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5 Big Reasons To Grab The Astro-Trading Intensive Program Now

The Astro-Trading Intensive is our brand-new training program. It’s for traders who want to add the benefits of the astro-trading advantage to their market experience.

But as we’ve launched this exciting new training program, there have been lots of questions along the way:

What makes this training program so special?

How is it different from some of the other great astro-trading tools currently provided at

Those are all great questions. They represent genuine concerns. And I’ve been doing my best to address them all on a one-on-one basis as they’ve come up.

Clarifying The Astro-Trading Intensive

Astro-Trading Intensive logo

Unfortunately, though, I still have the sense that not all the important questions have been answered.

At least not well enough. And I may have missed some.

And right now, it’s especially critical that you get answers to whatever questions remain.

That’s because we’re getting near the end of the introductory launch phase for the Astro-Trading Intensive.  It’s essential that you know what’s in it for you, while you can still take advantage of the introductory tuition discount. (And get $3,499 worth of bonuses.)

So here are some high spots that may help you connect with the real benefits that await you here.

It’s designed for taking action

If you’re looking for an academic or philosophical overview of the meaning and philosophy of astro-trading, this is not the program for you.

It’s designed for traders who are serious about getting real results from astro-trading.

They have a bias toward action.

I’ve you’ve already been studying astro-trading, and maybe even trying to apply it to your personal experience in the market, this new program is perfect for you. You’ve already shown some level of commitment, which is a big plus.

It can also be a good fit if you’re a newcomer to astro-trading. It can help you get off to a solid start that will insure your success with a minimal amount of stress and confusion along the way.

All it takes is a clear commitment from you – to learn the sills of effective astro-trading, and then benefit from the astro-trading advantage yourself.

It turns theory into practical experience

This is not just the astrology that moves markets from behind the scenes, the part of astro-trading that’s so endless fascinating, but potentially distracting.

This training program takes you past the theory. It gets you out of overwhelm and into real action.

That’s where the potential rewards lie. It’s the territory you want to get into if you want to used the trading experience to turn your life around financially.

It’s a comprehensive program.

That means you don’t have to rely on additional resources to get the best from the Astro-Trading Intensive.

All the essential facts are here.

When you get the Astro-Trading Intensive you can absorb all the key information from the course videos. And that entire process takes less than seven hours.

Sure, there will still be a lot more you can learn about astro-trading after that. But this course is specifically geared toward giving you the essential tools and information you need.

Let’s be clear about what that means.

The Astro-Trading Intensive is not a come-on or a tease that tries to lure you into purchasing other expensive products or courses.

There are no upsells here.

Just get the program, follow through with the information and insights you receive, and you’ll be well on your way to astro-trading success.

Still haven’t made up your mind? Take a few minutes now to watch this quick video. In it I share the top five reasons for you to connect with this breakthrough training program right away:

CLICK HERE NOW to get started with the Astro-Trading Intensive.

Sample Gold Membership For Just $9

Thanks to recent articles and interviews there’s been a big upsurge of interest in astro-trading lately. So we’ve decided to provide a way to sample Gold Membership at

Gold Membership is our plan for beginning astro-traders.

It’s a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet with astro-trading.

It’s also a good choice if you’re curious about how astrology can improve your trading.

But that’s not all.

It includes access to members-only website resources, including videos, articles, downloads and much, much more.

Get The Weekly Newsletter When You Sample Gold Membership

It also features our widely-acclaimed newsletter, which is delivered weekly to our Gold Members in their email in-boxes.

The newsletter provides overviews of market trends, as well as specific long-term trading strategies for Gold and for the S&P.

It also reviews the current track record for the Financial Cycles Weekly Model Portfolio. It has consistently out-performed the major market averages year after year for the past 17 years.

Most importantly, though, the weekly newsletter also includes key information on upcoming stock trades. You get complete details about what we’re considering trading, when we plan to enter those trades, and the kind of position we’re looking at.

You also get a pre-calculated price level for each anticipated trade.  It lets you know where to place an initial stop-loss order to protect your trading capital.

Take note. This membership plan is not as extensive as our popular Gold-Plus Elite Membership for active astro-traders.

