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Every Once In A While I Bat 1000

In last week’s newsletter, the one for January 24, 2010, I said that it “seems highly unlikely that we will see anything other than a net loss for equities in the week ahead,” and that in fact turned out to be the case for all the major market averages.

On Monday, when I had called for a “bullish trading day,” the S+P was up by 0.46%. On Tuesday, with my forecast for “a fairly strong resumption of bearishness,’ the average dropped by 0.42%.

On Wednesday I was looking for an up day with a breather from Tuesday’s trading negativity due to “a little bit of moderation in the markets, with the Venus/Mars opposition and the waning heliocentric Mars/Poseidon square bringing some positive encouragement to the trading floor.” That day, in keeping with my forecast, the S+P was up 0.49%.

My forecast for Thursday was for more selling pressure, with restrictive astrological factors that “should be powerful enough to bring some serious moderation in any optimism that remains in the markets, at least for the time being.” Right in line with that prediction, the S+P lost 1.18% for the day.

On Friday, finally, we saw another big loss, with the S+P 500 dropping 0.98% for the day to finish up the week with an overall 1.64% loss. I had noted in my forecast that “The decay in bullishness should be more than evident on Friday,” with an “extremely bearish spin to the close of the trading week.”

In short, my forecast in last week’s letter was extremely accurate, not only for the week as a whole but also for each individual trading day.

While I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always bat 1000 with my forecasts, I certainly do enjoy seeing that kind of performance. Of course all the usual caveats apply about even such spot-on past performance not guaranteeing future results, but I think this is a good example of the extra edge that astro-traders can have when they add accurate astrological insights to their market analysis.


The Lasting Power of Eclipses

“I understand that eclipses are important in financial astrology, but with just a few eclipses happening each year, why should make such a big deal about them?”

That’s a question I’ve been asked before, and I’ve gotten it again recently with the publication of my new monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of January 2010: Its Impact on the Markets”.

This annular eclipse is coming up on January 15, but why should anybody care about it after that date?

The fact is, solar eclipses do have a big potential impact on market behavior and on the headlines we read in the newspapers. That’s especially true in the days nearest the date of the eclipse itself. But solar eclipses also have a lot of influence on other events as well, including events that take place months or even years after the date of the solar eclipse.

There are certainly major geomagnetic forces at work when we get a solar eclipse, but the exact mechanism of the influence that comes from a solar eclipse is still something of a mystery. So the real issue is not so much one of knowing exactly how eclipses work to have such an important impact, but instead one of figuring out what sort of events are the most likely to occur following the eclipse, and then determining the specific dates that bring the strongest potentials for activation of the energy that has coalesced around the time of the eclipse.

That’s where my new monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of January 2010: Its Impact on the Markets” comes in to play.

This new report definitely includes some clear forecasting sections, but the forecasts it features go far beyond the eclipse time itself on January 15, 2010. And there’s a lot more included that will make this a valuable document for many months to come, including:

* A complete analysis of eclipse charts and eclipse paths

* Studies of 11 historic eclipses that specifically relate to the January 15 eclipse

* More than 150 specific dates when paricular eclipse activations can occur

* In-depth analysis of the six most important times when the eclipse energy culminates

* 60 astrological charts, market charts, and illustrations

* A detailed market forecast inlduing profitable trading strategies

* A review of the amazing track record of eclipse-based astro-trading

* A detailed look at the impact of the solar eclipse on the U.S. dollar

* The specific geographic locations most strongly impacted by the January 15 solar eclipse

* Six potentially profitable stocks to consider trading just after this eclipse for short-term profit

* A review of Gold and an in-depth consideration of one specific commodity that will be of maximum interest to traders during the six-month period following the eclipse

* A month-by-month projection of the eclipse’s effects on the market

* And much, much more!

I know that sounds like a lot, and it is. In fact, this eclipse report is 93 pages long, so there’s plenty of information to absorb and put to work to make your own trading more financially successful.

But regardless of whether you’re looking for specific trading tools or whether you just want some entertaining and informative reading material, make sure you get a personal copy of “The Solar Eclipse of January 2010: Its Impact on the Markets” right away.

