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Partnership Wealth Strategies

Partnership is a big concern.

It can have a huge personal impact. It has a critical role globally.

Connections matter.

That’s true whether you’re trying to accumulate wealth and expand your horizons, or whether you’re protecting your wealth and well-being.

When we consider partnership, our perspective is usually too narrow.

We think of intimate committed relationships like marriage.

Or we consider business partnerships, often with the assumption that they’re meant to be permanent, too.

Expanding Partnership Dimensions

partnership handshake

But there’s more to effective partnership than just long-term commitment.

In fact, there are three big considerations that impact the success of our partnerships in significant ways.

We need to pay attention to all three.

How Well Can You Read People?

All partnerships start somewhere. There’s a first meeting.

It may be a chance encounter. It may have been planned and structured.

But it’s a beginning, and it brings one core question: can I trust this person?

You may be good at reading people. In fact, you may know instantly who you should connect with. You may instinctively know when to walk away.

But if you’re not good at reading people, it can be a problem. Your partnership prospects can suffer.

Connecting and Communicating

Once you’re in a partnership, the biggest concern is communication.

You may have good intentions. But you may also have bad habits.

No matter how you’d like things to be, you need to be able to connect and communicate.

That’s ultimately what keep any partnership together.

It’s especially important when there are breakdowns in partnership communication.

Matching vs. Making

Whenever partnership questions arise, the question of compatibility comes up.

That’s often a question that I address with my private coaching clients.

Most frequently, it’s in an astrological context.

“I’m a Pisces, and I’m dating a Sagittarius. Is that a good match?”

But real partnerships require making. Not just matching.

There are many nuances to positive partnership, of course.

That’s one of the things I help my clients with. It always proves to be rewarding.

For more ideas on partnerships wealth strategies, watch this video:

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Knowledge You Need For Astro-Trading Success

There’s a certain amount of knowledge you need to have if you’re going to be successful in the markets.

That’s especially true of astro-trading.

If you’re going to get involved in the markets, and actually make money, you need to know how the markets work.

That’s true no matter what kind of trading techniques you use.

In astro-trading, though, there’s also knowledge you need to have about astrology.

And that’s more than just sun-sign astrology.

Like whether you’re a Scorpio or a Capricorn or an Aquarius.

Real astrology goes a lot deeper than that.

The astrology knowledge you need for success in the markets is deeper, too.

But you have to start somewhere.

Getting The Knowledge You Need

Let’s be honest.

Astrology is a huge subject.

There’s really no end to all the stuff you can learn about it.

And getting the knowledge you need for success is a lot like eating an elephant.

You do it one bite at a time.

If you keep biting, and keep chewing, you’ll eventually digest it.

And that’s when you’ll really start to see the payoff!

But the fact is, it’s always been hard to get reliable information about astro-trading.

There are lots of conflicting ideas and opinions.

For many years, if you wanted to master astrological trading you really had to work at it.

It was the same whether you wanted to trade stocks, commodities, or futures.

You had to gather information from a lot of different sources.

You had to study hard.

And in many cases, you could waste a lot of time and energy. You could burn yourself out, running down rabbit trails that led to nowhere.

I Decided To Make A Change

When I was learning, I faced the same kind of challenges.

Mastering financial astrology took me years and years of hard work.

But when I got it figured out, I decided to direct my energies toward helping others learn what I had learned.

I wanted to make it easier for you to get the knowledge you need to succeed.

So 18 years ago I started putting together a Basic Stock Market Astrology Course.

It began as a live classroom experience.

The recordings from that class became a home-study program.

Hundreds of people around the world used it get an introduction to market astrology.

And during the years since it was first released, that course has gone through a lot of improvements.

The most recent version, which sold for $2,395, included 31 CDs, a bonus DVD, and a 250-workbook.

As production costs increased, that edition eventually became too expensive to distribute. It went out of print a few years ago.

