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Three Planetary Stations In A Single Week

It’s a remarkable week we’re having, with three planetary stations in just four trading days.

The Saturn Impact

On Monday, May 11, Saturn began its retrograde motion at 01°57′ Aquarius.

It triggered the transiting Cupido/Admetos midpoint, prompting confrontations between opposing factions within communities, resulting in dire straights for the whole group.

Saturn also activated the Zeus/Poseidon midpoint to open up situations that are like to focus hard evidence and formal proof, revealing specific test results and bringing in expert testimony.

Think congressional hearings.

Venus Offers Creative Opportunities

Earlier today, on Wednesday, May 13, Venus went retrograde, too.

This Venus retrograde station at 21°50′ Gemini triggers the Sun/Zeus midpoint, promoting creative devotion in pursuing major goals.

In a crisis-driven atmosphere marked with political tension and public confrontations, a little creativity could go a long way!

Venus brings one of three planetary stations.
Venus brings us just one of the three planetary stations this week.

And, as our back-testing chart shows, Venus retrograde stations can also have a mildly bullish impact on stock prices, at least for a few weeks.

And Jupiter will get into the act tomorrow.

On Thursday Jupiter will go retrograde at 27°14′ Capricorn.

As it does so, it will activate Sun/Aries and Moon/Aries alignments. This could bring a massive burst of positive energy to promote a happy populace.

Even if that positive energy is based on misinformation.

So What About The Markets?

But what does it actually mean to have three planetary stations in a single week like this?

That’s what I talked with Larry Pesavento about yesterday.

We  had a great chance to chat during his Trade What You See show on TFNN. We had originally scheduled the session during our last conversation on May 1, when I shared a forecast for the S&P.

Talking With Larry Pesavento About The Three Planetary Stations This Week

Thanks to the universal disruption caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the bandwidth for our conversation got a little sketchy at times.

But even though we had some problems with sound and internet connections along the way, the point still came across:

A week with three planetary stations is definitely a big deal.

Here’s the replay video. See what you think!

Top 10 Again for FinancialCyclesWeekly.com

We’re in the Top 10 again.

Our market timing has consistently been quite accurate.

That’s been going on for a number of years.

Our regular subscribers at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com can attest to that.

So can Timer Digest.

Tim Bost Cover Timer Digest Top 10
The market service at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com and editor Tim Bost have been the subjects of special features in Timer Digest several times in recent years, and consistently rank in that publication’s Top 10 lists of market timers.

Timer Digest ranks forecasters and market timers from across the spectrum.

It tracks over 100 separate services.

That includes fundamental analysts.

It includes technical analysts.

It even includes folks like me – astrologers who use planetary cycles to time the markets.

That’s a broad mix.

But most of all, the Timer Digest listings feature many well-known experts.

They’re the cream of the crop.

So it’s a particular honor to get recognition in this prestigious publication.

Multiple Top 10 Lists

But Timer Digest doesn’t just pick winning forecasters and timing services.

They break their listings down into four categories.

First there are the Stock Market Timers. Those rankings are based on performance in forecasting the stock market during the last year, the last six months, and the last three months.

There’s a Top 10 list for each of those time frames.

Next there are the Gold Timers. That listing includes the Top 5 forecasters for the yellow metal.

The Bond Timers also get their own Top 5 list.

And finally there’s the listing of Long-Term Stock Market Timers. It features a ranking of the Top 10 market forecasters looking at mega-trends, the long-wave cycles that move the markets over many years.

Where We Show Up

We focus primarily on the stock market here at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com. And because we pay a lot of attention to outer-planet cycles and transneptunians, we provide a long-term perspective as we as comments on more immediate market moves.

That’s what has earned us recognition in the Long-Term Stock Market Timing category at Timer Digest. We’ve had a place on that Top 10 for over five years now.

Needless to say, we don’t show up in the rankings for Gold or Bond timing at all.

But our work has also merited a place in the Top 10 list for current Stock Market Timers on occasion as well.

In fact, in 2017 we ended up in a tie for first place in the rankings, so we shared in the recognition as Timer of the Year.

Current Rankings

My outlook for 2020 as a whole was included in the December 16, 2019 issue of Timer Digest (the annual forecast issue). As usual, we were ranked in the Top 10 Long-Term Timers. But we got an extra honor – the Number 10 ranking on the overall Top 10 list, based on forecasting performance from December 13, 2018 through December 13, 2019.

By the time the next issue of Timer Digest arrived on January 2, we had moved up to the Number 8 spot on that list. Running from December 31, 2018 through December 31, 2019, it recorded the best performers for the entire calendar year.