You can download your copy instantly from publisher’s website at — but you can go directly to the page that sells the Eclipse Report by clicking through to .

And if you want to save 25% on the cost of the Eclipse Report itself, be sure to get the Coupon Code for Gold Members only at in the Gold Member Exclusives section of the web site. Once you have your personal Coupon Code in hand, you can use it during the checkout process at and your 25% discount will automatically be applied.


A New Year

Here we are with a Lunar Eclipse and a New Year ready to start.

New beginnings are always exciting, hopeful, intimidating.

It’s time to measure the past year’s performance, to review the lessons that need to be learned, and to set fresh goals for the year ahead.

As I look back through 2009, I’m personally amazed at all the innovations and improvements we’ve been able to share through our focus on website expansion designed to provide better services and a more solid support system for astro-trading to our members throughout the world. It’s been very impressive, but it’s only the beginning.

Thanks to all of you who have offered ideas, observations, and insights. I’m personally grateful for your feedback, since it’s only through your communications that we can get more closely targeted on providing you with genuine value in supporting your astro-trading efforts. Please continue to share your requests, your frustrations, your accomplishments, and your dreams.

I’m also tremendously grateful for your friendship. Financial astrology is a real passion for me, and not a day goes by that I’m not eagerly exploring new concepts or sharing the results of my research and experiments. It’s truly exciting, but it’s even more worthwhile because through our membership program I’m able to share such fine personal connections with such remarkable people. It’s truly a gift!

My New Years Resolution, and my personal pledge to you, is to make 2010 even more remarkable, more productive, and more fun than the previous year has been. Look for new membership enhancements in the months to come, and look for new opportunities to enjoy the world of financial astrology and the profits of astro-trading together.

Happy New Year!


What A Great Workshop!


Our gathering last week in Orlando, Florida for our astro-trading workshop was really a great experience.

It was truly rewarding to see some old friends again, to get to know so many people who are passionate about astro-trading, and to meet some of you face-to-face for the first time after years of emails, phone calls, and online connections.

We had a great time, and we also got to explore some powerful astro-trading concepts using the Galactic Trader software as a platform for sharing some of the ways that the planets can introduce us to market profits. It was a profitable weekend in more ways than one.

If you were one of the ones who joined us in Orlando, I want to thank you for coming. I appreciate all of your questions and contributions, and I truly hope you’ll continue to stay in touch as we expand our support program for astro-trading.

If you weren’t able to make it to Orlando, I’m of course sorry that you missed out on such a good time. But even if you weren’t able to connect with the great group energy in person, and to share in the laughter and conversation in our informal after-hours gatherings in the bars and restaurants, you still haven’t missed out completely. We got some great video footage of the entire workshop (but not too much video in the bar), and will be editing it all into a DVD package that will be available early next year.

I’ll keep you informed about this new DVD set and will be sure to let you know when it will be available.


An Overwhelming Response

I’ve really been amazed at the huge response to the Teleseminar call last Thursday evening, and to the download site for the recording of the call.

We filled up all the available phone lines for the call on Thursday, when we were scheduled to discuss “Planetary Patterns and Market Crisis Opportunities” with Gold Members and guests. There were great questions on the call, and a lot of excitement about the upcoming workshop in Orlando, Florida on October 16 and 17.

After the call I worked to get the recording posted on our membership site so Gold Members who missed the call could listen to it at their convenience and profit from the trading information revealed in the call. I posted the recording in the Download section.

I also put the recording on a free public access site so other people could get download it as well. I figured that there might be a few individuals who hadn’t yet become Gold Members and who would like to learn more about what kind of market analysis and trading planning we do here.

That’s where I was in for a big surprise. Within hours of posting the recording at the public site, all the available downloads had been scooped up! I’ve been getting emails all day from people wanting to grab a recording of our Teleseminar!

Of course Mercury is retrograde right now, so we can expect a few challenges. But this isn’t a “technical difficulties” kind of situation– there’s really an overwhelming demand for astro-trading information!


