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Solar Eclipse Webinar Replay

We had a great crowd for our pre-eclipse webinar last night.

We got together online for a review of the basic astrological strategies that can be used to forecast the impact of a solar eclipse in mundane astrology, and to share some comments about today’s big solar eclipse as well.

Tips, Gifts & Solar Eclipse Esoterica

The session included some practical tips for active astro-traders, a little bit of esoteric knowledge, and some extra gifts for webinar participants.

The whole event took less than an hour, but we covered a lot of territory, and there plenty of positive feedback from the participants.

But I also got a bunch of emails last night from people who had missed the webinar, but still wanted to know about the potential impact of the solar eclipse on the markets.

That’s why I’m really glad that we got a good recording of last night’s webinar. It’s all been processed, and you watch the session in its entirety here:

As you watch the video, you’ll want to have pen and paper handy. We packed a lot of information into this session, and much of it will be useful to you in working with eclipses coming up in the future, in addition to the one that’s happening today.

Which reminds me. One of the tools that we shared during the webinar was a special Solar Eclipse List, featuring details about all the solar eclipses from 2015 through 2025. It’s a handy pdf cheat sheet that can speed up longer-term solar eclipse forecasting for astro-traders – you can download a free copy by CLICKING HERE.

Webinar Discounts

We also provided some special discounts for webinar participants, not only on our newly-published report Claiming New Territory: Shifting Dynamics at the Solar Eclipse of September 2015, but also on the classic (and massive) Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection e-book.

The new report just came out a few days ago, and the Solar Eclipse Secrets Collection compiles previous reports on seven solar eclipses.

Both of these publications are available from Harmonic Research Associates – and even if you’re just watching the video replay of the webinar instead of participating live, you can still take advantage of the discounts on these important publications by CLICKING HERE.

Watch The Markets

Be sure to keep an eye on any market you’re trading to take advantage of the solar eclipse effects. Remember that this solar eclipse will not only impact things on a short-term basis; it will also have residual effects that last for many months to come. You’ll find all the specific solar eclipse activation dates through the middle of 2016 listed in Claiming New Territory: Shifting Dynamics at the Solar Eclipse of September 2015.