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Cycle Trading Harmonies

It’s probably no surprise that I’ve had Cycle Trading on my mind a lot lately.

As a matter of fact, it’s been popping up no matter which way I turn!

Cycle Trading FCW 1508
Financial Cycles Weekly for February 22, 2015 highlights Cycle Trading.

The current week’s issue of the Financial Cycles Weekly newsletter features a cover story on the subject, complete with some W. D. Gann connections and notes on our latest research on the Mars Cycle Trading impact on the S&P 500, as illustrated with a monthly chart for that index.

While it’s always been clear to me that Gann’s work in Cycle Trading was extremely important, I’ve recently become more and more impressed with his innovative insights as I’ve personally explored the intricacies of cycle trading in greater detail.

That was one of the things that motivated my recent video on Gann Cycle Trading, in which I underscored the remarkable degree to which W. D. Gann’s observations a century ago still apply to the market conditions we are experiencing today.

The role of eclipse Saros cycles has come into focus for me lately as well, as I’ve explored the anticipated impact of the March total eclipse on cycle trading during the coming months as I’ve  prepared for the publication of the new book that I’m co-authoring with Jim Cummins, Global Game Change: Power and Profit at the Equinox Eclipse.

Cycle Trading Cash Mini-Course

And of course there’s the brand-new Cycle Trading Cash Mini-Course. We successfully launched this new project over the weekend, and presented a special webinar on “How You Can Profit from Cycle Trading in Any Market” as a part of the introduction. That kept me pretty busy, too.

But the main thing about the new mini-course is that it’s up and running now. If you’re interested in Cycle Trading at all, I’d encourage you to take a look at it.

You can enroll at any time you like and go through the lessons in a systematic fashion to complete the course in about three weeks. You can check it out at http://vibrationcode.com/ctc01.

Interestingly enough, you might think that having so many different cycle trading activities going on a once might feel a little overwhelming.

But that hasn’t been true for me.

Instead of feeling like I’m being pulled in lots of different directions at once, I’ve found that all the cycle trading activities that have been going on have actually started harmonizing with each other in some very profound ways.

If anything, it’s given me a deeper sense of clarity and confidence.

I know that may sound kind of mysterious.

But harmony is really what cycle trading (and actually any kind cycle study) is all about, isn’t it?

Cycle Trading Gets Big Results

Cycle trading really works.

During the past couple of weeks I’ve been studying our 2014 trading results for the Model Portfolio at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com.

It was a very impressive year.

Like any trading plan, our strategy included some losing trades as well as some winners.

But the average size of our winning trades was bigger than our losers.

As a result, the trading year was a very profitable one.

In fact, we outperformed the Dow Industrials.

We also beat the S&P 500 Index.

We have our specialized strategy of short-term cycle trading to thank for that!

In our case, of course, cycle trading includes planetary dynamics.

We gain a lot by adding the astro-trading advantage to a solid cycle trading approach.

It lets us refine our timing.

We can enter trades more precisely.

And we can exit them more profitably.

And this kind of performance we saw in 2014 wasn’t an anomaly.

Cycle Trading Model Portfolio Results
Combining astro-trading techniques with short-term cycle trading gets consistently profitable results.

We’ve been beating the averages year after year after year.

Cycle Trading Bragging Rights

To highlight our success, I just put together a quick video. It reviews what went on in the Model Portfolio during the past year.

This video is a chance to brag about our great cycle trading results, of course.

But it’s meant to do more than that.

I’ve been in this business a lot of years, but I think I’ve just understood something.

When it comes to cycle trading, most people just don’t get it.

They expect market cycles to pinpoint exact market actions. Then they get disappointed when the markets don’t move precisely as they expected.

They convince themselves that cycles don’t really work at all.

A Demonstration of Cycle Trading Results

I hope the video will help put that misconception to rest.

I want to clear up some of the confusion. That’s one of the reasons I made the video in the first place.

It’s also the reason I’m working on a new mini-course. It will be available soon.

The focus for the new mini-course will be on successful cycle trading.

If you’re new to cycle trading, it will help you get up to speed really, really fast.

And if you’re a cycle trading veteran, it will boost your skills for more profitable results.

What Do You Want To Know About Cycle Trading?

As we finish up the work on this new mini-course, I’d appreciate your suggestions.

I don’t want to leave out anything important as I push to give you information fast.

That’s where you come in.

If you’ve got about four minutes, please share your ideas about what you’d like to see in the course.

Go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FLYKZP7