Solar Explosion Adds Intensity To Pluto Power Play

We have a big astrological event coming up tomorrow, with Pluto making its annual retrograde station.

From the astrological perspective, this is a top-level phenomenon. Planetary stations are always important, since they are they times that planets slow down as seen from the Earth’s perspective and get ready to reverse direction in their path through the zodiac.

When a planet makes a retrograde station, its apparent forward motion ceases and it starts to move backwards. As it does so, it spends a lot of extra time at a specific point in the zodiac, energizing that point enormously and amplifying its impact on other planets and on an entities (including countries, organizations, stocks, and individual people) who have strong connections to that zodiac point.

In the case of Pluto, the stations are particularly powerful. As an outer planet, Pluto carries a lot of extra weight.

In this case, with Pluto’s retrograde station on April 12, we also have a strong potential impact on global affairs and the markets. You can find out why by reading THIS ARTICLE at

And Pluto isn’t the only thing getting ready to hit the markets right now. Early this morning we got word from NASA that the magnetic field of sunspot AR1719 had just erupted, creating the colossal events shown here:

This huge solar storm and big eruption is currently sending a massive geomagnetic pulse heading toward Earth. The full effects of this coronal mass ejection won’ be known until sometime on Saturday, but the leading edge of the blast could be enough to impact the markets as early as tomorrow, adding an extra punch to the Pluto retrograde station.

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