Flesh Juice Delayed Due To Some Reasons

With or without Mercury Retrograde, travel can be a challenge.

But it can also be entertaining and educational, which is often why we travel in the first place– and the entertainment value is enormously enhanced when instructions for foreign travelers manage to get mangled in translation!

A new article in The Daily Mail from the U.K. has some great photos of examples, including:

Flesh Juice
A glass of fresh juice may be delightfully refreshing, but “flesh juice”?


Some Reason for Flight Delay
Keeping on schedule can be pretty tough when you’re rushing to make airline connections, so as an international traveler it’s especially comforting to know that there’s really a very good explanation when things get slowed down.
Enjoy Sanitary Sweets
A true romance can make travel much easier, especially if you keep things sanitary.

You’ll find more photos and a video with the article on The Daily Mail website.

Keep these examples in mind the next time you travel, especially if Mercury happens to be retrograde!


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