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Mike Trout Struts His Stuff

Mike Trout, the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, had a great day in the ball park on Tuesday.

The Angels were facing off against the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium.

When Mike Trout came to bat, he did what he is becoming increasingly famous for. He hit a home run.

It was the eleventh homer he had blasted in the last 13 games he’s played in. I guess you could say he’s on a roll.

I could say more about that – but Yogi Berra said it better.

But this home run was a little special.

When Mike Trout connected with the ball, he hammered it 454 feet into the loge level above left field in Dodger Stadium.

That’s the kind of shot that happens only about twice a year in that ball park. It was quite a feat.

Mike Trout Also Has An Amazing Arm

But the big game for Mike Trout didn’t stop there.

After fielding a ball deep in center field, he let loose a perfect 98.6 mph throw with laser accuracy to home plate.

That missile traveled 261 feet to bring an abrupt end to Max Muncy’s trip around the bases.

Muncy was charging in from third base when Trout’s stupendous throw cut him off at the plate.

More Than Just Muscle

What’s interesting about Trout is not just his physical prowess.

That’s substantial, to be sure.

His horoscope shows that he’s an individual capable of high-powered mental focus.

That clearly pays off in his athlete performance. When the mind and the body come together, amazing things can happen.

His mental power also serves him well in his ability to make connections and get good deals.

Like the contract he signed a couple of months ago for $432 million.

It was the largest contract ever signed in the history of sports (so far at least).

Now that’s really knowing how to find the money in your horoscope!

Here’s a quick video that reviews some of the horoscope highlights I’m talking about. If you’re a sports fan, pay attention!

Euro Bottom Just Ahead?

Are we facing a euro bottom?

Is this a good time to buy the currency?

While euro bottom questions are typically the concern of avid FOREX traders, this time the query came from a different source.

My step-daughter Jennifer was visiting us for a few days. We were relaxing with drinks on the patio overlooking the river.

Making Summer Plans

She was talking about her plans for the rest of the summer.

Jennifer and her husband will be spending most of July in France.

She loves vacationing there. And for this visit she’s already making a list of new things to check out.

Earlier that day she had popped in at a local coffee bar, and had struck up a conversation with the barista, who, it turned out, was a native Parisian.

By the time Jennifer had gotten her latte, she had also gotten a couple of suggestions about great restaurants to try in Paris.

She’s eager to check them out.

But, she asked me, what’s the outlook for the euro?

“The last time we went to France the exchange rate was really high,” she said. “I don’t remember the exact rate, but I do know it took a lot of dollars to get euros.”

Complicated Math

She shrugged.

“I got kind of confused with the math. So to keep things simple, I just doubled the money in my mind. If something cost 15 euro, I figured I was was really spending 30 dollars. That seemed to work out pretty well.”

That’s why she wanted to know about the current exchange rate.

When I told her that you could currently get one euro for about $1.12, she seemed quite pleased.

“That’s great!” she said. “Our money will go a lot farther this trip. But do you think it will stay low? I mean, should we be getting some euro now to plan ahead for our vacation?”

Looking At A Euro Bottom

I told her that I’d do a little research.

I started by running a cycle analysis based on the EUR/USD trading history. Here’s what I came up with:

euro bottom cycle chart

When I showed Jennifer that chart, she was quick to react. The euro bottom seemed pretty obvious.

“It definitely looks like the time to be buying euro,” she said.

I cautioned her that cycle projections are just that – projections.

“This is certainly not a guarantee that we’re at an absolute bottom now,” I said. “But it does look like prices will be going up from here.”

An Astro Confirmation

Later that day, as I was putting together some material for an upcoming webinar on Transneptunian effects, I decided to take a look at the historic impacts of Mars/Kronos conjunctions on the price of the euro.

We have a Mars/Kronos conjunction coming up on June 2nd.

The back-testing chart was quite revealing:

While the astrological back-testing doesn’t guarantee that a euro bottom is in any more than the cycle analysis does, it interesting to see.

It definitely suggests that this may indeed be a good time to go euro shopping.

Free Astro-Trading Mini Course

I’ve just decided to create a new astro-trading mini course.


Because I’m constantly getting questions about astro-trading and how it really works.

