Full Moon Power in New York

Today is the last Full Moon of 2014, and it packs plenty of power!

The fact is, every Full Moon is an extraordinarily powerful time. It’s the part of the monthly lunar cycle that brings things into sharp focus. It’s the time when we get to see things that we might not notice otherwise.

At the time of the Full Moon we can deal with the results and outcomes of everything that we got started with two weeks ago. That was the time of the last New Moon.

The New Moon is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. The Full Moon is the time of monthly harvest. It can happen emotionally, mentally, and often socially as well.

The Full Moon in New York City

That social power of the current Full Moon is evident in the horoscope for today’s event, set for New York City.


Full Moon December 2014
The final Full Moon of 2014 as seen in New York City.

We typically set our financial astrology charts for New York because that location is the center of so much global money power. But examining the chart for the current Full Moon in that location reveals some startling dynamics.

What’s most obvious here, of course, is the fact that the December 6 Full Moon is closely aligned with the Ascendant/Descendant axis in the New York chart.

That means there’s a particularly strong resonance with that location. It also means that we can expect social and interpersonal relationships to be in the spotlight. That’s true during the days just before, during, and after this particular Full Moon.

The Sun/Mercury conjunction in the Full Moon chart emphasizes the importance of clear communications now. The fact that Chiron creates a T-Square pattern with the Sun/Moon opposition suggests that stressful situations are likely to be highlighted. It contributes to an uncomfortable need for healing, painfully evident in the midst of confrontations.

With Uranus near the nadir of the Full Moon horoscope, there are definitely disturbing factors at work.The Uranus/Admetos semi-square is another indication of stressful confrontations, with potentially explosive forces smashing up against severe obstacles.

The midpoint structures in this Full Moon chart are also especially noteworthy.

The Full Moon itself triggers the Neptune/Cupido midpoint in the eighth harmonic.This is indicative of a lack of social harmony, with considerable dissatisfaction among the general populace.

Even more importantly, the Full Moon degree is also in an eighth-harmonic alignment with the Zeus/Poseidon midpoint. This suggests that this particular Full Moon is a time in which the public is compelled to make clear mental commitments. It’s a time for taking a stand, for expressing leadership through decisive declarations.

This is the kind of energy that can make a big impact in the markets, of course. As we approach the trading week just ahead of us we’ll be watching for some extra volatility. In general, it’s extremely important to pay attention to lunar cycles as a key tool in astro-trading.

That makes this an especially appropriate time to listen to my classic UAC presentation on “How To Become A Stock Market Lunatic”. Harmonic Research Associates has it available as an MP3 download.

But the Full Moon this weekend is not just an astro-trading indicator. It’s also a key time to pay attention to decisive social issues. That’s true no matter where we happen to be, but particularly in New York City right now, where the Full Moon energy is especially powerful.


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