And then earlier this week, we got the most recent issue of the magazine, published on January 20, 2020. We’re now at Number 6 on the list of Top 10 Timers for the year, from January 17, 2019 through January 17, 2020.

And that’s not all.

Also in the January 20 issue, we popped in at Number 10 in the list of the top market timers for the past six months, from July 17, 2019 through January 17, 2020.

Does it feel good to get this kind of recognition for our work?

Of course it does!

But here’s the strange part.

As much as I enjoy the honors, I’m personally really not terribly competitive.

I’m not striving to beat anybody else. I’m not pushing to be Number 1.

What really pleases me is the fact that financial astrologers and astro-traders consistently find their way into the top rankings at Timer Digest. That not only includes me, but also friends and colleagues like Bill Meridian, Arch Crawford, Barry Rosen, and Manfred Zimmel.

Together, we’re advancing an important aggregate notion: if you want to succeed in the markets, it really pays to have the astro-trading advantage.

I think that’s something to be proud of!

Sample Gold Membership For Just $9

Thanks to recent articles and interviews there’s been a big upsurge of interest in astro-trading lately. So we’ve decided to provide a way to sample Gold Membership at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

Gold Membership is our plan for beginning astro-traders.

It’s a great place to start if you’re just getting your feet wet with astro-trading.

It’s also a good choice if you’re curious about how astrology can improve your trading.

But that’s not all.

It includes access to members-only website resources, including videos, articles, downloads and much, much more.

Get The Weekly Newsletter When You Sample Gold Membership

It also features our widely-acclaimed newsletter, which is delivered weekly to our Gold Members in their email in-boxes.

The newsletter provides overviews of market trends, as well as specific long-term trading strategies for Gold and for the S&P.

It also reviews the current track record for the Financial Cycles Weekly Model Portfolio. It has consistently out-performed the major market averages year after year for the past 17 years.

Most importantly, though, the weekly newsletter also includes key information on upcoming stock trades. You get complete details about what we’re considering trading, when we plan to enter those trades, and the kind of position we’re looking at.

You also get a pre-calculated price level for each anticipated trade.  It lets you know where to place an initial stop-loss order to protect your trading capital.

Take note. This membership plan is not as extensive as our popular Gold-Plus Elite Membership for active astro-traders.

But Gold Membership provides all the essentials you need to explore the potential of astro-trading. As a Gold Member, you’ll be able to put together the basics of a trading program. That can increase your trading rewards with the astro-trading advantage.

Here’s How You Can Sample Gold Membership

Our Gold Members regularly pay $99 a month for this service. But with this special offer that we’ve just introduced, you can now sample Gold Membership for just $9.

You’ll get 21 full days of the complete Gold Membership service.

We’ll send you a password and username, so you can connect with the Gold Members areas on our website. And each Sunday night you’ll get a new issue of the Financial Cycles Weekly newsletter in your email.

You’ll be fully prepared for the trading week ahead!

After the 21 days, if you decide to continue with your Gold Membership, do nothing. We’ll welcome your participation at our regular subscription rate. You won’t need to take any special action to keep this remarkable astro-trading service coming.

But if you decide Gold Membership is not for you, no problem.

Just use the link on our website to cancel. You won’t be billed for future services.

It’s as easy as that. No hard feelings.

CLICK HERE NOW to get started with your 21-day Gold Membership. I’m looking forward to having you join us!


Trade Management Really Matters

I guess I should be more vocal about trade management.

At least that’s the word that I just got in an email from Richard, who’s been following our work in market astrology for the last few years.

“If I may give you an opinion on your emails (I’ve been receiving them for quite some time),” Richard said, “you never talk about strategies for position size management, entering with low risk, managing the trade (managing the risk), pyramiding (adding to a winning position), thoughts on anti-martingale strategy (reducing size when performing poorly) and discipline/patience (Staying out of the market when there is no trade) and also cutting losses while they are still small.

“You also don’t seem to recommend any books or anything. So that’s just my opinion.”

Why Trade Management Is Missing

Needless to say, I really appreciate Richard’s sharing his opinion.

And his point is well taken.

The truth is, I don’t mention trade management very often in the emails I send out to subscribers who have opted-in to get more information about our programs, products, and services.

And there’s a reason for that.

Most of those email subscribers have signed up to get notifications because they’re curious about financial astrology.

They want to know whether or not astro-trading really works.

Some of them are active in the markets.

But most of them are just thinking about trading. They’e never actually put money into the markets.