Some of those questions come from seasoned traders in the markets.

They’ve had years of experience, and have experienced the ups and downs that are typical for most traders.

But they’ve never successfully added astrology or an understanding of planetary cycles to their trading.

They’ve been missing out on the astro-trading advantage.

This new astro-trading mini course is for them.

A Mini Course For Astrology Fans, Too

Other questions come from people who are passionate about astrology.

They love the way that it can clarify life choices, and help open up new possibilities in relationships and personal fulfillment.

They may also be aware that astrology can open up big possibilities for them, especially if you know how to find the money in your horoscope.

But they don’t have any experience at all in the markets.

They’re completely new to trading, and they don’t know where to start.

The new astro-trading mini-course may be a bit of stretch for them, but it can at least give them a solid starting point if they’re really serious about using astrology to make money in the markets.

How Will The Astro-Trading Mini Course Work?

astro-trading mini course

But in either case, I want to use the new mini course to provide a real service.

I’m offering it as a resource for you, to help transform your financial future. Its aim is to put you on the path toward consistently rewarding astro-trading.

That’s why I’ll be providing it absolutely free.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

First of all, of course, you’ll need to register for the mini course so you can get connected with the course materials.

You can do that HERE.

By the way, there are no shenanigans with this process. No credit card required. No hidden obligations.

All it takes is your name and email address.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email, letting you know you’re in.

Then you’ll need to keep an eye on your email inbox.

I’ll be posting the training videos for the new astro-trading mini course online, and I’ll be sending you the links each time a new lesson is added.

I plan to release a new lesson every two or three days.

I anticipate having just four lessons in all – this is a mini course, after all!

Each lesson will take you step-by-step through the most important concepts of astro-trading.

By the time you finish the course, you won’t be an expert in astro-trading.

But you’ll know what astro-trading is really all about – and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to get the astro-trading advantage for yourself!

I hope you’ll join me for the astro-trading mini course!


Aretha Franklin and Money Planets

It was 49 years ago today, on January 24, 1967, when record producer Jerry Wexler brought the 24-year-old singer Aretha Franklin to Muscle Shoals, Alabama for a history-making recording session.

Wexler brought along the legendary recording engineer Tom Dowd, and the session that day resulted in Aretha Franklin’s ground-breaking recording of “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)” – the soul single that was to become the first big hit of her career when it was released the following month.

Aretha Franklin Hits Number One

The song hit number one on the Rhythm and Blues charts and number nine on the pop charts, firmly establishing Aretha Franklin’s recording career. She went on to record a total of 112 charted singles on Billboard, including 77 “Hot 100” entries, 17 top-ten pop singles, 100 Rhythm and Blues entries and 20 number-one Rhythm and Blues singles, becoming the most-charted female artist in the history of the R&B charts.

Aretha Franklin has won a total of 18 Grammy Awards and is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time, with over 75 million records sold worldwide. In 1987 she became the first female performer to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in 2008 she was honored with the number-one spot on Rolling Stone’s list of the Top 100 Singers of All Time.

It’s worth noting, however, that the 1967 session at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals wasn’t the start of Aretha Franklin’s recording career. She was just 18 years old and optimistic about her future in the music business when she signed with Columbia Records in 1960, but her years with that label brought her only mediocre levels of success.

She was still a long way from becoming the widely-acclaimed Queen of Soul.

When her contract with Columbia expired Jerry Wexler wasted no time in getting her signed up with Atlantic Records, and almost immediately they were on their way to Alabama for a recording session.

Authentic Soul Music & Bi-Racial Cooperation

As the music historian Tom Daniel has noted, their goal was “to start recording some authentic soul music with some authentic soul musicians. Aretha was wary of the fake-sounding soul coming out of Detroit, and she specifically wanted to do some authentic work with the same guys who were kicking butt with Wilson Pickett. When she walked into that Alabama recording studio in 1967 and saw a bunch of white guys plugged in and ready to play, she nearly quit.

