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Solar Explosion Disrupts Earth Activities

A huge solar explosion is in the news.

April had barely started when there was a massive solar explosion.

It was triggered amid increasing sunspot activity on the face of the Sun.

And it sent a big magnetic disruption hurtling toward Earth.

A Quiet Year So Far

This big event is big news.

All solar flares are in important, of course. And this solar explosion is particularly dramatic.

But it’s also a sharp contrast to what we’ve been seeing on the Sun so far this year.

The truth is, 2017 has been an unusual year for sunspot activity.

What’s been unusual, however, has been the general lack of sunspots overall.

Its been a very quiet year on the Sun so far. There haven’t been very many sunspots or major solar explosions.

Until now, that is.

A Solar Explosion With Little Warning

“Suddenly,” says NASA, “solar flare activity is high.  With little warning, sunspot AR2644 started exploding yesterday, producing an M4.4-class flare on April 1st followed by an even stronger M5-class flare on April 2nd.”

Solar Explosion CME April 1, 2017
In a huge solar explosion, there was a significant coronal mass ejection (CME) on April 1st.

The event took place against a backdrop of fresh sunspot activity. Solar storms are passing across the face of the Sun’s disc.

Sunspot activity

As seen through a telescope from this perspective, sunspots are interesting to observe.

But they look like minor blemishes compared with the overall size of the solar disc. That makes it easy to overlook their real importance.

The fact is, however, that sunspots are an indication of extremely powerful cosmic activity. It may seem to be relatively inconsequential from one perspective. But if you observe solar disturbances with different tools, you get a different picture altogether.

solar explosion UV emissions
Ultraviolet emissions from the solar explosion on April 1, 2017.

For example, you can go beyond the spectrum of visible light. The big solar explosion created ultraviolet shock waves. Their sheer intensity is one of the things that has caught the attention of earth-bound astronomers.

What Difference Does A Solar Explosion Make?

While it’s fascinating to observe all this action on the Sun, we obviously want to know about its impact on Earth.

The big solar flares on April 1 and 2 have already had an effect on earthly radio communications. That’s because they mess with the Earth’s ionosphere in a pretty big way.

Radio Blackout Zone from solar explosion
This map shows the intense zone of radio communications blackout over the Indian Ocean following the big solar explosion on April 2, 2017.

The April 1 event knocked out shortwave reception over most of the Pacific Ocean, including the coast of California. The solar explosion that followed shortly after that earlier today had a similar effect over the Indian Ocean.

Fundamentally, these disruptions have a potential ripple effect. They can impact communications and commerce. That in turn can create a noticeable effect in the markets.

That’s why they’re interesting to us as astro-traders.

And, as astro-traders, it’s instructive to look at the horoscope associated with this event.

solar explosion 90-degree dial
Heliocentric 90-Degree Dial for the Solar Explosion on April 1, 2017.

In this case, we’re using a heliocentric chart. After all, we’re interested in the action that’s taking place on the Sun.

When we look at the horoscope for the April 1 solar explosion on the 90-degree dial, we can see some of its broader potential implications. Our pointer on the dial is aimed at Earth’s position.

Inside The Midpoints

There are some powerful and intriguing activations here.

To start with, there’s an emphasis on the Neptune/Poseidon midpoint.

This literally indicates an unusual refraction of light. It’s thus appropriate for a solar flare event. But it also emphasizes potential misrepresentation, lying, and deception.

The Chiron/Vulcanus midpoint activation indicates the likelihood of sudden powerful disruptions. They can create problematic or inconvenient circumstances.

To a certain extent, we’ve already seen that happening with the big radio blackouts.

The Aries/Uranus midpoint alignment is pretty straightforward.

This event can have a sudden shocking impact on the entire planet.

And finally, the Hades/Zeus activation is fascinating.

It suggests idleness and vice. It’s a lack of purposeful activity.

And strangely enough, it’s associated with “a lack of coal.”

Wonder what that’s about?

For more on the solar explosion and its impacts, see the NASA Spaceweather website.

Presidential Election Deception?

What have you heard lately about the presidential election?

Probably a lot.

The news media have been ignoring lots of significant world events lately.

They’ve been choosing instead to devote boundless attention to the U.S. presidential election circus.

And what a circus it is!

The never-ending stream of Republican debates.

Primaries and caucuses.

The latest attack ads and dirty tricks.

And, of course, the latest antics from Donald Trump.

Who Will Win The Presidential Election?

That’s the most popular question, needless to say.

But asking it now is at least a little bit premature.

After all, the voting for the presidential election isn’t soon. It’s still more than eight months away.

The major parties haven’t finalized their nominees yet.

But forecasting is what astrologers are supposed to do.

So let’s review a couple of astrological approaches to figuring out presidential election outcomes.

Astrological Approaches To A Presidential Election

There is, of course, the date of the presidential election itself.

This year it will be on November 8.

We can study the planetary positions for that day, and get some sense of the alignments that may impact the presidential election results.

But the challenge is, the polls are open for a presidential election in the U.S. for many hours. The voting results span many time zones.

That makes it difficult to pinpoint accurate astrological charts to use in forecasting.

A more direct approach, one that is preferred by many excellent mundane astrologers, is to use the time of the presidential inauguration.

By law that’s set for noon on January 20 following the outcome of the presidential election.

A comparison of that inauguration horoscope with the natal charts of presidential contenders often yields useful information.

The Aries New Year and The Presidential Election

There is, however, one additional consideration worth looking at.

It’s the New Year’s horoscope.

In this case, we’re not looking at January 1.

Instead, it’s the astrological New Year, the time that the Sun goes into Aries.

That’s the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere.

It’s the Fall Equinox down under.