Or they’re just kicking the tires of astro-trading because they haven’t really decided yet if they’re interested or not.

So sending them emails with an in-depth focus on trade management doesn’t really help them very much.

So Where’s The Trade Management Information?

It’s a different story, however, for our members, students, and customers.

Trade management is a key part of virtually everything that we teach about astro-trading.

It’s been at the core of the trading strategy that we’ve used with the Financial Cycles  Model Portfolio.

Trade Management Creates This Track Record

It’s what’s responsible for our repeated success. Our Model Portfolio has consistently out-performed the Dow and the S&P 500 year after year, without any losing years for the past 14 years.

Trade management is also a big part of the done-with-you services we provide for our Gold-Plus Elite members at financialcyclesweekly.com.

In our weekly conference calls we discuss specific trade management strategies with our members. Our weekly newsletter provides detailed trade management guidelines for each of the trades active in the portfolio. It also includes suggested parameters for the new trades we are considering during the coming week of trading.

Individual Attention To Trade Management

The fact is, trade management is essential if you want to be successful in the markets.

I personally drive that point home again and again in the one-on-one coaching calls that I have with active traders. They want the extra edge that the astro-trading advantage offers.

It’s a standard part of each group mentoring call that I facilitate for our Project Regulus members, who make a long-term commitment to astro-trading mastery.

It will also be a big part of our discussions at the Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium in September.

What Can Effective Trade Management Do For You?

Managing your trades effectively is mainly about following a specific set of rules.

When you enter a trade, determine in advance how much you’re prepared to lose.

Set your initial stops accordingly.

Pay attention to position size. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Use the timing guidelines we provide for our Gold-Plus Elite members. They’re designed to identify high-probability, low-risk trading opportunities.

Once a trade is active, trail your stops periodically. This helps reduce your risk and then lock in your profits.

Heed the guidelines we give our Gold-Plus Elite members about the specific times to stay out of the markets. We can tell in advance when we want to avoid initiating active trades.

Most importantly, be sure to take losses quickly and cheerfully. A quick loss is typically a small loss, which means you’ve saved some of your trading capital. It’s money that you can use again to trade another day!

Finally, don’t forget that a vital part of trade management is managing yourself as a trader.

Remember to keep notes on yourself.

How are you feeling? Why are you taking the trades that you have chosen? What’s going through your mind when the market turns? What’s happening with the money in your horoscope?

The more clearly you understand yourself as a trader, the more effective your trade management will be.

More Trade Management Resources

Although we often mention trade management principles in our live webinars and other interactions, you’ll also find great resources in some of our courses and training programs for astro-traders.

“The Confidential Astro-Trading Formula for Financial Independence” and “Astro-Trading and Your Personal Money Flow” are two good examples.

Both courses are available in online video format. That means you can absorb the information at your own pace.

They can both provide a big boost to your trade management skills.

And from time to time, you can get them free.

We’re giving both of these top-level training programs away as bonuses with our new Gold-Plus Elite ROI Accelerator program.

This is a high-level membership. We only open the doors for new participants for brief periods every few weeks.

But when we do, you can get both courses – plus a bundle of other great bonuses – as a free gift for enrolling.

If you want to polish up your trade management skills with this bonus material, be sure to CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Astro-Trading Track Record Surges

As the closing bell rang on Thursday, December 31, a challenging year in the markets came to an end.

It left many traders more than ready for a long holiday weekend, with a good excuse for applying generous doses of intoxicants to the New Year’s Eve task of putting the turmoil of he past twelve months behind them.

Buy-and-Hold Strategy Fails Again

After all, 2015 was certainly not a good year for buy-and-hold investors.

The Blue Chips in the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded flat for much of the year before beginning a sharp sell-off at the Venus/Uranus trine in mid-August.

Dow Industrial 2015
The Dow Jones Industrial Average in 2015

The Dow followed that up by rebounding nicely in October, and then treading water for the remainder of the year.

The index finished the year with a loss of 2.23%.

A Do-Nothing Year For The S&P

The S&P 500 followed a similar pattern.

S&P 500 in 2015
The Standard and Poors 500 Index in 2015

It finished up the year with a surge of almost 4 percent immediately after the Winter Solstice. Then some uncertainty and profit-taking in the last two trading sessions in December brought it back down to a net loss of 0.73% for the year.

The Biggest Yearly Losses Since 2008

It was by far the worst annual performance for the equities market as a whole since the big bull market got underway in March, 2009.

