Christmas Astrology vs. Stupidity and Rudeness

Can Christmas astrology come to the rescue?

Yesterday’s thoughtful Bloomberg post by Virginia Postrel on the stupidity of the surge in identity politics during the holidays was welcome and refreshing.

“Whether you say ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy holidays,’ I’ll happily accept your good wishes.” Postrel says.”Because interpreting the more inclusive ‘Happy holidays’ as a ‘war on Christmas’ is both stupid and rude.”

If there was ever a time when we needed to set stupidity and rudeness aside, this is it.

They’re just so 2016!

Beyond Stupidity and Rudeness

There are, of course, some very good alternatives to stupidity and rudeness, with or without Christmas astrology into the mix.

For example, my friend Tripp Braden at Market Leadership Journal shared his ideas on 5 Inspiring Gifts for Serving Entrepreneurs a couple of days ago. He talks about the importance of appreciation, compassion, clarity, alignment and trust in business.

They go way beyond stupidity and rudeness.

‘Tis The Season For Christmas Astrology

Christmas astrology angel
‘This the season to be stupid and rude? Maybe an intelligent application of Christmas astrology can offer us all a gracious and joyful alternative.

Like Virginia Postrel and Tripp Braden, I value this time of year. I view it as an opportunity for gratitude, inspiration, and reaffirming the core values that truly enrich our lives.

For me at least, that means paying particular attention to Christmas astrology.

That’s a valuable orientation every year, of course. But for this year I think it’s especially important. One of the things that make this Christmas season noteworthy is that the entire Christmas season, including all 12 days of Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany as well, takes place with Mercury in retrograde motion.

Mercury Retrograde certainly has a bad reputation. And in many cases, its negative rating is richly deserved. When Mercury is retrograde we can face challenges in transportation and communication. Paperwork gets messed up. There are many opportunities for misunderstanding and confusion.

But Mercury Retrograde periods can also bring their share of benefits.

While Mercury is retrograde, it’s an opportunity for reflection and contemplation. We can get a good sense of what we need to be doing better. We can see where our past mistakes can be corrected.

Mercury Retrograde Connections

And because Mercury Regrade can impact relationships, we get a vital reminder. With Mercury Retrograde, we can be more patient. We can use greater care in our communications. We can express love instead of fear.

I’m personally trying to keep those thoughts and attitudes in mind as I connect with family throughout the holidays.

Patty and I traveled a couple of days ago to her daughter’s home. We’re enjoying time with kids, grandkids (including two with pregnant wives), and a very precocious great-granddaughter.

There will be even bigger family gatherings tonight and tomorrow. After that I’ll drive another few hours for visits with siblings and my Mom and Dad (she’s 92; he’s 91).

So there are many opportunities now for tolerance and compassion, for appreciation, love, clarity and trust.

Not much room for stupidity and rudeness.

Christmas Astrology Dream Journal

I’m also planning to keep a notepad beside my bed, starting tomorrow night. December 25 is just the first day of Christmas astrology, after all.

Through all the 12 days of Christmas astrology can be combined with creative dreamwork and spiritual goal-setting. We can use it to generate an inspired plan for the New Year ahead.

That makes today a particularly good time to review my blog post from two years ago on Christmas Eve.

Check it out now for an in-depth look at the esoteric side of the 12 days of Christmas, and for specific strategies for putting Christmas astrology to work in your own spiritual development.

I think you may find that it’s a useful exercise in getting yourself inwardly prepared for what’s sure to be an extraordinary New Year ahead. If you find it helpful, please let me know.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, by the way. And Happy Holidays, too!

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