Dollar Surge Triggered by Saturn and Apollon

The dollar surge in the weeks since the U.S. presidential election has certainly been impressive.

The greenback is currently up by more than 6 percent since its initial reactive pull-back as the election results started to come in.

But the dollar surge is not just the result of the surprising outcome of the U.S. election.

dollar surge election
The dollar surge since the U.S. election of Donald Trump has been dramatic.

The growing anticipation of an interest rate hike by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is also in the mix, adding to the strength of the dollar surge as well.

As we’ve watched the persistence of the dollar surge in recent weeks, it’s certainly been very tempting to see the currency’s rise from a short-term perspective. That’s not necessarily the wisest perspective, however.

The Planetary Action Behind The Dollar Surge

The fact is, a look at the ups and downs in the dollar over the longer term reveals planetary dynamics at work behind the scenes.


The 90-degree dial that’s shown here, for the U.S. Coinage Act which created the dollar in 1792, highlights the Aries point world axis for the dollar, which is reflected in this chart through Uranus, Mercury/Venus, and Saturn/Apollon.

It’s the Saturn/Apollon dynamic, with the two planets 49.25 degrees apart at the time of the dollar’s inception, that has the strongest impact on long-term dollar cycles. Whenever Saturn and Apollon return to that same degree of separation, we need to pay particular attention to action in the dollar.


But even the 49.25 degree angle doesn’t give us the whole story behind the dollar surge. As the monthly trading chart for the Dollar Index illustrates, the Saturn/Apollon eighth-harmonic action is also quite important in key turning points and price fluctuations.

The highlighted monthly price bars show the opposition in June & September 1997 and March 1998; the 135-degree angle on 6/5/2001; the waning square in August 2004, January 2005 & May 2005; the waning semi-square on 8/21/2008; the triple conjunction in 2012; and the waxing semi-squares in March, April & November of this year.

The planetary price lines shown on the chart are for Saturn and Apollon in the fourth harmonic, defining key points of support & resistance.

4 thoughts on “Dollar Surge Triggered by Saturn and Apollon”

  1. so this does not bode well for gold?
    i hear there is a new Continental paper U.S. cash currency to be released imminently.
    Current currency bills to be traded in for domestic use at a 50% discount.
    overseas $ value to remain the same.
    have you seen pix of it?
    signed by dept of treasury?
    it is online. was referred to the link yesterday.

    1. Hi Marina
      Thanks for your comment!
      If we do in fact see a sharp decline in USD it would of course be bullish for Gold. Right now we’re short Gold, but remain long-term bullish.
      I’ve not heard anything substantive about a new cash currency; the link you provided doesn’t seem to go anywhere – all I get is an error message for a nonexistent page. Would be glad to take a look at other information on this, especially from official sources.

  2. I don’t think anyone predicted the post-election dollar surge.
    USD may have surged even if Hillary won?
    Most gurus were focused on gold.

    1. Thanks Michael. I’d go with the planetary cycles over political events every time, but of course that’s my particular bias….

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