So Friday the 13th Wasn’t Terribly Unlucky for Stock Market Trading After All

Okay, I give up.

There may be something to this Friday the 13th thing after all.

There are some great esoteric traditions behind the notion that it’s an unlucky day, and its connections with the lunar cycle and with masonic history shouldn’t be overlooked.

But for the most part, I’ve been inclined to put very little emphasis on the “unlucky day” notion, since it’s usually based in vague superstition instead of real reverence for arcane lore.

Today, however, I’ve faced an unusual dose of computer challenges and production snags in my office.

Even so, it’s hardly enough to justify making Friday the 13th the scapegoat.

But then again, not every Friday the 13th coincides with a Full Moon, like the one today.

And not every Full Moon ushers in a 13-hour period with the Moon void-of-course, like the one today. That meant we could safely ignore the selling pressure that tried to make itself felt in this morning’s action in stock market trading.

By the end of the day’s activity, of course, the major equities indices had all posted modest gains for the day, breaking the bearish run that had been in play since Monday’s Neptune retrograde station.

So in this case, Friday the 13th wasn’t so much about bad luck as it was about a contrary trend in the trading action.

In that sense, it amplified the power of the current Mercury retrograde period, which is time in which we can appropriately reverse our normal expectations in many situations.

And we’ve also got some heliomagnetic turbulence on the Sun, adding to the general uncertainty in scrambling communications and upsetting balances.

Again, that’s not something with a specific relationship to Friday the 13th, but at least it’s interesting to see the space telescope pictures of the solar activity:

Solar Corona 13 June 2014
The solar coronal activity on Friday, June 13, 2014 is just one of the things that impacted stock market trading and the climate of geopolitical unrest.


8 thoughts on “So Friday the 13th Wasn’t Terribly Unlucky for Stock Market Trading After All”

  1. What do you expect?
    I guess you didn’t, did you.

    Neptune can’t be trusted, can it?

    Half kite with Chiron and a Venus-Saturn opposition gives hope.

    1. Well stated, AStrid!
      That’s exactly why we’re watching that resistance level set by Monday’s Neptune station very closely– if we get a breakout above that price level, it could be quite explosive!

      1. My apologies for a snarky post. There was a family tragedy and I was out of sorts.
        Besides, Neptune Rx and Mercury Rx made me do it.

        Let’s see if Venus, ruler Taurus, sextile Jupiter, in exalted Cancer, can change the negative tone.

        1. Sorry to hear about your family tragedy. It’s always nice to have some planets to blame, isn’t it?

  2. Hi Tim,
    In january, you said on Yorba that gold was ready to have a good ride from mid june, you still see it ?
    Do you have any target ? Date ?

    Thanks for your work.

    1. Hi Denis
      Thanks so much for leaving a comment, as well as your kind words.

      I’m still looking for a solid move in Gold, largely based on the Sun/Kronos action that’s currently getting underway.

      You’ll find some comments on the post from earlier today at:

      Be sure to check out the links in that post, for some Gold trading charts and a list of relevant Sun/Kronos events for the next couple of decades.

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