But Gold Membership provides all the essentials you need to explore the potential of astro-trading. As a Gold Member, you’ll be able to put together the basics of a trading program. That can increase your trading rewards with the astro-trading advantage.

Here’s How You Can Sample Gold Membership

Our Gold Members regularly pay $99 a month for this service. But with this special offer that we’ve just introduced, you can now sample Gold Membership for just $9.

You’ll get 21 full days of the complete Gold Membership service.

We’ll send you a password and username, so you can connect with the Gold Members areas on our website. And each Sunday night you’ll get a new issue of the Financial Cycles Weekly newsletter in your email.

You’ll be fully prepared for the trading week ahead!

After the 21 days, if you decide to continue with your Gold Membership, do nothing. We’ll welcome your participation at our regular subscription rate. You won’t need to take any special action to keep this remarkable astro-trading service coming.

But if you decide Gold Membership is not for you, no problem.

Just use the link on our website to cancel. You won’t be billed for future services.

It’s as easy as that. No hard feelings.

CLICK HERE NOW to get started with your 21-day Gold Membership. I’m looking forward to having you join us!


July 6 – Mark Your Calendar

We’ve got a big event coming up on July 6!

It’s our first-ever Astro-Trading Intensive.

This special program is designed to get you up to speed with the essentials of astro-trading FAST.

It’s going to be a remarkable experience.

We’re packing an incredible amount of information and hands-on training into a full days online event.

Check out this video for a quick review:

CLICK HERE to stay connected with all the details on this July 6 upcoming event.

2019 Strategies For Business Success

What are the best 2019 strategies for success in your business?

You want to bring in more money, of course. If you’re in business, you’re always looking to boost sales and revenue.

But what if you want more than that?

What if your business has a higher purpose, beyond the bottom line?

What if you’re trying to support a cause or serve a need?

Express your creativity or save the planet?

What 2019 strategies should you be looking for then?

And what’s the biggest problem you’re likely to encounter?

It’s not unusual for some entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out in business, to get so embroiled in one specific problem that they become overwhelmed.

They suffer from a kind of tunnel vision.

It short-circuits real insights and solutions while breeding obsessive behavior as the struggle to regain control spirals into a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat.

Not good, to say the least.

But creating and managing a business doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. All businesses confront problems from time to time, but those problems can be overcome.

With sufficient data and a broad enough perspective, you can spot the big opportunities that come disguised as obstacles and challenges!

Anticipating Cycle Shifts

For more than 30 years, my work at has focused on business cycles and market trends. During that time, we’ve done a huge amount of research.

As a result, we’ve learned how to anticipate the big stresses and challenges that periodically confront all businesses, both big and small.

You and your business are no exception. And 2019 will inevitably bring you a lot of stress.

Whether you’re a brand manager at a Fortune 500 company, the CEO of a fast-paced smaller enterprise pushing to hit the $100 million-a-year revenue mark, or a soloprenuer who’s just getting started, the big challenges facing you in 2019 are remarkably similar.

And in every case, no matter what the size of your business is, you’ll have to determine exactly what your 2019 strategies are going to be.

2019 Strategies for Enlightened Entrepreneurs & Purpose-Driven Businesses

Needless to say, now is the time to figure that out.

The New Year is just days away.

And as I’ve been pointing out recently, we can expect big changes.

That’s why I made this quick video for you:

Enjoy! Then start getting your 2019 strategies together today.

Free Report Reviews 2019 Strategies for Susccess

You can download the free guide HERE.

Free Astro-Trading Mini Course

I’ve just decided to create a new astro-trading mini course.


Because I’m constantly getting questions about astro-trading and how it really works.

Some of those questions come from seasoned traders in the markets.

They’ve had years of experience, and have experienced the ups and downs that are typical for most traders.

But they’ve never successfully added astrology or an understanding of planetary cycles to their trading.

They’ve been missing out on the astro-trading advantage.

This new astro-trading mini course is for them.

A Mini Course For Astrology Fans, Too

Other questions come from people who are passionate about astrology.

They love the way that it can clarify life choices, and help open up new possibilities in relationships and personal fulfillment.