“She wanted authentic soul music. Jerry Wexler calmly explained to her that this was it. This WAS authentic. No matter what color these guys happened to have for their skin, they were the same guys who grew up in rural Alabama listening to soul and gospel, and they were the same guys who gave Percy Sledge and Wilson Pickett such a stirring soul sound. She briefly flirted with the notion of going to Memphis, instead, but Wexler advised her that the situation there was exactly the same. It appeared that the so-called authentic soul music coming out of Tennessee and Alabama was a product of bi-racial cooperation. It’s one of those things Southerners have always accepted, but Yankees can’t seem to get their heads around.”

The Planets Behind Aretha Franklin’s Success

While it certainly helped Aretha Franklin to get Jerry Weller behind her, along with his wise choice of a recording venue, there’s also a lot to learn from the astrology involved.

Aretha Franklin Natal
Aretha Franklin in 1967

Aretha Franklin’s birth chart not only reveals her enormous talent and creativity; with her natal Ascendant triggering the midpoint of Mercury and Jupiter, the dominant money planets in her horoscope, it also highlights her capacity for financial success.

But like so many other successful women, Aretha Franklin only began to activate the money in her horoscope when the transiting planets made the right alignments.


That’s what was happening when she and Jerry Weller showed up for her recording date in Alabama 49 years ago.

Support From The Transneptunians

The slow-moving transneptunian factors had already been at work on her chart for some time at that point.

Transiting Kronos was forming a sextile to her natal Sun, hinting that it was time for her to take on a superior status in her chosen profession.

Even more importantly, transiting Apollon, the factor connected with widespread commercial success, was at the 0º Libra World Point as it formed a semi-square to her natal Ascendant – a clear indication that mega-stardom would soon be on its way!

There were also Neptune dynamics at work as she began to sing that. Transiting Neptune was square her natal Midheaven, opening up her career potential dramatically, and at the same time transiting Jupiter was forming a sextile to her natal Neptune, the co-ruler of her fifth house of creativity and artistic talent.

It was truly a life-changing set of planetary influences – and the world of music has been the beneficiary for nearly half a century!

W. D. Gann and the Grateful Dead

Perhaps more than anyone else in the history of astro-trading, W. D. Gann understood the importance of the Law of Vibration.

This is the cosmic force that moves the markets, of course, but it also moves everything else in our lives.

When we connect with the Law of Vibration as W. D. Gann did, we can bring together amazing harmonies in our lives.

But W. D. Gann wasn’t the only one who was interested in the Law of Vibration.

It’s being studied now by top scientists and mathematicians – and by musicians, too!

Has Mickey Hart Even Heard of W. D. Gann?

In fact, the Law of Vibration and its implications at many profound levels has become the total obsession of Mickey Hart, one of the founding members of the Grateful Dead.

We don’t know for sure whether of not he’s familiar with W. D. Gann’s work, but his explorations have taken him in some amazing directions, as this video from the PBS Newshour reveals:

W. D. Gann died in 1955, so he never got to hear the Grateful Dead, or Mickey Hart’s explorations of cosmic sounds. But if he had had the opportunity, he almost certainly would have enjoyed it.

After all, it was W. D. Gann who wrote that “Everyone’s body contains a harmonious keynote and when he finds what music soothes him he should listen, chant or sing it as often as possible. This will put the body in harmony and give peace and contentment to the mind.”

W. D. Gann’s observations are worth keeping in mind – especially while we’re listening to the Grateful Dead!

Star Trails and Cosmic Cycles

As we study the astrology of the markets, we spend a lot of time reflecting on the cosmic cycles that are demonstrated in the constant movements and alignments of the planets.

The horoscope is a wonderful tool for helping us visualize those cosmic cycles and remarkable relationships, as long as we have the training and experience in understanding the two-dimensional symbols on the chart and their connections with the events going on in the three-dimensional world above us.

But with or without the benefit of an astrological chart, the inevitable patterns of the planets and the powerful effects of the cosmic cycles continue to influence us, sometimes in very up-front and observable ways, and at other times in a manner that’s much more subtle, but nevertheless quite effective in impacting our lives significantly.

Cosmic Cycles and the Phases of the Moon

We can observe those cosmic cycles at work in the phases of the Moon, watching it gradually increase in light on successive nights as we move toward the Full Moon each month, and then watching it fade away as the next New Moon approaches.