A Big Announcement

But now, I’m pleased to announce, there’s a brand-new version of this powerful astro-trading training program available at last!

It’s Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0.

It features a huge amount of information. After all, its goal is to go the extra mile in making sure you get the knowledge you need for astro-trading success.

For more details on the course, take a look at this video:


As you may have gathered, there’s a lot to this over-the-top Basic Stock Market Astrology 3.0 course.

knowledge you need in this course outline

That’s why I want to encourage you to get your free copy of the complete course outline.

It’s available right now as a pdf download. Go ahead and get your copy now by CLICKING HERE.



Free Astro-Trading Mini Course

I’ve just decided to create a new astro-trading mini course.


Because I’m constantly getting questions about astro-trading and how it really works.

Some of those questions come from seasoned traders in the markets.

They’ve had years of experience, and have experienced the ups and downs that are typical for most traders.

But they’ve never successfully added astrology or an understanding of planetary cycles to their trading.

They’ve been missing out on the astro-trading advantage.

This new astro-trading mini course is for them.

A Mini Course For Astrology Fans, Too

Other questions come from people who are passionate about astrology.

They love the way that it can clarify life choices, and help open up new possibilities in relationships and personal fulfillment.

They may also be aware that astrology can open up big possibilities for them, especially if you know how to find the money in your horoscope.

But they don’t have any experience at all in the markets.

They’re completely new to trading, and they don’t know where to start.

The new astro-trading mini-course may be a bit of stretch for them, but it can at least give them a solid starting point if they’re really serious about using astrology to make money in the markets.

How Will The Astro-Trading Mini Course Work?

astro-trading mini course

But in either case, I want to use the new mini course to provide a real service.

I’m offering it as a resource for you, to help transform your financial future. Its aim is to put you on the path toward consistently rewarding astro-trading.

That’s why I’ll be providing it absolutely free.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

First of all, of course, you’ll need to register for the mini course so you can get connected with the course materials.

You can do that HERE.

By the way, there are no shenanigans with this process. No credit card required. No hidden obligations.

All it takes is your name and email address.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll get a confirmation email, letting you know you’re in.

Then you’ll need to keep an eye on your email inbox.

I’ll be posting the training videos for the new astro-trading mini course online, and I’ll be sending you the links each time a new lesson is added.

I plan to release a new lesson every two or three days.

I anticipate having just four lessons in all – this is a mini course, after all!

Each lesson will take you step-by-step through the most important concepts of astro-trading.

By the time you finish the course, you won’t be an expert in astro-trading.

But you’ll know what astro-trading is really all about – and you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you want to get the astro-trading advantage for yourself!

I hope you’ll join me for the astro-trading mini course!


Horoscope Money Feedback

We’ve just finished up our premiere class in “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope”.

It was a sold-out event, and because it combined personal coaching and exclusive live conference calls with a variety of online materials, it took a lot of time and attention to put together.

But I must say it was worth it!

Creating and presenting the course was a very satisfying experience for me personally, but what has pleased me the most has been the feedback I’ve been getting from the students enrolled in the class.

“I was totally amazed by what I learned in this class!”

“You really put a lot of work into creating top-quality teaching presentations. I really do appreciate that.”

“I came into this class thinking that I already knew a lot about astrology, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of it. But I was surprised to find one ah-ha moment after another during the course. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Needless to say, those kind of remarks make we want more! So I’ve decided that we’ll definitely be offering this class again, starting in early October. We need to do a little housekeeping on the website, and then I’ll be announcing the date when registration will open up for the new class sessions.

Stay tuned….

Beyond Stock Market Trading: Money Questions

Although most of my time and energy is focused on applying astrological methods to successful stock market trading, a lot of the people who read this blog seem to have more basic questions and concerns about the role of money in their lives, whether or not they’re personally involved in stock market trading or know anything at all about the astro-trading advantage.

That’s why I’m currently looking for ideas, suggestions, and comments as I move ahead with preparation for the new course on “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope”.

