Market Rally Midpoint Action

When I commented yesterday on the big market rally, I left something out.

I was focused on the impact of this week’s Uranus/Pluto waxing square on Janet Yellen’s natal horoscope.

I neglected to mention an important transiting dynamic.

A Market Rally Alignment

The Sun was square the Juipiter/Apollon midpoint as the market rally was in full swing.

My friend Bill Sarubbi (known to many as Bill Meridian, author of The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths and other essential works on astro-trading) pointed out the omission.

I’m truly grateful that he brought it to my attention.

Some years ago it was Bill, along with Charles Emerson and Gary Christen, who encouraged me to look at the Transneptunian factors like Apollon in my astrological work.

Arch Crawford also helped push me in that direction.

Even though I resisted the notion of “hypothetical planets” at first, I finally gave it a look.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

The Transneptunians can indeed add important information to our astrological interpretations. And because they are slow-moving, even generational in their influence, they’re especially useful in mundane astrology and macro-economic considerations.

Apollon is the Transneptunian factor that’s connected with global expansion, the growth of science and technology, commercial activity, and the spreading of influence far and wide.

In combination with Jupiter, it’s a classic indicator of big money. That can be expressed in individual wealth or in the capitalization of a major corporation.

It can also mean a market rally.

What Alfred Witte Said

The comments of Alfred Witte, who literally wrote the book on Transneptunian influences, certainly support the idea of a market rally getting triggered by Jupiter/Apollon action.

(You can read Witte’s remarks on the subject in this article on “What Witte Said About The Sun At The Jupiter/Apollon Midpoint”).

What’s even more interesting, though, is what we can learn by back-testing the effects of eighth-harmonic solar alignments with the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint.

This chart shows the tendency toward a market rally after this alignment. It’s based on the events that took place over the last 30 years. But it doesn’t include the Sun’s square to the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint yesterday.

SunJupiterApollon Market Rally
When the Sun hits the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint, it can trigger a market rally in large-cap equities.

As you can see, the idea of the Sun in contact with the transiting Jupiter/Apollon midpoint being connected with a market rally doesn’t look too bad.

A Caution About Predicting A Market Rally

Even so, it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Although the impact of the Sun’s square to the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint was certainly evident in the market rally this week, it doesn’t happen all the time.

In fact, a market rally fails to materialize most of the time.

Remember that we get eight eighth-harmonic alignments of the Sun to the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint each year.

While they do in fact bring stock prices up on average, we don’t see a market rally of historical proportions each time they occur.

Note as well that the average pop in the S&P after a solar contact with the Jupiter/Apollon midpoint tends to be about one-third of one percent.

That’s nothing like the market rally we’ve seen in the past couple of days!


7 thoughts on “Market Rally Midpoint Action”

  1. Dear Tim,

    It is always interesting to read or listen to your posts. With this extra input from Bill, it makes it more so.
    The rally was due to arrive, especially the one on the 18th, transit Sun on the galactic Center- brought in 75%- and this is huge- since 1950- a rally.
    Also personal planets’ ingresses to signs backed it/ and together with the Waning Moon till New Moon and Waxing 60 Deg. it is still positive.
    My final target for the S&P is 2094- as I published in in my Financial Astrology blog.
    Happy holidays!

    1. Thanks Gabriella – glad to get your insights added to the conversation! What are the specific astrological factors you’re using for your 2094 S&P target?

  2. I would like to point out that searching for the factors that were the reason for the rally could be misleading in this case. Perhaps it might be useful to look at a plunge 8-16.12 and a rally 17-19.12 as a whole. Sometimes markets recover, not because there are new positive influence, but just because negative factors are dissipating.

    1. Interesting perspective, Andrey!
      Do you think the impact of the recent Uranus/Pluto waxing square has already dissipated completely? If so, what should we expect from the Uranus station at the Winter Solstice later today?

      1. Certainly Uranus/Pluto impact is not over!
        Actually I was thinking about the impact of Jupiter reversal. According to statistics its influence may last for a week or so. NYSE natal chart has Pluto in 23,31 AQR and US dollar natal chart has Pluto in 23,60 AQR. Both US dollar and US indices falled sharply during few days after reversal and started to recover at the same time.

        I agree that Uranus station at Solstie is very important!
        At the time Uranus/Pluto has some ifnluence on NYSE natal chart making 45-135-90 pattern with the Sun of NYSE. From my perspective it is difficult to say would it bring anything else than excessive nervousness or tension to the market traders.

        I would like to suggest these who are interested in clear action during Uranus/Pluto dynamics to take a look at assets with Saturn in the middle of cardinal signs. GOLD is a good example. Its 1st trading chart has Saturn in 15,48 CNC and you could follow a few years back and discover many 50-100USD falls in a few trading days when planets formed t-square with Uranus/Pluto being in orb with Saturn of GOLD. And there are still more activations to come!

  3. Does this aspect signify the fear of a surge in bullish optimism, rather actual bullishness?

    These types of rallies seem to be initiated by massive short covering by terrified bears. The bullishness follows if the short-cover rebound holds at the nearest support.

    1. Thanks Al!
      Do you think the bear really do have reason to be terrified at this point, or should we be looking at this market rally as a shorting opportunity, even if we’re not long-term bearish?

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