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The Dark Side in American Politics

It was bound to happen.

American politics is definitely headed for the Dark Side, and there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it.

For evidence of that fact, all we have to do is pay attention to the news.

Is The Dark Side The Norm?

Of course, there are plenty of wild-eyed conspiracy theorists (and even some pretty reputable researchers) who would argue that American politics and the Dark Side are actually one and the same thing. See, for example, The Nine (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft, Book 1) and its follow-up volumes by Peter Levenda.

But as might be expected, expressions of the Dark Side in politics have typically been advanced in a secretive or veiled way, rather than being admitted in public.

At least that’s how it was handled in the past.

What seems to be different now is how close to the surface those Dark Side tendencies apparently are.

The astrological factors at work behind the scenes may be the root cause. We have just made it through the three-year series of waxing Uranus/Pluto waxing squares, which has added enormous friction to the social and political environment.

And even though the exact alignments between these two planets are behind us, the influence of this potent combination will continue to be felt throughout 2016. That impact supports more moves toward the Dark Side, in and out of politics.

Convictions and Allegiances

The presidential election in the United States is still a year away, but for months now a gaggle of candidates from both major political parties have been preening and posturing in their efforts to gain public approval.

Many are touting their personal religious convictions as evidence that they should get the nod from voters.

But some of the candidates are more candid about their allegiance for the Dark Side. Marco Rubio, for example, recently confessed his admiration for the villain in Star Wars, saying that he “felt sorry” for Darth Vader.

Fans of the Death Star

Rubio also says that his favorite toy was the Death Star.


Even though Rubio has been criticized for his sketchy knowledge of the series of Star Wars film, his affection for the Death Star offers an interesting resonance with Ben Carson’s obsession with the pyramids.

Carson’s strange notions about the ancient structures may have some disturbing implications for foreign policy if he were to become president, but they also remind me of the idea by physicist Joseph P. Farrell that the pyramid of Giza was in fact constructed as a Death Star, to be used in interplanetary warfare.

So even though Ben Carson had his portrait painted with Jesus, he may be unconsciously flirting with the Dark Side himself.

Of course, the matching spa bathrobes that Ben and Jesus wore for that portrait don’t come close to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” baseball cap as a Dark Side fashion statement. Trump continues to send signals that tap into grassroots anger, even if he’s doing so in a particularly entertaining way.

Substituting Cheese for Xenophobia

And then there’s this intriguing variation on the Donald Trump theme:

Is this the ultimate expression of Dark Side apparel, or just a blatant appeal to ignorance? Perhaps neither one. After all, the notion that we need to “Make America Grate Again” does more than just describe the tone of today’s political conversation.

It could just be aimed at dedicated cheese lovers (perhaps with shades of the “Blessed are the Cheese Makers” in the Life of Brian Sermon on the Mount). And along the way, it doesn’t rule out militant vegans. After all, you can grate carrots just as easily as cheese.

Either way, it expresses the kind of political pluralism that could be an especially healthy antidote to the Dark Side obsessions sweeping politics today.


Russian Planes Hit Syria World Point

Russian planes have been in the news a lot lately.

They’ve been flying over Syria, and have apparently been doing lots of damage, not only to insurgents on the ground, but also to Russia’s relations with the U.S. Those relations have gotten very icy indeed.

Putin Flexes His Muscles

At one level, it’s easy to see the presence of Russian planes in Syrian skies as just an example of Russian President Vladimir Putin showing off.

Putin is sending Russian Planes to Syria
Macho man Vladimir Putin’s health may be great – but what else should he be worrying about?

As I’ve noted previously here, Vladimir Putin definitely likes to flex his muscles. That’s true even when he’s got his shirt on. But there are other worries brewing here. Vladimir Putin has been telling the world that those Russian planes are hitting ISIS targets – and that may be true. According to some sources, there is some evidence of massive desertions in the ISIS ranks since the Russian bombing began.