And, thanks to the power of technology and a little creativity from photographer Eric Nathan, we can also witness the incredible beauty of cosmic cycles on an even smaller scale, giving us a sense of what’s happening here and now.

Star trails over Cape Town, South Africa in this photograph by Eric Nathan help us see the comic cycles taking place during a single night.
Star trails over Cape Town, South Africa in this photograph by Eric Nathan help us see the comic cycles taking place during a single night.

Stars trail above and urban lights sprawl below in this remarkable moonlit nightscape from Cape Town, South Africa. The looming form of Table Mountain almost seems to hold terrestrial lights at bay while the stars circle the Earth’s South Celestial Pole. 

This modern perspective on the cosmic cycles revealed in the natural night sky was captured in June 2014. The scene pictured here is actually composed of more than 900 stacked 30-second exposures.

It’s a stunning image, to say the least. And I personally find it very relaxing as well.

Whether we’re watching the markets in South Africa, London, China, or New York, it’s nice to step back and contemplate our personal connections with the cosmic cycles that are not only evident in the ups and downs of share prices, but in the sky surrounding us every night as well.

Ready for a Head Transplant?

I think I know some traders who could really use this.

In fact, I’ve often said that trading, if done properly, is actually a kind of psychological brain surgery – to trade successfully, you have to learn to use your mind in radically different ways.

But this takes it one step further than that.

Why Change Your Mind? – Get A Head Transplant!

Your read that right.

Get a head transplant.

Getting or giving a head transplant was a popular theme in science fiction and horror movies a few decades ago, but how will a head transplant play with today’s audiences?

That may sound like something from a B-Grade horror movie from the late 1950s, but apparently this head transplant stuff isn’t just the product of a revved-up imagination.

Sure, surgeons have been able to perform successful human transplants of various limbs and internal organs for quite some time now – kidney and heart replacements have actually become sort of run-of-the-mill.

But a head transplant?

Are we really ready for “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”?

According to a newly-released report, the answer is a definitive Yes.

Can You Trust This Head Transplant Source?

And exactly who broke the news of this medical breakthrough?

It wasn’t the National Enquirer.

Or even Mad magazine.

Would you believe the National Geographic?

In a mind-boggling (or maybe head transplant hyping) “Gory Details” blog post that went up yesterday on the National Geographic website, online science editor Erika Engelhaupt says that “a doctor in Italy has announced plans to transplant a guy’s head onto a new body two years from now.”

The human head transplant guinea pig is “Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian computer programmer who stepped forward in April as a volunteer; the body would come from a brain-dead donor.”

While admitting that the whole thing sounds pretty implausible, Engelhaupt insists that “I’m not so sure we should blow this off, whether it’s going to happen in 2017 or not. The more I read about the history of transplants, and spinal cord surgery, and experiments involving monkey heads, the more questions I have. And the less it all seems like a joke.”

Would A Head Transplant Improve Trading?

Sergio Canavero, the Italian neurosurgeon who says he will be doing the head transplant, hasn’t said much about what the emotional impact would be for a potential head transplant recipient.

After all, do emotions reside in the head or the heart?

Either way, it could be highly beneficial to active traders if a head transplant could help manage emotional states. Emotional excesses are what get most of us in trouble, in or out of the markets.

And What About The Astrology?

And then there’s the question of the astrology involved.

According to astrological tradition, it’s good medicine to avoid doing surgery when the transiting Moon is in the zodiac sign associated with the part of the body that’s being operated on.

In other words, if the Moon’s in Pisces, you don’t want to have foot surgery. If the Moon’s in Capricorn, it’s not a good time for a knee replacement.

But what zodiac sign is involved when you do a head transplant?

Aries rules the head, of course, but at the other end an entire human body is involved. So what’s the right choice?

Maybe you should avoid getting a head transplant when the Moon is in Taurus. That’s the sign that rules the neck, which is where all the cutting and stitching action is going on.

We’ll have to wait and see. But if a head transplant does take place in a couple of years, we not only will want to know if the operation is successful – we’ll also want to take a look at the horoscope for the event!




BABA – A Billion Dollars and the 40 Thieves

Today’s the day that the Initial Public Offering for the Alibaba Group hits Wall Street, with the American Depository Receipts for the Chinese company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the trading symbol BABA.

