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2000-Dollar Course: Bonus Freebie


Why give a 2000-dollar course away?

Basically the video says it all.

I’m giving away a complete 2000-dollar course in astro-trading for free because I want to attract the attention of the trading community.

Here’s The Problem

It has become increasingly clear to me that one of the biggest challenges for most traders is that they get in their own way.

They may know exactly what they should be doing in the markets. But for some reason they choose not to do it.

Instead they seem determined to do stuff that increases their risk.

It’s stuff that drains their trading capital.

It encourages psychologically perilous emotional states.

This is only possible because they fail to understand themselves sufficiently.

An Opportunity To “Know Thyself”

From my highly-biased perspective, there’s nothing quite as powerful as a natal horoscope when it comes to finding out about ourselves at a deeper level.

Your horoscope can open up insights and nuances that you simply can’t find any other . way. Getting a competent interpretation of your natal horoscope can truly be an eye-opening experience.

For many people, getting that kind of astrological insight comes from having a personal one-on-one session with a professional astrologer.

Whether the session takes place over the telephone, via Skype, or during a face-to-face meeting, it should be a highly interactive experience. You should expect plenty of opportunities for you ask in-depth questions.

Some astrologers charge less than others. But if you’re working with a really good professional you can expect to pay about $1500 for the consultation.

How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope Class

Our class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope is another way to connect with the self-understanding that every successful trader needs.

HTFM Question

It provides a combination of online resources, videos and audios, and live Q&A calls.

This multi-dimensional approach makes it easy for you to master the course content. It will also give you a solid foundation in the workings of your natal chart.

It can be enormously valuable for you in many, many ways.

But it’s obviously especially useful if you have financial concerns.

In other words, the class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope is perfect for traders.

But it’s not really a course about astro-trading itself.

The 2000-Dollar Course

2000-dollar course
The 2000-Dollar Course in Astro-Trading

And that’s exactly why I decided to give away the 2000-dollar course on The Confidential Astro-Trading Formula For Financial Independence.

I’m providing it to everyone who joins the How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope class.

If you’re a trader – or even if you’re only thinking about trading – this is a powerful combination.

It’s also an incredible bargain.

And I hope it’s a strong incentive for you to get connected with the astrological trading perspectives. They can make a huge difference in your performance in the markets!

You can find out more about class registration HERE.

LeadPages Innovation Out Of The Bag

LeadPages has done it again.

They’ve come up with another big breakthrough – and I can talk about it at last!

You see, I was sworn to secrecy about this five months ago.

But now, it’s official, so it’s okay to let the cat out of the bag.

So What’s LeadPages?

But first, a little bit of background information is probably in order.

You may have heard me mention LeadPages before.

If you’ve been trying to do business online (as an astrologer or otherwise), you’ve really been missing out if you haven’t connected with LeadPages already.

But if you’re familiar with LeadPages, then you already know this Minneapolis-based startup is known for their innovation.

That’s how LeadPages has gone from zero to 40,000 customers in just three years.

I’ve been one of those customers for about two years now.

Here’s The Secret Stuff

That’s where the secrecy comes in.

Last October, I was in the LeadPages office in Minneapolis.

LeadPages Conference Room
The secret conference room behind the glass wall at LeadPages headquarters in downtown Minneapolis.

I was ushered into a glass-walled conference room for a closed-door meeting with some key members of one of their product development teams.

Before they explained what they had been up to, they made me swear not to discuss it with anyone until they had officially announced it to the public.

I complied. And what they showed me then totally blew my mind.

It was the prototype of the new LeadPages drag-and-drop landing page builder they were working on.

It was truly stunning.

In fact, I was so excited when I got a look at it that I could hardly contain myself.

I’ve been pretty antsy during the five long months since then, just waiting for this new innovation to become available.

It was hard, but somehow I managed to keep my mouth shut all that time.

But Now I Can Talk About It

As of today, LeadPages just took another major leap forward, by launching their all-new drag-and-drop landing page builder.

Frankly, I couldn’t be more excited about it – it’s even better than the prototype I saw five months ago!

Up until now, LeadPages has always given you high-converting landing page templates that you can customize and use for your business, right out of the box.

You could always take one of LeadPages’ high-converting landing page templates, change the copy, swap out the images, and publish your new landing page online in less than 10 minutes.

Trust me when I say, this is a phenomenal service for business owners like us.

It’s gotten me out of a jam many, many times since I started subscribing to it.

And it just got even better.

As of today, LeadPages just launched the new drag-and-drop landing page builder that combines the power of their high-converting landing page templates with ultimate flexibility—and with 100% mobile responsiveness so your pages will look good on any device (without coding).

For the first time ever, you can now add, move and rearrange any elements on your landing pages for unprecedented flexibility.

Need to add a logo to your page? And re-size it?

No problem.

Want to add images of 10 different experts?

Go ahead and try it.

And that’s just the beginning.

I know I can’t wait to try out this new builder for for myself. I think you should too.

A Great Reason To Check This Out Now

No matter when you might have asked me, I would never hesitate to endorse LeadPages whole-heartedly.

It’s a fabulous service, an incredible value, and the personal connections and customer service are absolutely beyond compare.

But this week, LeadPages is giving you an extra incentive to get started.

To celebrate the launch of their new builder, LeadPages is giving you 14 exclusive, fully customizable landing page templates designed by leading marketers like Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Mariah Coz, James Schramko, David Siteman Garland, Amanda Holmes and many others.

These templates are ready to boost your conversions on your sales pages, webinar registration pages, podcast pages, and more.

LeadPages will give you these 14 exclusive templates at no extra cost when you purchase an annual membership of LeadPages this week.

Yeah – There’s A Catch.

There’s only one catch. You must purchase your new annual membership before this Friday at midnight. [SPECIAL NOTE – I just found out that this deadline has been extended through Friday, March 18. If you’re reading this before then, the offer is still good!] Click below for all the details now.

Go check this out right now.

Seriously, this new drag-and-drop builder opens unlimited possibilities for your business and marketing.

If you’re doing any kind of business online, it will give you amazing leverage.

So if you haven’t tried LeadPages yet, I highly recommend you try it now.

Watching Alibaba

There’s been a lot of media ruckus lately about the upcoming IPO for Alibaba, the gigantic Chinese internet firm.

Jack Ma, the company’s founder and CEO, has just begun an all-out effort to promote the company to would-be investors, trying to drum up enthusiasm prior to the projected IPO date on September 19.

While Ma is certainly not oblivious to the traditions of feng shui and astrology in impacting business success (“Alibaba” is itself a multi-lingual pun – “ba” in Chinese means “eight”, and 8 is considered an extremely lucky number for generating wealth), it’s not clear what astrologer got involved in picking the IPO date.

Take a look at the horoscope for the event:

Alibaba IPO

With the Leo Moon (flashy public presentations) on the Midheaven and the transneptunian Apollon (success through business expansion) conjoining the Ascendant in this chart, it’s obviously a hand-picked time for an auspicious beginning.

We’ll have to wait and see, of course, exactly what happens when the Alifbaba stock starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

In the meantime, you might want to check out the article titled “Wall Street Eyes Alibaba Billions” in the September 7 issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter. It shares our astro-trading perspective on this stock, and discusses an ancillary equities play that could bring some significant trading profits.

You’ll find it at: http://www.financialcyclesweekly.com/members/Newsletter-for-September-713-2014-2.cfm