They may also be aware that astrology can open up big possibilities for them, especially if you know how to find the money in your horoscope.

But they don’t have any experience at all in the markets.

They’re completely new to trading, and they don’t know where to start.

The new astro-trading mini-course may be a bit of stretch for them, but it can at least give them a solid starting point if they’re really serious about using astrology to make money in the markets.

How Will The Astro-Trading Mini Course Work?

astro-trading mini course

But in either case, I want to use the new mini course to provide a real service.

I’m offering it as a resource for you, to help transform your financial future. Its aim is to put you on the path toward consistently rewarding astro-trading.

That’s why I’ll be providing it absolutely free.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

First of all, of course, you’ll need to register for the mini course so you can get connected with the course materials.

You can do that HERE.

By the way, there are no shenanigans with this process. No credit card required. No hidden obligations.

All it takes is your name and email address.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email, letting you know you’re in.

Then you’ll need to keep an eye on your email inbox.

I’ll be posting the training videos for the new astro-trading mini course online, and I’ll be sending you the links each time a new lesson is added.

I plan to release a new lesson every two or three days.

I anticipate having just four lessons in all – this is a mini course, after all!

Each lesson will take you step-by-step through the most important concepts of astro-trading.

By the time you finish the course, you won’t be an expert in astro-trading.

But you’ll know what astro-trading is really all about – and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to get the astro-trading advantage for yourself!

I hope you’ll join me for the astro-trading mini course!


Expanding Money Consciousness

Money Consciousness.

It was the unexpected takeaway from our recent over-the-top Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium in Bradenton, Florida.

If we’re going to be successful in the markets – or in any other financial area – we need to cultivate a stronger, more coherent money consciousness.

In some cases hat need was unspoken by different participants in the symposium.

For the most part, though (in fact, without any exception that I was aware of!) the astro-traders who attended were very clear that a higher level of money consciousness is a key part of opening up the vast possibilities of profitable astro-trading.

Money Consciousness – What Is It?

Oddly enough, our money consciousness is all too often defined by its absence in our lives, or at least by its weakness when we’re under financial stress.

But the fact is, there are some specific areas of concern that we have to address if we’e going to turbo-charge the expansion of our Money Consciousness, with the inevitable result of opening up a stronger and more abundant flow of wealth in our personal and professional lives.

We have to get rid of negative thinking, of course. And in many cases we also have to expand our ability to conceive of the potential for large amounts of money flowing our way – the bottom line is, if we can’t imagine our personal ability to receive big sums of money effortlessly, the we’re quite unlikely to bring that kind of cash flow into real-world manifestation.

There are lots of other specific strategies and concerns along the way as we explore our ability to open up abundant wealth and ample amounts of money in our lives.

In using them, we can take the first small steps toward expanding our own money consciousness.

Tools For Expanding Money Consciousness

I’ve personally worked with pretty sophisticated tools and strategies throughout the past four or five decades, ones that can be extremely useful in expanding money consciousness.

There’s the use of natal astrology, of course, especially in the context of helping astro-traders understand themselves better, so that they can reap bigger and more satisfying rewards through their engagement in the markets.

I’ve also been certified as a practitioner of Energetic Life Balancing, which is a hands-on amalgam of applied kinesiology, oriental acupressure, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, energy medicine, Touch For Health, and the Law of Attraction.

They can both facilitate transformations in money consciousness, which is why I often use them in my one-on-one work wth consulting clients and in my personal coaching services for astro-traders. Even so, these specific approaches to transforming money consciousness don’t resonate well with everyone in the same way. There are some individuals who need a much more private, internally-focused approach to working on their personal experience of money consciousness.

Meditation For Richer Money Consciousness

Dan McCarthy, who came from Kentucky to join us for the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium, is an exceptionally keen student, not only of money consciousness in specific, but of the our broader ability to become more self-aware in order to transform our experiences in more positive ways.

Dan McCarthy has explored many tools for developing money consciousness.

During a follow-up session right after the Symposium, Dan suggested that we share the experience of the 10-Day Money Accelerator program of guided meditation and sonic stimulation of the centers of money consciousness in the brain.

