About Tim Bost

With over 45 years of experience with astrology, it’s hard to deny my expertise.

In this blog I mainly share my day-to-day insights and experiences with the astro-trading advantage as I apply cosmic insights to the markets, but from time to time I also comment on other astrological perspectives that inform or illuminate my adventures.

For a little more background on me, you may want to check out my about.me profile.

3 thoughts on “About Tim Bost”

  1. Wow, as of this very day, I am gaining more respect for 15 degrees Twins which Venus touched late on June 5-you recall the well talked about Venus/Sun eclipse.

  2. I look forward to your Astro Traders Tip of the week. Can you share with me your win loss % of stock selections – closed positions please?

    1. Hi Mike – so far this year we’re up by 8.41% net ROI on our trades, with about 51.8% of our trades being losses. We focus more on getting favorable returns consistently instead of on the percentage of winning trades. We typically have slightly more losing trades than winning ones, but have averaged a return of about 35% per year for the past 14 years.

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