The Stock Market Trading Environment Feels The Effect As The Venus Translation Gets Underway

The big Cardinal Grand Cross hit its peak on April 22-23, giving us a real focal point in the Stock Market Collision Course we’ve been experiencing during the past few months.

But even though that powerful planetary alignment is behind us now, it’s still making its influence felt, thanks to some assistance from other planets.

Venus/Pluto Waxing Square and Stock Market Trading at the Full Moon
The intra-day trading action for the S&P 500 on Wednesday, May 14, 2014 reveals the sharp break from trading congestion that coincided with the Venus/Pluto waxing square, an event that begins a Venus translation of the powerful Cardinal Grand Cross that took place last month. Along with the Full Moon which came along just a couple of hours after the precise Venus/Pluto alignment, this event marked an important inflection point for stock market trading.

Right now, for example, transiting Venus is forming alignments with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter, reactivating the energy of the Cardinal Grand Cross from last month. Although Venus alignments with these three planets are not rare events by any stretch of the imagination, the combination of all these trigger points in rapid-fire sequence is really an unusual occurrence

As I’ve noted before in previous blog posts and elsewhere, this Venus translation of the Cardinal Grand Cross has the potential for signaling a trading top in the equities markets. Based on the trading chart on this page, showing the intra-day price action for the S&P throughout the trading day today, we may already be seeing the first phase of just such a trading top.

What seems more likely at this point, however, is a strong bounce upward from the trading lows established today, with a push toward higher prices in equities as we move into the Mars direct station on May 19, with consequences that may be more unpredictable than expected as we head for a big leg downward after that.

Either way, I think it’s appropriate to emphasize the incredible insights that we benefit from as astro-traders, getting glimpses of future astrological patterns, market dynamics, and geopoliitcal events beofe they had an opportunity to make their full influence felt.


2 thoughts on “The Stock Market Trading Environment Feels The Effect As The Venus Translation Gets Underway”

  1. Hi Tim. It appears that after today’s market action, you are no longer strongly bullish going into May 19 the as you indicated in this post . I just heard you on Yorba. Is there no bullish action between now and beginning of June ? I.e. is it relatively safe to go short ? And could the 19 /20 mark a reversal in trend and we go up instead? Many thanks.

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