This program is both powerful and essentially private. Even so, I personally want to encourage you to participate in it – there’s no cost and no obligation, but you’ll definitely get the best results if you commit to working with the videos and meditation exercises on a regular basis.

By the way, just because this is called the 10-Day Money Accelerator program, you’re not required to complete it within a 10-day period. You can take as much time as you like, but you should be aware that the best results come when you do the meditation exercises regularly (preferably at approximately the same time each day). If you want to work with a Significant Other or with one of your business partners, you can provide encouragement and accountability for each other along the way.

We will be opening up that program, not only to the participants in the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium and to the individuals who are committed to coming together in an astro-trading mastermind group, but also to our readers here as well.

You’ll find the key videos for the 10-Day Money Accelerator by CLICKING HERE.

As you review the videos and engage in the meditations, please return to this page to share your comments, observations, and suggestions!

LeadPages Innovation Out Of The Bag

LeadPages has done it again.

They’ve come up with another big breakthrough – and I can talk about it at last!

You see, I was sworn to secrecy about this five months ago.

But now, it’s official, so it’s okay to let the cat out of the bag.

So What’s LeadPages?

But first, a little bit of background information is probably in order.

You may have heard me mention LeadPages before.

If you’ve been trying to do business online (as an astrologer or otherwise), you’ve really been missing out if you haven’t connected with LeadPages already.

But if you’re familiar with LeadPages, then you already know this Minneapolis-based startup is known for their innovation.

That’s how LeadPages has gone from zero to 40,000 customers in just three years.

I’ve been one of those customers for about two years now.

Here’s The Secret Stuff

That’s where the secrecy comes in.

Last October, I was in the LeadPages office in Minneapolis.

LeadPages Conference Room
The secret conference room behind the glass wall at LeadPages headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.

I was ushered into a glass-walled conference room for a closed-door meeting with some key members of one of their product development teams.

Before they explained what they had been up to, they made me swear not to discuss it with anyone until they had officially announced it to the public.

I complied. And what they showed me then totally blew my mind.

It was the prototype of the new LeadPages drag-and-drop landing page builder they were working on.

It was truly stunning.

In fact, I was so excited when I got a look at it that I could hardly contain myself.

I’ve been pretty antsy during the five long months since then, just waiting for this new innovation to become available.

It was hard, but somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut all that time.

But Now I Can Talk About It

As of today, LeadPages just took another major leap forward, by launching their all-new drag-and-drop landing page builder.

Frankly, I couldn’t be more excited about it – it’s even better than the prototype I saw five months ago!

Up until now, LeadPages has always given you high-converting landing page templates that you can customize and use for your business, right out of the box.

You could always take one of LeadPages’ high-converting landing page templates, change the copy, swap out the images, and publish your new landing page online in less than 10 minutes.

Trust me when I say, this is a phenomenal service for business owners like us.

It’s gotten me out of a jam many, many times since I started subscribing to it.

And it just got even better.

As of today, LeadPages just launched the new drag-and-drop landing page builder that combines the power of their high-converting landing page templates with ultimate flexibility—and with 100% mobile responsiveness so your pages will look good on any device (without coding).

For the first time ever, you can now add, move and rearrange any elements on your landing pages for unprecedented flexibility.

Need to add a logo to your page? And re-size it?

No problem.

Want to add images of 10 different experts?

Go ahead and try it.

And that’s just the beginning.

I know I can’t wait to try out this new builder for for myself. I think you should too.

A Great Reason To Check This Out Now

No matter when you might have asked me, I would never hesitate to endorse LeadPages whole-heartedly.

It’s a fabulous service, an incredible value, and the personal connections and customer service are absolutely beyond compare.

But this week, LeadPages is giving you an extra incentive to get started.

To celebrate the launch of their new builder, LeadPages is giving you 14 exclusive, fully customizable landing page templates designed by leading marketers like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Mariah Coz, James Schramko, David Siteman Garland, Amanda Holmes and many others.

These templates are ready to boost your conversions on your sales pages, webinar registration pages, podcast pages, and more.

LeadPages will give you these 14 exclusive templates at no extra cost when you purchase an annual membership of LeadPages this week.

Yeah – There’s A Catch.

