Ready for a Head Transplant?

I think I know some traders who could really use this.

In fact, I’ve often said that trading, if done properly, is actually a kind of psychological brain surgery – to trade successfully, you have to learn to use your mind in radically different ways.

But this takes it one step further than that.

Why Change Your Mind? – Get A Head Transplant!

Your read that right.

Get a head transplant.

Getting or giving a head transplant was a popular theme in science fiction and horror movies a few decades ago, but how will a head transplant play with today’s audiences?

That may sound like something from a B-Grade horror movie from the late 1950s, but apparently this head transplant stuff isn’t just the product of a revved-up imagination.

Sure, surgeons have been able to perform successful human transplants of various limbs and internal organs for quite some time now – kidney and heart replacements have actually become sort of run-of-the-mill.

But a head transplant?

Are we really ready for “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”?

According to a newly-released report, the answer is a definitive Yes.

Can You Trust This Head Transplant Source?

And exactly who broke the news of this medical breakthrough?

It wasn’t the National Enquirer.

Or even Mad magazine.

Would you believe the National Geographic?

In a mind-boggling (or maybe head transplant hyping) “Gory Details” blog post that went up yesterday on the National Geographic website, online science editor Erika Engelhaupt says that “a doctor in Italy has announced plans to transplant a guy’s head onto a new body two years from now.”

The human head transplant guinea pig is “Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian computer programmer who stepped forward in April as a volunteer; the body would come from a brain-dead donor.”

While admitting that the whole thing sounds pretty implausible, Engelhaupt insists that “I’m not so sure we should blow this off, whether it’s going to happen in 2017 or not. The more I read about the history of transplants, and spinal cord surgery, and experiments involving monkey heads, the more questions I have. And the less it all seems like a joke.”

Would A Head Transplant Improve Trading?

Sergio Canavero, the Italian neurosurgeon who says he will be doing the head transplant, hasn’t said much about what the emotional impact would be for a potential head transplant recipient.

After all, do emotions reside in the head or the heart?

Either way, it could be highly beneficial to active traders if a head transplant could help manage emotional states. Emotional excesses are what get most of us in trouble, in or out of the markets.

And What About The Astrology?

And then there’s the question of the astrology involved.

According to astrological tradition, it’s good medicine to avoid doing surgery when the transiting Moon is in the zodiac sign associated with the part of the body that’s being operated on.

In other words, if the Moon’s in Pisces, you don’t want to have foot surgery. If the Moon’s in Capricorn, it’s not a good time for a knee replacement.

But what zodiac sign is involved when you do a head transplant?

Aries rules the head, of course, but at the other end an entire human body is involved. So what’s the right choice?

Maybe you should avoid getting a head transplant when the Moon is in Taurus. That’s the sign that rules the neck, which is where all the cutting and stitching action is going on.

We’ll have to wait and see. But if a head transplant does take place in a couple of years, we not only will want to know if the operation is successful – we’ll also want to take a look at the horoscope for the event!




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