A Master Chess Player

But as Jim Cummins has pointed out in the past, the Russian leaders is a master chess player. He’s always thinking several moves ahead in the game of geopolitics.

Turkey isn’t very happy with the situation – it says the Russian planes are violating its air space, so they’re in danger of being shot down. And according to the U.S. news media, those Russian planes are flying now solely in an effort to prop up the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria. Whether or not they are hitting ISIS targets, Russian bombs are also falling on Syrian insurgents who want to get rid of Bashar al-Assad. These are the so-called “moderate extremist” forces that the U.S. supports. It’s a group that includes, oddly enough, some members of al-Quaida in Syria.

As is all too often the case, the dogged American determination to get rid of governments who don’t agree with us makes for strange bedfellows.

But What About The Timing?

As international tensions continue to escalate, it’s important to step back and get a broader perspective whenever possible.

That’s where the tools of astrology come in.

We can of course learn a lot from the timing of the events in Syria themselves, and from the natal horoscopes of the world leaders making news. But even without the presence of Russian planes in the skies of Syria, a quick glance at one of the current planetary phenomena is informative. It can tell us a lot about what may soon be playing out on the global stage.

Mercury has been retrograde since September 17.

Mercury retrograde periods always mark times when communications can get confused, plans may not work out as intended, and intentions can be grossly misunderstood. So at the very least it’s a time when the leaders of countries would be wise not to jump to conclusions.

An End To Mercury Retrograde

But the Mercury retrograde period will be coming to an end on Friday, October 9. And that’s when things are likely to get even more interesting.

The Mercury Direct Station, the time when Mercury finishes up its retrograde motion and starts moving forward again, is always a critical point the retrograde cycle. More often than not, it seems to intensify the confusion, incompletion, and miscommunication that have been in play during the previous three weeks, while the planet has been in apparent backward motion. So this coming weekend will be a time for extra caution.

But that’s not the end of the story.

World Point Activation

When Mercury goes direct on October 9, it will be at 0° Libra.

That initial degree of a cardinal sign is one of the extraordinarily powerful “World Points” in the zodiac – whenever they are activated by significant planetary events or alignments, it’s a signal that we can expect to see major events with global implications.

But what kinds of events?

On previous occasions we’ve discovered that if we want to gain insights into current situations, it can be useful to study those previous times when planetary stations took place at the zodiac degrees currently being activated.

According to the tables listed on page 270 of Mercury, Money and the Markets, there has only been one previous time since 1900 when Mercury made a station at 0° Libra.

That was on September 2, 1983.

Russian Planes and American Casualties

On that date, Mercury made a Retrograde Station instead of a Direct Station, but its alignment with the World Point definitely had a global impact – and Russian planes were involved.

On September 2, 1983, U.S. Representative Lawrence P. McDonald, a Democrat from Georgia with a reputation as the most conservative member of Congress at the time, was in a group of Americans who were among the 269 passengers and crew members aboard Korean Air Lines Flight 007, traveling from New York to Seoul, South Korea. That civilian airliner was shot down by a fighter plane from the U.S.S.R. near Sakhalin Island in the Sea of Japan.

There were no survivors.

Needless to say, this was a major international incident, instantly ratcheting up Cold War tensions to new heights.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan, calling the downing of the airliner “a horrifying act of violence,” cut short his California vacation and called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council in Washington.

Secretary of State George P. Schultz was visibly enraged when he responded to questions about the event at a news conference, declaring that “We can see no excuse for this appalling act.”

Accusations and counter-accusations started flying. It didn’t take long for all sorts of conspiracy theories to start surfacing – about former U.S. President Richard Nixon, about the CIA, and, of course, about Russian planes.

And it all happened when Mercury was stationary at 0° Libra.

So, with another Mercury station coming up at the same zodiac degree in just a few days, it makes sense to pay particular attention to global tensions now.

Especially since Russian planes are already in the news.