There’s only one catch. You must purchase your new annual membership before this Friday at midnight. [SPECIAL NOTE – I just found out that this deadline has been extended through Friday, March 18. If you’re reading this before then, the offer is still good!] Click below for all the details now.

Go check this out right now.

Seriously, this new drag-and-drop builder opens unlimited possibilities for your business and marketing.

If you’re doing any kind of business online, it will give you amazing leverage.

So if you haven’t tried LeadPages yet, I highly recommend you try it now.

2016 Calendar Adds Online Training

Something funny happened when I finished up the work on the 2016 calendar for astro-money planning.

We had gotten a huge response when we came out with the calendar for 2015 last year.

I had already started getting requests for the new one. People wanted to know when the 2016 calendar would be available.

Improving and Expanding the 2016 Calendar

So when I went to work on the calendar for the new year, I decided to make it bigger and better.

The calendar for 2015 had all the information for an entire year crammed onto one single sheet of paper.

But this time around I opened things up, making it much easier to read and use.

2016 Calendar Cover

As a result, the 2016 calendar is a 7-page pdf file. All the color-coded instructions and interpretations are on the cover page.

It’s not only more colorful than last year’s edition – it’s more useful, too!

Like last year, I’m distributing it free to anyone who requests a copy.

Click Here For The Calendar

I know you’re going to love it!

The Funny Thing

But as I was saying, a funny thing happened after I completed the work on the 2016 calendar.

I decided to make a quick support video to go along with the calendar.

But I didn’t do that. Instead, I ended up creating an entire mini-course.

The fact is, this course was originally intended to be one short video showing you a simple system for planning your financial year with astrology.

All I wanted to do was show you how to use the color-coded Astro-Money Planning Calendar.

But what can I say?

I got carried away.

I ended up creating a complete training program to support the 2016 calendar, including…

  • 100% free and no strings attached video course (with 11 modules). It contains the simple system that (by itself) allows you to step into the coming year with complete confidence. It helps you guard against financial booby traps and make bold moves to increase your personal wealth.
  • The videos give you step-by-step instructions on how to use planetary timing for your money strategies – even if you currently know nothing at all about financial astrology.
  • My goal was to give you insider access to this entire astro-money system (and of course full explanations on how to use it).

More Than Just A Calendar

So the 2016 calendar is over-the-top in a lot of ways.

It’s not just a calendar.

It’s a complete mini-course.

It’s yours free to view online in its entirety. There’s no tricky stuff. There’s no sign-up or opt-in required. There are no back-end hidden payments.

You’ll find the course at:

It’s just my personal gift to you. I want you to have a truly prosperous and enjoyable year.

I hope this 2016 calendar and the online course will help.

Happy New Year!

Columbus Day and W. D. Gann

Columbus Day has become a neglected holiday.

That’s not entirely due to the fact that the first European to reach America was actually Lief Ericson, and not Christopher Columbus.

Columbus Day Isn’t Ericson Day

Maybe Ericson just needed a better press agent. But even with weak publicity Columbus Day gained wide acceptance and, at least in some cases, a unique status among American institutions.

But now Columbus Day is starting to fade. In some circles it’s seen as an insult to Native Americans, and Columbus himself is condemned for promoting racism, genocide, and the oppression of indigenous peoples.

The observance does, of course, provide an excuse for closing banks and government offices, and a three-day weekend is always a welcome event.

Columbus Day parades are still occasions for Italian-American pride, but attendance at those events isn’t quite what it used to be.

And then there are the Columbus Day Weekend sales. You’ll see them in some retail stores and at some online establishments as well, including my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates, where you can save 50 percent on DVDs and DVD sets on astro-trading. (You can CLICK HERE to access the sale information – the discount requires Coupon Code COLUMBUS, which is valid through midnight on Tuesday.)

(While I’m at it, one other confession is in order here – I’ve personally succumbed to the “Columbus Day Sale” mentality and authorized a special gift for new Gold-Plus Elite subscribers at That offer is good – you guessed it – through the end of the day on Columbus Day, October 12.)

