty bold and hard to overlook – big planetary conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses, Mercury going retrograde, or an intense Full Moon.

What Makes This Daily Horoscope Different

But there are days, like today, when the key features in a daily horoscope get overlooked by many astrologers. That’s because there’s not quite as much drama involved. This chart shows you what I’m talking about:


November 2014 Daily Horoscope Cluster
There are only three tight planetary clusters in 2014, with five or more planets within a 20-degree span. This cluster began on November 21, with the Moon at 15 Scorpio; it ends on November 23, with Mercury at 22 degrees Scorpio. Note that this chart is set for New York City, but the time is GMT.

What’s interesting about this daily horoscope chart is the fact that includes at least five planets within a span of just 20 degrees of celestial longitude. Again, that’s not something that jumps out in astrology textbooks. But it’s worth paying attention to since it’s a fairly rare phenomenon.

What do I mean by rare? Well, the last time this happened was in January. We’ll get another alignment of this sort in late December. But after that we’ll only get one of them in all of 2015, and one each in 2017 and 2018. We won’t have one at all in 2016, and we didn’t get one in 1975 or 2008, either.

What Does It Mean For You?

So what does all this signify for your daily horoscope?

The answer goes beyond your Sun sign. This planetary cluster actually began on November 21, with the Moon at 15°51′ Scorpio. That means you should examine your own personal natal chart. Focus on everything that’s positioned between 15°51′ Scorpio and 22°37′ Scorpio.

That’s especially important if any of the money planets in your chart are in that degree range. But no matter what your daily horoscope has to say on a good day or a bad day, it always pays to know how to find the money in your horoscope!

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