To be able to provide better content and a more rewarding learning experience for the participants in the new course, I’ve put together a brief survey to see what our friends, students, and followers are the most interested in.

It’s a very short survey— it should take no more than 7 or 8 minutes to answer the 5 or 6 questions that are included — and the more responses I get, the better the new course will be!

Whether you’re an active astro-trader, a student of W. D. Gann techniques, are just getting started with stock market trading, or simply interested in how you can turn your financial future around, if you can spare a few minutes to check it out and respond, I’d appreciate it — you’ll find the survey at:


Hope you can help me out with this!

W. D. Gann, the Number 90, and the Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice is here at last, and we’ll be watching for a response from the markets as we move past the weekend and get a fresh trading week underway.

In the meantime, I’ve continued to explore the kind of connections with the Summer Solstice that I recently mentioned here in my posts about Silver and stock market trading, and in my most recent interview with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show.

But as usual, it’s been W. D. Gann that has really gotten me thinking.

Back in the closing months of 1935, when Gann put together his brief essay on “Natural Resistance Levels and Time Cycle Points”, he wrote about lots of correlations to the number 90, which has key connections to the Summer Solstice.

That particular essay contained very little specific information about astrology and the markets, but Gann did reference the seasonal connections of this particularly important number. He also used the number 90 extensively in his discussion of practical techniques for timing market resistance zones.

The attention that Gann gave to the number 90 was what provoked me to put together a brief article on this important market timing factor for our members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com. It’s a quick review of Gann’s work in the essay, but it does underscore the value in paying attention to the mathematics behind the markets.

You’ll find the full article at: http://www.financialcyclesweekly.com/members/W-D-Gann-and-the-Number-90.cfm

By the way, the work of W. D. Gann is also figuring prominently in the new report that’s currently being prepared on “Timing The Next Market Top”.

It should be ready for distribution by the end of next week– if you’d like to get early-bird notification as soon as it’s available, just CLICK HERE to leave your name and email address.


It’s W. D. Gann’s Birthday….


I forgot to get a birthday cake.

As it turns out, today is W. D. Gann’s birthday, and by all rights I should be celebrating.

After all, Gann was one of the true pioneers in developing the art and science of profitable stock market trading with astrology, even though he lived in a time and place where it wasn’t always comfortable or socially acceptable for him to mention astrology at all.

He was born on June 6, 1878 in Lufkin, Texas, which would have made him 136 years old today.

He died in 1955, but his work is still a constant source of inspiration today.

So I shouldn’t have forgotten his birthday!

But at least crass commercialism came to the rescue.

First I got an email from Lambert-Gann Publishing, letting me know that in honor of Gann’s birthday they’re publishing a facsimile edition of the missing pages from his 1941 commodities book, with the 190-page paperback available for jut $241.

Then I was reminded of the fact by my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates. Here’s an excerptfrom an email I got from them earlier today, announcing their W. D. Gann Birthday Sale:

“From now until midnight tonight, you can get a huge 40% discount off any and all orders you place at http://harmonicresearchassociates.com — all you have to do is enter the special coupon code GANN136 when you check out, and you’ll automatically save 40%.

“Here are some examples of what you can save if you act today:

Gann Secrets Revealed: Beyond Symbolism in Financial Astrology – regular price $47.95. Get it today for just $28.77 with Coupon Code GANN136.

Mercury, Money & the Markets – regular price $88.85. Get it today for just $53.31 with Coupon Code GANN136.

Astro-Trading Innovations DVD set – regular price $567.00. Get it today for just $340.20 with Coupon Code GANN136.

The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets e-book – regular price $127.00. Get it today for just $76.20 with Coupon Code GANN136.

“And the savings don’t stop there. Use Coupon Code GANN136 to get 40% off any item you choose on our website.

“Happy Birthday, Mr. Gann!

