We’ve Been Offered A Great Location for Our Astro-Trading Intensive Workshop in Miami Next Sunday


Yesterday I had a wonderful phone conversation with Lynne Hyde in Miami.

Lynne is an avid supporter of astrological activities in south Florida, as well as being an accomplished astrologer herself.

She will also be the hostess for our Astro-Trading Intensive in Miami with the NCGR group next Sunday, May 18.

We’ll be meeting at her home overlooking Biscayne Bay from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. that day to explore  “What Really Works in Astro-Trading” – the unique advantages that come to traders who add an understanding of planetary cycles to their stock market trading.

“There have been a lot of world-class astrologers who have come to my home over the years and shared some fabulous knowledge here,” she told me. “We’ve got plenty of space to handle a big crowd, and I know you’ll find it to be a great place to get together for the workshop.”

I can’t wait.

I also hope you’ll be able to join us there!

If you’re in south Florida, or will be anywhere near Miami this weekend, it will really be worth the effort to attend.

The fee for the full-day session is just $90, and it will be an incredible opportunity to look over my shoulder as I work through a weekly market analysis and forecast.

There will also be plenty of time for questions, answers, and in-depth discussion of the tools and techniques that make the astro-trading experience so rewarding.

Lynne’s home is at 9011 North Bayshore Drive, Miami Florida 33138. She suggests that you give her a call if you’re thinking about coming on Sunday, since “sometimes the GPS directions get a little confusng” in getting to the location.

To RSVP, or to get the easiest driving directions, give Lynne a call at 305-759-2202 or send her an email at lynhyde@bellsouth.net

Hope to see you there!

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