When we set that Aries ingress chart for Washington, D.C., we get an annual figure to use in forecasting the entire year ahead for the U.S.

That includes the presidential election.

To do so, it’s helpful to use the 90-degree dial favored by symmetrical astrologers.

presidential election axis at the equinox
The annual horoscope, set for the Aries equinox, highlights the potential for the presidential election when we examine the Node/Zeus axis.

On the dial, we can adjust the pointer to identify the axis of the True Lunar Node and the transneptunian factor Zeus.

This Node/Zeus combination is the astrological signature of cooperative actions in general, and of elections in particular.

And, as the 2016 equinox dial reveals, that Node/Zeus axis is potent.

It resonates strongly with the Pluto/Chiron midpoint (problems and embarrassment created by big money and excessive power) and the Neptune/Vulcanus midpoint (large-scale deceptions and disappointments, plus significant loss of power).

It’s fair to say, then, that we can expect gut-wrenching experiences as we move through the presidential election cycle throughout 2016.

There’s obviously much at stake here.

This presidential election has the potential for shaking up conventional political and governmental structures in some very big ways.

Steps Along The Way

We’ll wait to speculate about the winner of the 2016 presidential election. The right time is after the major political parties have selected their nominees.

And we’ll review the election results when they come in.

But in the meantime, we can use the Node/Zeus midpoint in the Aries equinox chart as a key tool.

It’s an indicator of the important times we should be watching for key developments in the presidential election process.

The planetary transits to that Node/Zeus midpoint are especially critical.

We can look at them not only as direct passages, but also as eighth-harmonic alignments.

For example, there was an activation by Mars on February 10.

That’s when both Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie suspended their campaigns.

The next Mars event is October 4.

Of particular interest are the activation of the Node/Zeus axis by Mercury on February 27 (South Carolina Democratic primary) and April 19 (New York primary).

We’ll also be watching the alignments by Venus on April 9 (Wyoming Republican caucus) and July 28 (the closing day of the Democratic national convention).

And we shouldn’t overlook the exact fourth-harmonic alignment by Hades on June 6. That’s the eve of presidential election primaries in California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Hades may be the most descriptive of the entire presidential election process!


Did Steve and Steve Suspect?

They weren’t really hiding.

They just needed a place to work – or actually, a place to fool around with what was mainly a hobby at the time.

So Steve and Steve got together in Steve’s parents’ garage.

Steve and Steve in 1976

That was on Crist Drive in Los Altos, California. The year was 1976.

Garage Home of Apple Computer
It was behind this garage door at the Los Altos, California home of Steve Jobs’ parents that Steve and Steve got their start with Apple Computer in 1976.

The activity in Steve Jobs’ family garage, the place that Steve and Steve met to play with circuit boards and solder wires, soon moved past the hobby stage.

Steve and Steve soon found paying customers, and their new venture, which they called Apple Computer Company, started growing much faster than either one of them had perhaps expected.

But Steve and Steve kept their fledgling company going in that garage for the first two years of its existence.

At a fundamental level, it was still just two buddies having a good time together.

Steve and Steve
Steve and Steve got together to figure out how to make a computer, but soon turned their hobby into a growing enterprise.

Of course there are lots of great stories about Steve and Steve and what happened to the tow of them back in those early days.

There are also lots of things that we don’t know about what happened then.

Even so, we can be pretty sure that Steve and Steve didn’t really suspect what would be happening to them, or to their computer-building company, in the years to come.

In 1976 they didn’t imagine the Mac.

Or the iPad, or the iPhone, or the iPod.

And certainly not the iWatch!

Getting In On The Ground Floor

But what was it like to get in on the ground floor with Steve and Steve?

In 1976 Steve Wozniak put together 50 Apple-1 computers by hand, painstakingly assembling them in Steve Jobs’ garage. The first one was completed on April 11, 1976, and in May of that year Steve and Steve showed off their creation at a meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club.

Apple-1 Computer
Steve and Steve started out with the Apple-1 computer. This is one of the first ones, hand-assembled by Steve Wozniak in 1976.

Steve and Steve put those Apple-1 computers on the market for $666.66 each. They were the first-ever pre-assembled personal computers to be offered for sale to the public.

There are a few of those original Apple-1 computers still around. In fact, on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, one of them was sold at auction in New York for a cool $905,000. The buyer was the Henry Ford Museum.

Why Remember Steve and Steve Right Now?

I’ve been thinking about Steve and Steve a lot lately.

That’s because we’re now just a few weeks away from the big launch of Project Regulus, which is designed to be the most comprehensive and the most effective training program in astro-trading that’s ever been offered.

Our current plans for Project Regulus plot its course for the coming year, culminating in our first-ever Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium in the summer of 2016.

The chances are good that Project Regulus will extend well beyond that date, however.

What’s Apple Got To Do With Project Regulus?

And as I review the history of Steve and Steve, it’s really hard for me to imagine what new things we’ll be creating with this exciting program, or what Project Regulus will look like in the years to come.

But like the early days of Apple Computer, Project Regulus is already a conspiratorial effort. During the past few weeks we’ve had a group of Charter Members joining us for the beginning of this new project.

Our Charter Members in Project Regulus get a lot of special benefits, not the least of which is the opportunity to help with the co-creation of the training modules in this ambitious new program.

The excitement is high right now, and it’s likely to get even higher as we move closer to June 16, which is the official launch date for Project Regulus.

During the coming weeks I’ll be sharing plenty of information about Charter Regulus and how you can get involved.

But between now and Sunday, May 31, there’s a special opportunity – if you’re creative and adventurous like Steve and Steve, you can join our select group of Charter Members.

It will give you a chance to find out what’s really going on behind that garage door – and it will put you in on the ground floor as we work together to create a new level of achievement in astro-trading mastery!

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