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Helical Market Vortex Harmonics

It’s no secret that the markets move to a universal rhythm. It’s a rhythm that creates a market vortex. It’s the engine that drives prices up and down.

That rhythm is revealed through astrology.

To astro-traders who are willing to dig a little deeper it also opens up a wealth of mathematical patterns and relationships.

You may have encountered some of those patterns and relationships before. Some of them are favorites of traders and market theorists who are eager to explore esoteric forces and hidden harmonies.

Like the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. Or the remarkable progression of wave impulses documented in the Elliott Wave Theory.

And, as it turns out, it’s a also a key to an accurate understanding of the Sun’s influence on the solar system.

Can You Visualize The Solar Action Behind The Market Vortex?

Copernicus had the revolutionary idea that the Sun is at the center of the solar system, but he didn’t visualize the helical dynamic that drives the market vortex.

You’re probably used to the old two-dimensional textbook models of how the solar system operates. That’s why it can be a little tough to get this kind of dynamic imagery in your mind. But you need to be able to do that to understand the power of the market vortex properly.

Animation helps.

That’s what you’ll find in this video. Right now it’s gotten more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. That may seem like a lot. But not really. Basically it means this is still cutting-edge stuff:

This cosmic unfolding may well be part of the master pattern that generates the market vortex in stock, bond, and commodity markets around the world. Although we may not be conscious of it at the time, we can see the results in the market news at the end of each trading day.

But think about it.

With the Sun behaving in this way, is it any wonder that seasonal influences have such a strong impact on price trends in all the markets?

Understanding the true power of this market vortex – and learning to use its force intelligently – is what the astro-trading advantage is all about.

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