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Stunning Good News from the Solar Eclipse

In our new report on “The Solar Eclipse of May 2013: Its Impact on the Markets” we described specific stocks, commodities, and economic issues likely to come into focus through this cosmic event.

We also specifically mentioned Bangladesh as one of the world’s hot spots most likely to be impacted by the solar eclipse.

At the time that this part of the report was written, that country was already in the news because of the collapse of a Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh which killed hundreds of garment workers on the eve of the April 25 lunar eclipse.

The catastrophe was one of the worst industrial accidents in history– the death toll had already risen to more than 500 when we reported on it, but since then then number of fatalities has passed 1,000.

But today, just hours after the big solar eclipse had appeared in the sky, the news came from Bangladesh that a young woman had miraculously been found alive amidst the rubble of the collapsed factory.

Girl Found Alive in Bangladesh Rescue on Solar Eclipse

Somehow she had managed to survive for 17 days before the rescuers found her; the rescue gave us an important reminder that solar eclipses are not only powerful, but they can also bring powerful good news as well as negative events!

You can CLICK HERE for a report on the rescue direct from Bangladesh.

To get a copy of the new report on this solar eclipse, go to: http://bit.ly/Eclipse1305