Tim Bost with New Book

New Book Arrival

Our new book has arrived!

Bitcoin Astrology is now officially in print.

The first copies have just arrived from the printing company, and I must say I’m impressed with the way the new book looks.

And it feels good to have a physical copy in my hands!

A New Book With New Ideas

Of course, the new book is also packed with great information. You’ll find plenty of great new ideas, too!

I’m particularly grateful for the contributions made by my co-authors – Bill Meridian, Goncalo Moreira, Christeen Skinner and Wendy Stacey.

Bill takes a look at a key transneptunian factor in bitcoin price trends. He’s also shared some his sunspot cycle perspectives on this blog in the past.

Goncalo is an expert at technical analysis. He uses Elliott Wave analysis and point-and-figure charting to add some keen forecasting perspectives.

Christeen brings her considerable expertise as a mundane astrologer to bear in looking at outer planet cycles and development of this new cryptocurrency.

And Wendy adds a long-term perspective with specific dates she’s looking for as critical points in future bitcoin trading action.

Trading Strategies and Key Horoscope Charts

You’ll also find tips on five astrological strategies for trading bitcoin. On top of that, you’ll get the facts on key solar cycles and planetary signals for bitcoin highs and lows.

This new book also features more than fifty horoscope charts for key events in the history and development of bitcoin.

You’ll find the charts for major events within the blockchain itself, of course.

But you’ll also find records of arrests and court decisions, magazine articles and bankruptcies, and a whole lot more.

You’ll get an important sense of the historical flow of bitcoin when you look at these remarkable horoscopes.

I think you’ll really be surprised at some of them!

In short, Bitcoin Astrology is truly an incredible value. You’ll want to have it handy if you’re looking at trading bitcoin

You’ll also want a copy if you just want to explore alternative economic realities in the 21st century.

You can get your copy now on Amazon.com – or you can go directly to the publisher and order there.

When you read it, be sure to post a review on Amazon. Then leave your comments here!

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