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Intel – A Promising Copycat?

The week-long Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas finished up over the weekend.

Even so, there’s some remaining buzz about the event’s keynote presentation by Brian Krzanich. He’s the CEO of chipmaker Intel Corporation (NASDAQ – INTC).

You can watch the full hour-long presentation by the Intel CEO HERE.

Inside The Intel Bag of Tricks

During his time in the limelight on the CES 2015 stage, Krzanich boasted that Intel will be a global leader in “The Next Consumer Technology Wave” during 2015. He promised big breakthroughs from the company in “Computing Unleashed,” “Intelligence Everywhere,” and “The Wearable Revolution”.

His presentation featured RealSense camera technology, coming advances in 3-D printing, robotics, and games with drones.

And there was the Nixie wearable flying camera.

And the Curie computing module, a multi-purpose device the size of a shirt button. Intel hopes it will be integrated into a variety of wearable applications by the end of this year.

Krzanich closed with a pledge. His company will commit $300 million to promoting workplace diversity by hiring and promoting more women and minorities.

Visionary Innovation or Wishful Thinking?

It was certainly entertaining. But it left many industry pundits shrugging their shoulders. Krzanich was mainly talking about improvements in existing technology instead of breakthrough innovations.

Even so, INTC stock was up 1.1% for the week, with Intel advancing while the broader market lost ground.

Intel Jupiter Apollon Chart
Intel stock has seen some significant upward price moves following fifteenth-harmonic alignments of Jupiter and Apollon. The most recent one was in October; the next one is coming up on January 29.

All this comes just before the company’s next earnings announcement on Thursday, January 15, which we’ll be watching closely to see how the market responds.

Intel Earnings Horoscope
Earnings Announcement times are always significant occasions for stock traders, since they focus attention on the underlying company’s performance and become a basis for forecasting future price movements in the stock. INTC has lagged the previous year’s performance in two of its five most recent quarters, but analysts are expecting positive news this week when the numbers come out for the closing quarter of 2014. Although some of the analysts may be overly optimistic, the astrology for Thursday’s announcement by Intel supports the notion of a positive report, with the transiting Mercury/Venus conjunction aligned with the INTC First-Trade Sun and the transiting Uranus/Pluto waxing square creating a powerful T-square pattern with the INTC First-Trade Mars.

2014 was a strong year overall for Intel. So even a positive report could be considered a disappointment, given the strange logic of Wall Street.

But the astrological factors at work seem favorable, both at the time of the earnings report and for some time afterwards.

So watch Intel. You can read more about the stock in the latest issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly.com newsletter.

INTC may be shaping up as a potential candidate for intermediate-term investment.

So check it out.

Even if the company’s push into “The Next Wave” is more copycat behavior than genuine creativity.

How Behind-the-Scenes Astrology Helped Monsanto Beat Earnings Estimates

Monsanto (MON) released its quarterly earnings report this morning, and it knocked the ball out of the park.

Monsanto’s fiscal Q2 earnings rose by an amazing 22%, decimating even the most optimistic earnings estimates from market analysts. The jump in earnings was driven largely by strength in Monsanto’s global corn and herbicide business as well as increasing demand for the company’s products from emerging markets.

But lurking behind the scenes was the so-called Monsanto Protection Act, a new law in the U.S. that gives the company extraordinary legal protection. While it didn’t directly impact the company’s Q2 earnings, it certainly plays into the longer-term profit picture for Monsanto, and it definitely helps boost the revision in the firm’s annual guidance, which has just been boosted by $10 a share.

The Monsanto Protection Act is especially interesting because of the astrological dynamics at work when the bill was signed into law.

You’ll find an article about it, including a horoscope chart showing the transits to the MON First-Trade chart when the bill was signed, at http://www.financialcyclesweekly.com/public/The-Monsanto-Protection-Act-Becomes-Law.cfm