“Your Friends at Harmonic Research Associates

“P.S. – You can use the Coupon Code GANN136 to get a 40% discount off the regular price of any item at our website at http://harmonicresearchassociates.com – but be sure to act fast if you want to grab this money-saving offer, since it’s good only through the end of the day!”

Hmmm… I’m not sure if W. D. Gann would feel honored or offended by a sale in honor of his birthday.

But since a number of the astro-trading items that I’ve written are included in the event, I thought you might like to know about it.

Stock Market Trading – Blowing Out the NYSE Birthday Candles

The New York Stock Exchange will be 222 years old on Saturday, May 17, and to help celebrate the occasion I’ll be traveling to Nova Southeastern University in the Fort Lauderdale area to lead a financial astrology weekend for the National Council on Geocosmic Research (NCGR).

During this two-day event I’ll be discussing in-depth market analysis methods for using astrology in stock market trading, looking at individual natal horoscopes to identify the best personal trading strategies, and conducting an intensive workshop designed to demonstrate the state-of-the-art research and assessment techniques we use here at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com to help our Gold-Plus Elite members get such strong and consistent results in their personal stock market trading.

The Saturday morning session on “The NYSE at 222” will begin at 10:30 a.m. During that session we’ll explore:

Timing the horoscope for the New York Stock Exchange

Charts for the reorganization and reincorporation of the NYSE

Horoscopes for winning and losing years

Trading in the electronic age

And a lot more.

In “Have You Got the Right Chart for Success in the Markets?” – our session on Saturday afternoon — we’ll encounter the key factors in the natal horoscope that indicate an aptitude for stock market trading, and that signal the potential for success with money in general.

Then on Sunday I’ll be providing a behind-the-scenes look at the analysis and research that go into the in-depth articles, coaching sessions, and one-on-one support we provide for our Gold-Plus Elite members. This is critical information and cutting-edge techniques that you need to know if you want to take a do-it-yourself approach to astro-trading in today’s challenging stock market trading environment.

It all adds up to a great weekend event that can make a huge difference in your personal performance in the markets. It’s the perfect complement to The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course and other instructional materials that we provide.

Whether you’re an active astro-trader or are just thinking about using astrology with your stock market trading, you’ll get a lot from these presentations, as well as the shared time together between the program sessions.

Although this weekend of events is being sponsored by the local chapter of the NCGR, it’s open to non-members as well. The cost is just $45 for all day on Saturday ($40 for NCGR members) and $90 for the Sunday Intensive. Send an email to Mimi Alonzo at MysticMimi@gmail.com to get pre-registration information.

For more details, you can download a pdf file of the flyer promoting this event at:



My Grand Cross Conversation with Arch Crawford

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from Arch Crawford.

He’s probably the world’s most widely-known financial astrologer, and through his many years of newsletter writing as well as his frequent appearances on TV and radio and at investment conferences, he’s done a wonderful job of introducing the benefits of astro-trading to a global audience.

His monthly newsletter, Crawford Perspectives, offers “quintessential market timing by planetary timing and technical analysis” — it’s well worth checking out. You’ll find it at: http://www.crawfordperspectives.com/

Arch and I have been colleagues and great friends for years, but it had been about 8 months since the last time we’d had a chance to chat at length, so we had a little catching up to do when he called.

After getting connected on personal matters like health and family circumstances, we of course turned to our common interests of astrology and the markets.

Arch had a birthday last week, and I had taken a few minutes away from my W. D. Gann studies then to send him a message wishing him a “pleasant solar return.”

That got his attention.

“How is it possible to have a ‘pleasant solar return’ with THESE kind of planetary aspects?” he wanted to know, referring, of course, to the super-stressful Cardinal Grand Cross that’s now underway.

“I’m not sure how,” I confessed. “Unless it’s just surviving what’s going on right now, and then living to tell the tale. That may be enough of a celebration.”

He chuckled.

