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Astro-Trading Symposium Coming Soon

The big Heart of the Lion Astro-Trading Symposium is just days away.

I’m excited, of course, and maybe just a little bit frantic – there are plenty of last-minute details to take care of.

We’ve got people coming from several continents coming.

They’ll be sharing their ideas, insights and experience in astro-trading – I’m really expecting this to be a breakthrough event in a lot of ways!

We’ve got lots of wonderful speakers lined up, too. Jim Cummins will be joining us, along with Doug Capehart, David Beazley, and Orest Taraban. And Michael Lee is flying in from Sydney, Australia just to be a part of this exciting event.

If you won’t be coming to Florida on September 26 and 27 to join us, you’ll certainly be missed.

And the fact is, this astro-trading symposium has some historical significance, too. It’ designed to be the first, but it certainl

We are, however, planning to videotape the entire event – I’ll be keeping you posted later about the availability of the recordings.