Perspectives from Top Financial Astrologers

When I was in Philadelphia last weekend to speak at the NCGR conference, I had a great time sharing some of the results we’ve been getting here at with astrologers and traders who wanted to know more about how planetary cycles really work in their impact on the markets.

It was also an excellent opportunity for connecting with some of my colleagues and good friends who are part of the financial astrology community, including Grace Morris, Arch Crawford, Georgia Stathis and Christeen Skinner.

As always, they had much to share about events in their lives and businesses, and it was fun sharing perspectives on the markets.

Georgia Stathis, for example, said she was expecting a big impact on the equities markets when lunar eclipses hit the natal horoscope for the New York Stock Exchange in October of this year and April in 2014. I’ll be keeping them in mind as  I prepare the next couple of monographs in our ongoing series on Solar Eclipse and their Impact on the Markets.

Arch Crawford said he’s watching the remaining iterations of the Uranus/Pluto waxing square as possible turning points in the markets. He’s also keeping an eye on sunspot activity.

“Based on my analysis of electron flux numbers,” he said,  “it looks like natural forces are trying to take the market down, but the governments of the world are doing everything in their power to keep the markets up.”

Always inclined to take a bearish stance, he added that “I don’t know how much longer they can keep on doing that.”

7 thoughts on “Perspectives from Top Financial Astrologers”

  1. Some would see the tetrad of lunar eclipses occurring on Jewish Feast days of Tabernacles and Passover in 2014 and 2015 as of a larger significance in a Biblical eschatological picture.

    1. Perhaps so, but maybe not too surprising, since Jewish Feast days are timed with the lunar calendar, thus sometimes coincide with eclipses.

  2. When dealing in fiat monies and fiat valuations, one goes with the printing press and astrology has no long term bearing on public sentiment nor will it change the reality of it all. Until it all emplodes of course and I don’t hear much from this group

    1. For that matter, we’ve been creating money out of thin air since 1913 via the Fed and fractional reserve banking. In the end, you are right, it will implode; however, as John Maynard Keynes admitted, “In the end, we’re all dead!”
      Even from a Genesis perspective, God created the light in order that they be a sign of sacred times. These might include time of the Terrible Day of the Lord. That is why the Blood Moon Tetrad may be SIGNificant.

  3. Good ole Arch cool. He answers his own phone!

    Unfortunately, he has been mostly bearish for decades and has lost his clients, and me, a whole lot of money.

    Sometimes the market actually goes down and he looks right.

    Oops, can I say that?

  4. Of course. Nevertheless, Blood Moon Tetrad (BMT) pattern has only happened 3 times in the past 600 years. Each time has been of historical significance for Israel or the Jewish people.
    There have been 7 BMTs since Jesus Christ’s first coming. What makes this even rarer is the fact that every single BMT has brought a significant event to the Jewish people within a year of the first or last eclipse of the tetrad. In the most recently noted BMTs we saw: 1949-1950 (1948 Israel becomes a state again, with the Israeli war armistice in 1949), and 1967-1968 (Jerusalem captured by Israel in 1967 as the result of the 6-day war). Of course, these were extremely important events related to Biblical prophecy and eschatology.

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