While the 2015 spikes in market volatility in August and December opened up some good opportunities for short-term trading profits, it was nevertheless an extremely challenging years for most traders.

Applauding The Astro-Trading Track Record

The notable exceptions, of course, were the savvy traders who profited from the astro-trading advantage.

This included our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

Although we suffered a couple of plateaus in the growth of our equity line for the Financial Cycles Model Portfolio, the year as a whole was quite rewarding as a demonstration of the power of market astrology.

astro-trading track record 2015
The Astro-Trading Track Record for 2015 reveals a return of more than 34%.

Our Gold-Plus Elite members who traded along with our week-to-week program of stock selection, market analysis, and astrologically-based trading strategies saw a net return for the year of 34.20%.

A Strong Astro-Trading Track Record For 14 Years

The astro-trading track record that we compiled in 2015 may certainly seem remarkable compared to the mediocre performance of the market as a whole.

Astro-Trading Track Record through 201
Annual performance of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P 500 Index, and the Financial Cycles Weekly Model Portfolio, with its astro-trading track record of market out-performance.

But this year’s astro-trading track record was right in line with what we have come to expect after more than a decade of applying the principles of financial astrology to active trading in the stock market.

For the past 14 years our average annual ROI with this program has been 35.13%, compared to average annual gains of 5.32% for the Dow and 7.13% for the S&P 500.

While our past performance certainly can’t guarantee future results, it’s clear that this kind of consistent market out-performance is worth paying attention to.

In fact, if anybody makes negative comments about astrology in the markets, or questions the effectiveness of this approach as a trading methodology, just show them this review of the real astro-trading track record that we’ve put together, year after year after year!

Online Trading Book Plugs Astrology

A new book on online trading has just been published.

It’s packed with useful tips, techniques, and trading strategies.

But best of all, it also features a chapter on The Astro-Trading Advantage!

Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5)
Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5)

The new book is Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5) and it’s now available at Amazon.

Edited by Larry Jacobs, the publisher of Traders World, this new title is an anthology of articles on technical analysis, trading strategies, and trading psychology.

Online Trading Is A Personal Matter

I must confess that I have a strong personal motivation for recommending this book.

The chapter on “The Astro-Trading Advantage” is my personal contribution to the Guide to Successful Online Trading . I’m a featured speaker at the current Traders World Online Expo. That’s why Larry asked me to provide something to add to the publication. I was happy to oblige him.

This volume is designed to serve all sorts of traders in a variety of markets. Many of the intended readers have little or no experience with applying astrology and planetary harmonics to the markets. That’s why the chapter on astro-trading is designed to appeal to readers at a very basic level.

You might say that it’s really a sales pitch for astro-trading in general.

But even if you’re already accomplished in applying astrological insights to your own trading, you should get this book. I think you’ll find the chapter in the Guide to Successful Online Trading on “The Astro-Trading Advantage” to be both helpful and entertaining.

Good Company

And of course there are plenty of other chapters by additional trading experts. They’re useful, too.

Actually, I think I’m in pretty good company here. You’ll find contributions in the pages of Guide to Successful Online Trading from Robert Miner, Adrienne Toghraie, Sean McKissen, John Matteson, Steve Wheeler, Tom Alexander, Gail Mercer, Jaime Johnson, Barry Burns, and many others.

The book is now available as a paperback from Amazon.com for just $9.65. You can also get it as a Kindle download.

Southwest Airlines Trade Nets 16%

Our Gold-Plus Elite members here at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com closed out a very successful trade on Thursday, when we got stopped out of our position in Southwest Airlines (LUV) stock trade.

We had originally discussed this trade during our members conference call on Sunday evening, October 19, when we talked about the planetary harmonics influencing the price action in this stock. That day we also published this trading chart in the Gold-Plus Elite members area of our website, showing the planetary price lines that helped structure the price action for this stock.

LUV 02

During that conference call, we discussed some of the upcoming planetary transits which could add some trading volatility to the stock during the coming week, and suggested that an entry point on Friday, October 24  might allow for a more advantageous purchase price in a long position in Southwest Airlines stock.

Our Gold-Plus Elite members entered the trade on Friday, October 24 at a purchase price of 33.40, and we put 300 shares at that price in our Model Portfolio on that date. After that, our Gold-Plus Elite members got specific trade management instructions, and repeatedly raised the stop-loss level on the trade to lock in profits as the stock for Southwest Airlines advanced.

LUV 03

When we got stopped out of the trade on Thursday, November 20, we had been in the position for 19 trading days, and netted a profit of $1,605 on our 300-share position.