Market Manipulation Gets Mainstream Media Attention

“Are the markets really manipulated?”

That’s one of the questions I get asked a lot. And all I can say in response is “Of course!”

As far as I’m concerned, that’s just part of the territory. I’ve never found it particularly helpful to spend much time feeling like a victim, so over the years my approach has increasingly been simply to accept market manipulation as part of what’s going on in the trading environment. The aim is not to imagine a pristine market that doesn’t really exist, but rather to learn to trade profitably in the markets as they are.

That’s why astrology is such an important market tool. It provides us with non-correlated confirmation, so as astro-traders we always have at least one perspective on the market that is beyond the reach of manipulation.

In the meantime, the mainstream media are at last getting to the point where market manipulation is being openly discussed. This is a far cry from the attitude we saw just a few short years ago.

Here’s the latest discussion from CNBC, on the last day of the second quarter. It’s about a six-minute video; the talk about manipulation starts about two minutes into the clip. Note that the participants aren’t talking about whether or not there’s manipulation going on– they seem to be in complete agreement about that fact.


Great Article in Nehran Astrology

I was interviewed recently by Nehran Astrology magazine, and I was very pleased to see the resulting article when it appeared last week.

Nehran Astrology is published in English and Arabic editions; you can see a complete copy of the English version of the current issue in a pdf file formatted for two-page spreads in full layout at — or get the same material in single-page format for viewing on mobile devices at .

Be sure to take a look!

Market Clockwork

Venus went back into direct motion yesterday, so now we’re ready for more money and more romance!

Actually, though, it was really interesting to see how precisely the markets responded to this Venus retrograde cycle. Venus retrograde periods are just rare enough to be slightly off the radar when we think about astrological events that can time the markets, but this last one, from March 6 through April 17, was a great reminder that we should always pay attention to Venus retrograde when we’re putting together our trading plans!

A Date that W. D. Gann Always Watched

It’s the first day of Spring.

It’s about birds and flowers, new love and a freshness in the air.

But it’s also the date each year when the Sun moves into Aries, the starting point of the tropical zodiac.

It was a date that W. D. Gann paid attention to, because it marked the start of his annual and seasonal timing cycles.

As market astrologer and astro-traders, I think we should pay attention, too!

Happy Spring!

Why the Video Archive is So Important

I spoke on the phone yesterday with Michael Yorba, the developer of the Yorba.TV online television network and the host of the “Commodity Classics” show.

During the past couple of years Michael has repeatedly invited me to be a guest on “Commodity Classics”, and in most cases I’ve been able to join him on the show for interviews going out live around the world via the web. The program has introduced a lot of people to financial astrology, and I’ve made new friends on virtually every continent.

But during the past month the show has been off the air, and that’s what Michael was talking to me about yesterday. You see, in 2007 and 2008 he put huge amounts of his own money into Yorba.TV, basically keeping the whole venture running out of his own pocket.

That was certainly a very expensive proposition, but along the way Michael has become one of the world’s few experts in producing real-time live streaming video for the internet. While there’s already plenty of pre-recorded video on the web, from YouTube on down, being able to broadcast live, with real-time interactive feedback from around the globe while the broadcast is taking place, is another thing altogether.

Michael Yorba knows how to do it, and the results he has gotten so far have been quite exciting.

But there’s been a problem. So far he hasn’t been able to attract advertisers who are willing to put their money on the line to be a part of this revolution in online video. Because live streaming video is still so new, the companies who might otherwise have become advertisers have been reluctant to take a chance with Yorba.TV.

And then there’s the little matter of the current economic meltdown, too….

To make a long story short, “Commodity Classics” is now off the air indefinitely, unless some new funding arrives to get things rolling again.

I’m optimistic about that possibility, but it hasn’t happened yet. And that’s why the archive of videos from my past appearances on “Commodity Classics” is so valuable. It’s the only record of these ground-breaking broadcasts.

At this point, my team is just getting started with posting the videos on the new website. But it’s really important work, and I know we will all stay focused on it until the job is done.

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