Mars and Pluto Are Ready To Rumble

We’ve known for a long time that interactions of Mars and Pluto can move the markets in significant ways.

But the situation coming up a little later this month is really quite different.


Sure, Mars and Pluto are definitely both involved.

But what’s going on is not a super-powerful angular alignment between these two action-oriented planets.

That’s what we’re typically looking for when we search for potentially profitable opportunities as astro-traders.

This Time It’s Different

This time, however, it’s the speed and direction of Mars and Pluto that are important.

Mars will be going retrograde on April 17, and then, only 19 hours later, Pluto will be making its retrograde station as well.

Needless to say, that’s an extremely rare event.

It also has the potential to deliver a powerful one-two punch on the markets!

Exactly What Will Mars and Pluto Do?

Figuring out the exact implications for the markets is surprisingly complex.

In order to do that, I’ve been engaged in extensive research and back-testing.

I’ve also referred back to some of the previous studies on Mars/Pluto dynamics that we’ve done in past years here at – including our ground-breaking white paper on “Mars/Pluto Market Activations 2012-2025” (which has proven to be an incredibly valuable resource since it was published).

I’ve compiled the results, and will be sharing it all during a special webinar on Wednesday, April 6.

Enrollment for this in-depth conversation is limited, but because this is such important information for traders we’re discounting the tuition fee by 83%.

It’s also going to be a live, interactive session, which means you can get your specific questions answered in real time during this exclusive online event.

You’ll definitely want to register right away to reserve your seat for the webinar on How Mars and Pluto Could Devastate The Markets.

Hope to see you there!

Webinar Update – April 7, 2016

We had a great crowd at the event, with some excellent questions during the session.

You can get the full-length video recording of this important conversation by CLICKING HERE.


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  1. hi tim I am trying to replay webinarjam n how mars and pluto could devastate the markets, I signed up unable to watch at 4 pm april 6 east time. tried to replay but jam wont let you . cant sign in . please help thanks pat johnson

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