This was a profitable return of 16.02 percent with just 19 days of market exposure, a vivid demonstration of the astro-trading advantage.

Congratulations to our Gold-Plus Elite members!

Beyond Stock Market Trading: Money Questions

Although most of my time and energy is focused on applying astrological methods to successful stock market trading, a lot of the people who read this blog seem to have more basic questions and concerns about the role of money in their lives, whether or not they’re personally involved in stock market trading or know anything at all about the astro-trading advantage.

That’s why I’m currently looking for ideas, suggestions, and comments as I move ahead with preparation for the new course on “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope”.

To be able to provide better content and a more rewarding learning experience for the participants in the new course, I’ve put together a brief survey to see what our friends, students, and followers are the most interested in.

It’s a very short survey— it should take no more than 7 or 8 minutes to answer the 5 or 6 questions that are included — and the more responses I get, the better the new course will be!

Whether you’re an active astro-trader, a student of W. D. Gann techniques, are just getting started with stock market trading, or simply interested in how you can turn your financial future around, if you can spare a few minutes to check it out and respond, I’d appreciate it — you’ll find the survey at:


Hope you can help me out with this!

How Will The Fed Impact Stock Market Trading?

In many respects the Federal Reserve has lost much of the mystery that made it the subject of seemingly endless attention and speculation by active traders and market pundits. The minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meetings are made public, and Fed officials are often in the public eye, sharing their comments and perspectives on the economy and other matters.

But when we look at the astrological charts for the Fed, we open up the realm of mystery once again.

The current transits to the horoscope for the Federal Reserve, especially at a time like now when there’s an FOMC meeting going on, can tell us a lot about what’s going on behind the scenes.

Federal Reserve astrology - Mercury at the FOMC announcement on 18 June 2014
When we examine Federal Reserve astrology, we can learn a lot about important dates and events in the life of the central bank. The red pointer here indicates the position of transiting Mercury at the time of the announcement following the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on June 18, 2014.

For example, we can look at the transits for the announcement following the meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee on June 18, 2014 and immediately see the importance of the event, including its hidden significance.

Transiting Mercury conjoins Pluto in the Fed chart, activating the cardinal axis of the zodiac as it triggers the Fed Moon as well as the midpoints of Sun/Admetos, Mars/Chiron, and Kronos/Vulcanus. It’s thus clear that no matter what the Fed says in its announcement, there’s likely to be a powerful reaction.

Sometimes, of course, actions speak louder than words. That’s why it’s instructive to see the way that Mars, the planet of action, activates the chart for the Fed as well.

Federal Reserve Astrology - Mars at FOMC Meeting 18June2014
Federal Reserve astrology reveals even more when we examine other planetary pictures.The red pointer here shows the position of Mars at the time of the conclusion of the FOMC meeting on June 18, 2014. It activates significant midpoints in the Fed horoscope, including Moon/Saturn, Neptune/Midheaven, and Cupido/Poseidon.

The midpoints that get triggered here suggest that the responses to the Fed’s actions will be less than enthusiastic, so we could see some nervousness in the equities markets as a result.

We’ll have to wait and see what the complete reaction will be in stock market trading after the FOMC does its thing this week. But with the aid of the astro-trading advantage, we can get some insights that other traders lack!

World War III, Currency Conflicts, Personal Financial Survival, and Stock Market Trading

Jim Cummins
Jim Cummins

“World War III is now underway.”

That’s the startling assertion from mundane astrologer Jim Cummins, writing in the latest installment of his insightful article on “Seismic Shifts in the Geopolitical Center of Gravity” for FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

Jim’s analysis of world events is always fascinating, especially since he brings his experience as a seasoned world traveler and the weight of his many years of economic and geopolitical research to bear in his writing, combining these unique perspectives with focused astrological studies of the key personalities shaping global events.

Once you read Jim’s explanation of the currency battles and international power plays currently underway, you’ll have little doubt that his statement about World War III is accurate and to-the-point.

And with the insights he shares about Mars cycles and open conflict, you’ll find the prospects for the coming weeks nothing short of disturbing.

But even though this is material that can make you a little uncomfortable when you read it, it’s nevertheless absolutely essential if you want to be prepared for the big market moves to come.

In short, it’s information that is at least critical for your financial survival, and it can also open up some potentially profitable opportunities along the way as well.

Jim’s articles are available to our members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com as a part of our efforts to share the astro-trading advantage with those who are interested in stock market trading, astrological wealth creation, FOREX or commodities speculation, or just protecting personal financial security.

You can read Jim’s latest article at: