Mike Trout

Mike Trout Struts His Stuff

Mike Trout, the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels, had a great day in the ball park on Tuesday.

The Angels were facing off against the Dodgers in Dodger Stadium.

When Mike Trout came to bat, he did what he is becoming increasingly famous for. He hit a home run.

It was the eleventh homer he had blasted in the last 13 games he’s played in. I guess you could say he’s on a roll.

I could say more about that – but Yogi Berra said it better.

But this home run was a little special.

When Mike Trout connected with the ball, he hammered it 454 feet into the loge level above left field in Dodger Stadium.

That’s the kind of shot that happens only about twice a year in that ball park. It was quite a feat.

Mike Trout Also Has An Amazing Arm

But the big game for Mike Trout didn’t stop there.

After fielding a ball deep in center field, he let loose a perfect 98.6 mph throw with laser accuracy to home plate.

That missile traveled 261 feet to bring an abrupt end to Max Muncy’s trip around the bases.

Muncy was charging in from third base when Trout’s stupendous throw cut him off at the plate.

More Than Just Muscle

What’s interesting about Trout is not just his physical prowess.

That’s substantial, to be sure.

His horoscope shows that he’s an individual capable of high-powered mental focus.

That clearly pays off in his athlete performance. When the mind and the body come together, amazing things can happen.

His mental power also serves him well in his ability to make connections and get good deals.

Like the contract he signed a couple of months ago for $432 million.

It was the largest contract ever signed in the history of sports (so far at least).

Now that’s really knowing how to find the money in your horoscope!

Here’s a quick video that reviews some of the horoscope highlights I’m talking about. If you’re a sports fan, pay attention!

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