With the offering now priced at the top of its proposed range at $68 a share, it’s the biggest IPO in Wall Street history. The deal will bring in $21.8 billion in fresh capital for big internet company.

The BABA IPO is definitely something we need to keep an eye on as astro-traders.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me $21.8 billion is mighty close to a MEGO number – that stands for “My Eyes Glaze Over.”

I always feel fairly flush when I’ve got a few extra hundred-dollar bills in my pocket, and I’m always delighted when I can get Free Money by picking up a couple of pennies that have been abandoned on the sidewalk.

But $21,800,000,000.00 has an awful lot of zeros, and I have trouble visualizing that amount of money.

That’s why I decided to pile up a billion dollars in cash in my garage, just so I could get it together in one place to take a picture of it. Then if I print out 22 copies of the picture I can get a pretty good idea of what we’re talking about with the Alibaba IPO….

Actually, of course, I wasn’t really the one who took the picture.

I found the photo on the internet (where else do you go to look for cool stuff?) and put it in a new pdf, along with a copy of a neat theatrical poster for a stage production of “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves” in 1886.

You can get it as a free bonus download when you watch my new video on the Alibaba IPO and Jack Ma.

The 10-minute video is posted at

How Zombies Got A Big Break

I really enjoyed hearing the NPR interview with movie director George Romero while I was having coffee yesterday morning. (NPR has the replay and transcript available on their website at:

Romero was the one whose creative genius added zombies to the pantheon of classic movie monsters, thanks to his breakthrough low-budget production of “Night of the Living Dead” back in 1968.

Before that movie came out, there were plenty of vampires and werewolves on the silver screen, as well as King Kong, Godzilla, an assortment of predatory dinosaurs, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The Mummy had even put in a few spooky appearances.

But the zombies hadn’t made it to the big time yet.

George Romero’s great gift was not only one of turning zombies into scary-movie superstars, but also of using his films as fiercely satiric vehicles for social commentary – dealing with racial prejudice in “Night of the Living Dead” and rampant consumerism in “Dawn of the Dead” for example.

But the irony of hearing the NPR interview with Romero was the fact that I had just been focused on horror movies myself – in fact, I had discussed them briefly in my new video on “What’s Wrong With Astrology?”, which is now available online.

You can see it now at – take a look, and then tell me what you think by leaving a comment at: ‎

It’s information that definitely sets the astro-traders apart from the trading zombies!

Watch the video and then send me a comment to let me know if you agree.

I Talk Stock Market Trading on New Yorba TV Launch

Michael Yorba never stops trying.

For a number of years now he’s been a non-stop promoter of excellence and education for traders, and along the way he’s been a noteworthy pioneer in using the internet as a broadcast medium while he’s opened up new opportunities for improved stock market trading.

He put together the “Commodity Classics” online TV show as a live streaming video feed when a lot of the audience he was trying to reach just didn’t have access to enough bandwidth to make streaming video commonplace.

But Michael kept pushing the envelope, putting out show after show on a live video feed when a lot of other internet communicators were struggling to get pre-recorded video up on their web sites.

In more recent years, with his “Traders Network” program, Michael Yorba has perfected a talk-radio format for his internet broadcasting that consistently delivers high-quality content to listeners around the world. He’s attracted a big international audience.

Since his early days of television experimentation I’ve had the good fortune to be a guest on his shows on a number of occasions, and I’ve always been impressed with Michael’s skill as an interviewer– he has a great way of asking the kind of probing questions that help clarify complicated material and make important concepts clear on the air.

That’s why, when he called me last week to let me know that he was launching a new television show, I was eager to get involved.

His new program is still very much in the test-drive phase, and even though the video technology has vastly improved over the past few years there’s a lot to juggle in getting a live show up and running.

So it wasn’t too surprising that things were a little wild from the video technology end of things when I was a guest on the third episode of his brand-new show yesterday. There are plenty of bugs that still need to be worked out, and I obviously need to get a little more mastery of keeping multiple computer screens going, keeping my facts straight and remembering to look into the camera.

But for what it’s worth, here’s a recording of our shenanigans on the air yesterday. Take a look and share your comments– and remember, you’re getting to see history in the making!