“Actually,” he said, “this is pretty serious stuff. The way the Grand Cross hits my personal chart isn’t good at all, and I’m really worried about the impact on the U.S. horoscope.”

The opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 23, comes just 9 minutes before the square between transiting Mars and Pluto, which brings the Grand Cross pattern into its tightest alignment. The chart for the Opening Bell is shown here in the outer wheel; the inner wheel is one of the popular USA horoscopes. Note the connections between the Grand Cross and the square between Saturn and the Sun/Poseidon conjunction in the USA chart, as well as the conjunctions between transiting Venus and the USA Vulcanus and between transiting Hades and the USA Venus.
The opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange at 9:30 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, April 23, comes just 9 minutes before the square between transiting Mars and Pluto, which brings the Grand Cross pattern into its tightest alignment. The chart for the Opening Bell is shown here in the outer wheel; the inner wheel is one of the popular USA horoscopes. Note the connections between the Grand Cross and the square between Saturn and the Sun/Poseidon conjunction in the USA chart, as well as the conjunctions between transiting Venus and the USA Vulcanus and between transiting Hades and the USA Venus.

As experienced astrologers know, there’s a lot of disagreement in the astrological community about the correct birth chart for the U.S.A. Most of the arguments, however, are about the best time of day to use for that horoscope– there seems to be general agreement that July 4, 1776 was an important date in U.S. history, even among those who argue that a different date entirely should be used as the true inception date for the country.

Arch and I didn’t get into any of that controversy. We both agreed that the trigger of the Grand Cross, with transiting Jupiter conjoining the natal Sun and transiting Mars conjoining natal Saturn in any chart for July 4, 1776, could prove to be more than enough to trigger some big challenges for the country as a whole.

While the precision of this alignment seems to be unprecedented in modern history, have been some Jupiter/Uranus waxing squares over the past couple of centuries who effects are worth studying as a clue to what we might have facing us in the coming months. You’ll find a detailed analysis in the e-book on The Stock Market Collision Course at http://bit.ly/ATsmcc.

And what about the markets? Arch Crawford said that he’s currently looking at three time frames that have a high potential for a major pull-back in the equities markets: from now until the early Summer; during the month of October, 2014; and then in January, 2015.

While I agreed with that general outlook, I told him that I’m looking for the Grand Cross pattern this week to light the fuse for some intensified selling action in the equities markets, with prices declining into the solar eclipse on April 29.

Whether or not that will be a major crash remains to be seen, however. I think a more likely scenario is a correction instead of a crash, with the potential for a rebound as we move into May.

And, as I reminded Arch, he and I have both been at this market forecasting game long enough to recognize one thing: if we ever feel absolutely certain about what’s coming up in the markets, then it’s a pretty good signal that we’re wrong.

He laughed and agreed with me. Essentially, we are our own strongest contrary indicators.

He also reminded me of the famous quote from Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip (Arch and I are both old enough to remember reading Pogo in the Sunday funnies): “We have met the enemy, and he is us!”

High-Frequency Trading and What We Can Gain with the Astro-Trading Advantage

The Michael Lewis Flash Boys book has been creating quite a stir on Wall Street this week, so it was only natural that it came up as a topic of conversation when I got together with Michael Yorba for an interview on his Traders Network radio show on Thursday afternoon.

The book is about the corrupting consequences of High-Frequency Trading, and apparently Lewis is so passionate about this issue that he’s been pulling out all the stops to publicize his new publication.

But, as I told Michael Yorba during our interview this week, what we’re doing with our members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com is about as different from High-Frequency Trading as you can possibly get.

In fact, you could accurately call it Low-Frequency Trading instead. But no matter what you call it, this approach to the markets contently creates solid trading profits with minimal risk.

You can hear the first part of Thursday’s interview with Michael Yorba, when we discussed high-frequency trading, here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device
After the commercial break on the program, Michael and I picked up the conversation and discussed the astrological factors moving the markets now. You can listen to that segment here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device