Mercury Retrograde Replay Ahead?

I ran across some interesting historical information over the weekend.

I was researching the potential impact of the upcoming Mercury retrograde period on stock market activity.

Along the way, as is so often the case, I uncovered some other stuff as well.

Finding Stuff I Didn’t Expect

That’s one of the great pleasures of doing research. The cool stuff I find when I’m looking for something else.

At any rate, here’s the fact that I uncovered yesterday:

Mercury Retrograde Social Security
A Mercury Retrograde period had just ended when the first Social Security checks went into the mail in 1936.

On February 13, 1936, the U.S. Government starting mailing out the first-ever Social Security checks to benefit recipients in the new federal program. (At least it was part of a “New Deal” back in 1936!)

An Important Date in Mercury Retrograde History

February 13, 1936.

What’s so special about that date?

According to the Mercury retrograde research published in the Mercury, Money & The Markets book, it was an important date astrologically.

On February 13, 1936, Mercury made a direct station at 1º Aquarius.

We get three Mercury retrograde periods each year. But a direct station by that fast-moving planet at exactly 1º Aquarius is a surprisingly rare event.

It happened in 1936, on the day that Social Security checks first hit the mail.

It’s never happened since then.

At least not yet.

Next month, on February 11, 2015, Mercury will once again make a direct station at 1º Aquarius.

It’s the first time since 1936.

And before that, on January 21, 2015, we will be starting a Mercury retrograde period with a planetary station at 17º Aquarius.

That’s also a rare event.

The last time there was a Mercury retrograde station at 17º Aquarius was on January 24, 1936.

When I learned that, I did some back-testing.

I wanted to learn what happened to the stock market during the Mercury retrograde period in January and February in 1936.

The results were surprising.

Mercury Retrograde Gets A Bad Rap

I learned that Mercury retrograde doesn’t always deserve the bad rap it gets in pop astrology.

Things don’t always turn out horribly when we have a Mercury retrograde period.

Yes, our perception of the Mercury retrograde phenomenon is an illusion. It’s rooted in the ancient Ptolemaic model of a geocentric universe.

But that doesn’t mean we should ignore Mercury retrograde.

As Kristin Dombek noted last week in her thought-provoking article on “Retrograde Beliefs” in the New York Times Magazine, Mercury retrograde adds value to our human experience.

And, as the data in Mercury, Money & The Markets reveals, Mercury retrograde can also add value to the stock market.

Mercury Retrograde in 1936

So what about January and February? What about the Mercury retrograde period starting at 17º Aquarius?

In 1936, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained almost 7% during that Mercury retrograde cycle!

And that’s not all.

The market activity in January 1936 before the Mercury retrograde period began is also a match. It closely parallels the market activity we’ve seen so far this month, in January 2015.

There are even more 1936 and 2015 correspondences.  You’ll find them in the current issue of the FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter.

It’s worth reading if you’re currently trading in any market.

But even if you’re not in the markets now, pay attention to the Mercury retrograde period that’s starting on January 21.

You might be surprised to hear some good news during the following weeks.

And don’t forget February 11, when the Mercury retrograde period ends.

That date may or may not have anything to do with Social Security.

But good things could happen.

You may even learn then that a check for you is in the mail….



14 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Replay Ahead?”

    1. Thanks Nora! We’ll not only be watching the market on tomorrow’s Mercury Retrograde station; we’ll also be keeping an eye on what happens between then and the Mercury Direct station on February 11 and the Retrograde Return on March 4.

    1. Right – you’ll definitely want to pay attention to developments, during the next few weeks especially. If you discover more correlations please share them here – it would be fascinating to find out what you learn!

  1. I have been following Mercury Retrograde since about 1975, and the corresponding events have been uncanny! I have often warned people who are not familiar with astrology when such a period is coming. The last MR proved itself again when my landlord sold the property, he thought, and the deal fell through. I moved out BEFORE MR to avoid further problem. But recently I’ve been thinking: we cannot stop living and acting just because MR is in effect, though we can be more cautious and aware of “possible or potential” consequences. Better, I conclude, to keep active, but aware, during periods of MR.

    1. Good observations, Richard! That’s really one of the big benefits of astrology and Mercury retrograde in particular – we can find new reasons to live a bit more consciously. When that happens we can benefit enormously – and so can the people around us!

  2. Getting a government check in the mail is NOT actually “good news”… First, it means that taxpayers have been robbed of some of their hard-earned money (or will be, someday) in order for the government to write that check. Second, it means that the recipient of the check must live with the strings which come attached to the government check. Third, the redistribution of income represented by that check causes distortions in the natural market activities, such that astrologers and other reasonable people must interpolate to glean meaningful data from the misallocation of money.

    1. Thanks, Sandy. That’s a perspective worth remembering. It’s interesting, though, to see often phenomena associated with Mercury stations seem to produce “good news/bad news” or “yes, but…” responses. And for that matter, distortions and misallocations themselves have a distinctly Mercury retrograde flavor, don’t they?

    1. Right, Lance. Even though the Mercury stations are a repetition of 1936, it certainly doesn’t mean that all the other planets are also lining up in identical patterns. And fifth-harmonic aspects like the quintile are quite important to watch in our work with the markets. I’ve found, though, that Uranus can impact a lot of things in surprising ways. While we’ll need to keep an eye on tech stocks now, there may be other disruptions that command more attention.

  3. This is really great, I will have to pay attention how my escrows run, successfully and smooth or bumpy with cancellations …..

    1. Thanks for commenting, Erika! Not sure what the outcome will be – stay connected and let us all know how it turns out!

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