You can find the details on the bonus gift – and a description of the benefits of Gold-Plus Elite membership – at

Beyond Columbus Day Commercialism

But crass commercialism aside, Columbus Day is still worth our attention.

We have none other W. D. Gann setting the precedent.

W. D. Gann
Columbus Day was significant to W. D. Gann in his astrological analysis of market phenomena and geopolitical trends.

Gann was a pioneer in astro-trading, and his writings deserve intense study by all who want to master the astro-trading advantage. Although he rarely discussed astrology in public, his writings make it abundantly clear that he was not only knowledgeable about astrology, but also specifically relied upon it as a tool in producing his amazingly accurate market forecasts.

In his book The Tunnel Thru The Air, which is a strange allegorical tale teaching the basics of astrological market analysis, Gann writes that his main character Robert Gordon “had proved by study and comparing past cycles that a time or a seaon referred to in the Bible meant 360 days, 360 years, or 360 degrees;– a measure known and used by the astrologers in olden times and still understood and used by modern astrologers for measuring time. He knew that half a time meant 180 degrees, 180 days or years, because Ezekial had said that the Lord had appointed a day for a year. He figured that America began with the discovery by Columbus in 1492” and used that date for cycle calculations of current events. [The Tunnel Thru The Air, pp. 370-371]

An Unconventional Birthday

Aside from the harmonic connections and W. D. Gann’s clarity about the importance of progressions and directions, what’s remarkable about this passage is his assertion that “America began with the discovery by Columbus in 1492.”

While the October 12, 1492 date for Columbus’ sighting of land after his sea voyage was certainly well-known and widely accepted, in Gann’s time (and even today) it wasn’t commonly used by astrologers as the birthday of America.

Ebenezer Sibly
Ebenezer Sibly, the noted British astrologer.

In fact, the most frequently-used horoscope for America appeared in Ebenezer Sibly’s 1817 book, The Science of Astrology, which gained a strong following in spite of the fact that Sibly was writing in Great Britain, and thus viewing events in America from a distinctly English perspective.

Even so, Sibly’s book was particularly noteworthy because it featured an engraving showing the archangel Gabriel coming down from Heaven to present George Washington with the divinely-ordained chart for July 4, 1776.

It’s truly a remarkable illustration, not just because of its historical context and its presentation by someone who was alive at the time of the American Revolution, but also because of the distinct biases that Sibly’s horoscope for America itself reveals.

Washington is shown waiting for the important horoscope to arrive from its heavenly source, but the chart is set for London time, and not for local time in America.

Sibly USA Horoscope
The archangel Gabriel arrives to present the official U.S.A. birth chart to George Washington.

Not that Sibly’s horoscope for America has been universally accepted.

Astrologers love to quibble over timing minutia, and ever since the publication of Sibly’s book there have been endless arguments in the astrological community about the best rising sign for America’s birth chart, and even about the correct date to use for the Declaration of Independence.

But W. D. Gann was an independent and innovative thinker.

It wasn’t that he ignored the American Revolution and its associated horoscopes in his work. But he was quite clear about the importance of the horoscope for Columbus bumping into America on his way to India.

It became one of the keys to his market forecasts – and W. D. Gann’s precedent is certainly something for us to think about on Columbus Day.

Free Webinar On Money Astrology

We’ve still got a few places left for our free webinar this Monday (September 28) on “8 Keys To Finding The Money In Your Horoscope”.

Our webinars are always extremely popular events, and it’s not unusual for us to have to turn people away because we’ve gone over the limits imposed by our webinar service provider (we’re currently investigating alternative webinar services at this point, and anticipate making a change before the end of the year so we can accommodate bigger crowds, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet).

Antique skeleton keys with wood background.
Our free webinar will focus on 8 Keys To Finding The Money In Your Horoscope.

If you’re at all interested in money astrology, you’ll definitely want to join us for Monday’s webinar. This live online event is going to be jam-packed with practical tips you can use right away to expand your financial horizons – and to open up a deeper understanding of your personal horoscope as well!

I know you’re going to love it, and I’m really looking forward to getting together to share this information with you.

Registration is free, but we do have a limited number of seats available, so you’ll want to get signed up right away.

Sign Up For The Free Webinar Here

To register now, go to: