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Why the Video Archive is So Important

I spoke on the phone yesterday with Michael Yorba, the developer of the Yorba.TV online television network and the host of the “Commodity Classics” show.

During the past couple of years Michael has repeatedly invited me to be a guest on “Commodity Classics”, and in most cases I’ve been able to join him on the show for interviews going out live around the world via the web. The program has introduced a lot of people to financial astrology, and I’ve made new friends on virtually every continent.

But during the past month the show has been off the air, and that’s what Michael was talking to me about yesterday. You see, in 2007 and 2008 he put huge amounts of his own money into Yorba.TV, basically keeping the whole venture running out of his own pocket.

That was certainly a very expensive proposition, but along the way Michael has become one of the world’s few experts in producing real-time live streaming video for the internet. While there’s already plenty of pre-recorded video on the web, from YouTube on down, being able to broadcast live, with real-time interactive feedback from around the globe while the broadcast is taking place, is another thing altogether.

Michael Yorba knows how to do it, and the results he has gotten so far have been quite exciting.

But there’s been a problem. So far he hasn’t been able to attract advertisers who are willing to put their money on the line to be a part of this revolution in online video. Because live streaming video is still so new, the companies who might otherwise have become advertisers have been reluctant to take a chance with Yorba.TV.

And then there’s the little matter of the current economic meltdown, too….

To make a long story short, “Commodity Classics” is now off the air indefinitely, unless some new funding arrives to get things rolling again.

I’m optimistic about that possibility, but it hasn’t happened yet. And that’s why the archive of videos from my past appearances on “Commodity Classics” is so valuable. It’s the only record of these ground-breaking broadcasts.

At this point, my team is just getting started with posting the videos on the new website. But it’s really important work, and I know we will all stay focused on it until the job is done.

An Amazing Amount of Material

For the past few weeks I’ve been putting a lot of extra energy into getting the new Financial Cycles Weekly website up and running. That means I’ve been posting materials from the archives, working with the website designers and technical people, and focusing on everything I can find that will help make this new membership site grow into something genuinely useful and ultimately full of over-the-top surprises.

This is truly a labor of love. In the first place that means I genuinely love doing this work, not just because I love all the wonderful insights and rewards that come through financial astrology, but also because I love the process of presenting helpful information in new, stimulating ways. In fact, I love doing this kind of thing so much that it really doesn’t seem like work at all, and I’ve long ago stopped counting how many hours I’m investing in getting this new website going.

But being a labor of love also means that some genuine labor is involved. It’s not labor in the sense of “work,” implying pain or stress or effort, but rather the labor of a magical incantation, the labor of an alchemist perfecting the philosopher’s stone, the “labor” that takes place in a laboratory– something that provides new sensations, that delights in experimentation, in discovery, and in the sheer rush of learning and insight.

There’s an amazing amount of material to work through in getting this project ready to launch. What’s amazing, too, is how much fun, and just how useful, the information is– for beginners and for seasoned astro-trader alike.

I’m glad this project is underway, and I’m really looking forward to the day when we can flip the switch and launch this new site, a couple of weeks from now.