Dr. Baskaran Pillai Money Accelerator

Money Accelerator Boosts Astro-Trading

So what’s a money accelerator? And what does it have to do with market astrology?

As you may have guessed, there’s a story behind those questions.

The Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium, which was the culmination of our initial year of Project Regulus, was held in Bradenton, Florida on September 26 & 27, 2016. It brought together participants from around the world who are committed to the future of astro-trading.

The presentations at the event were over-the-top, highlighting lots of specific techniques for chart analysis and more effective trading. And even after the symposium officially ended, many participants stayed in the area for a couple of extra days to continue their discussions, exploring the broader implications and opportunities presented by the astro-trading advantage.

Creating Abundant Money Consciousness

One key opportunity soon presented itself.

Although some of the attendees have been experiencing high levels of personal financial fulfillment and a great deal of trading success, others have been feeling monetary stress in their lives.

Because of that dichotomy, some members of the group began discussing strategies for creating higher levels of money consciousness as a path to rapid transformation of individual financial results.

After all, without clarity of insight and intention, it’s quite difficult (if not impossible) to experience sustained success in the markets.

That kind of clarity comes from money consciousness.

Dan McCarthy, one of the participants in the symposium, shared his positive experiences with the 10-Day Super Money Accelerator program as presented by Sunny Dasgupta on his YouTube channel.

Sharing The Money Accelerator

Based on Dan’s suggestions, we’re sharing the 10-Day Super Money Accelerator program with those who joined us for the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium. We’re also providing access to the Money Accelerator here for the benefit of other astro-traders, as well as anyone seeking a positive financial transformation.

Dr. Baskaran Pillai Money Accelerator
Dr. Baskaran Pillai demonstrates the effects of sound on neural physiology in the money accelerator meditations.

This program explains the theory of systematic money accelerator dynamics, based on the work of Dr. Baskaran Pillai. Dr. Pillai’s methods of conscious manifestation were widely popularized by Dr. Wayne Dyer in his best-selling book, Manifest Your Destiny, as well as in Dyer’s audio programs based on the book.

Each video session in the program also includes a guided mediation presented by Dr. Pillai, using the power of primordial sound to transform neural physiology in ways that can remove blockages and promote the full integration of greater wealth through the money accelerator process.

Money Accelerator Thalamus
The money accelerator powerfully activates the thalamus, which is located in the mid-brain area.

While the use of guided meditations to change money consciousness may seem a bit questionable to some astro-traders, the techniques that Dr. Pillai uses in the Super Money Accelerator program have a clear scientific basis, since different sounds have particular qualities that can influence specific areas of the brain in distinctive ways. The mid-brain hormonal functions of the thalamus and the pineal gland are apparently key factors in this process.

The 10-Day Super Money Accelerator

To make it easier for you to get the full benefit of the Super Money Accelerator program, we provided links to all the videos here.

Unfortunately, however, all these YouTube links stopped working some months after we originally posted them here. During a Skype conversation, Sunny Dasgupta, Dr. Pillai’s student who had posted the videos, explained to us that YouTube had arbitrarily removed all the videos as public posts on its service.

We hope that the service to a real set of video links to these videos will eventually be restored. In the meantime, we’re leaving the titles and links here as we search for other copies. We’ve also added an audio link following the video links.

Day 1: The Super Money Accelerator


Day 2: Delimiting The Negative Constructs Towards Money


Day 3: Ending Duality and Enhancing Profit Consciousness


Day 4: Activating The Money Brain – Manifesting Through The Midbrain


Day 5: Cleansing The Neo Cortex of Bad Consensus Logic


Day 6: Reset Your Money Frequency


Day 7: Developing Sensory Equity & Passion


Day 8: Clarity and Creation of Money


Day 9: Time and Money – Power of Timelessness


Day 10: Master Practice & Choosing To Make Money Every Day



To hear the complete guided meditation, CLICK HERE.

Please Share Your Questions & Comments

Got questions about the 10-Day Super Money Accelerator program?

If you’ve been doing the meditations in this program, has your meditation experience changed your attitude about money, or your experience of money in any way?

Have you experienced any problems or challenges with this practice?

If you are familiar with your own natal horoscope, do you see any connections between your chart and what you’ve been experiencing as a result of these meditation exercises?

Would you recommend the 10-Day Super Money Accelerator program to others? Why or why not?



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