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The Greek Vote, Goldman Sachs, and a Solar Eclipse

The results from the Greek vote on compliance with the austerity demands of its Eurozone neighbors are in.

The referendum tally may have come as no surprise, but the outcome of the Greek vote was a resounding NO!

It wasn’t even close.

With 60% of those who went to the polls in the Greek vote thumbing their noses at the European Community’s efforts to negotiate a bailout deal and a loan extension, there’s been a lot of confusion and consternation in the halls of the European Central Bank and in markets across the globe.

The Aftermath of the Greek Vote

What happens next?

Nobody knows for sure. But at least we can say that we saw it coming.

Six years ago, in fact.

After all, it was the solar eclipse on July 22, 2009 that triggered much of the financial stress that the referendum this Sunday gave voice to as the Greek vote was heard around the world.

That eclipse conjoined the Sun in the national horoscope for Greece. In that chart the Sun is not only emblematic of the nation itself and its leadership; it also rules the second house of finances, compounding the problem enormously.

I reviewed some of those details – and the role that Goldman Sachs played in creating the whole mess in the Greek economy in the first place – in a special 5-minute video I posted on YouTube early in 2010. It’s worth looking at right now:

As you can see from the video, things weren’t particularly rosy in Greece at the time. There was little inkling then, however, of just how much worse conditions could become in the ensuing years.

What’s interesting now is how little attention is being paid to the origins of the current crisis with the solar eclipse in July, 2009.

For that matter, nobody seems to be saying much right now about the role of Goldman Sachs, either. It deserves a closer look as discussions continue about the future role of Greece and the emerging face of the euro.


Canada Hit By Solar Eclipse

The news came in from Ottawa early this afternoon.


The Canadian parliament was in lock-down. A Canadian soldier was dead, and there had been lots of gunfire in the halls of government as the political leadership was meeting in caucus sessions just before 10:00 a.m.

It was just two days after a self-anointed jihadist had mowed down two Canadian soldiers with his car, and had killed by police after a high-speed chase.

But were today’s shootings related to that event?

Was this a declaration of war, a reprisal for Canada’s support of the U.S.-led offensive against the Islamic State,  a full-scale terrorist attack by ISIL, or a classic “lone gunman” scenario?

Or was it a false flag operation, designed to drum up anti-Islamic hysteria?

For hours the news was muddled, the reports unclear. Officials said the threat was gone, but Canadian police were still swarming through the streets with weapons drawn, ordering citizens to take cover well into the afternoon.

So what was going on?

The solar eclipse in Scorpio was making its influence felt, more than 24 hours before the solar eclipse event itself.

This is the big event that is detailed in the new book on “The Solar Eclipse of October 2014: Its Impact on the Markets” – it’s coming up tomorrow, on Thursday, October 23.

It’s a partial solar eclipse that will visible throughout North America, and its path of highest impact runs close to Ottawa:


And because the effects of solar eclipses are often evident prior to the actual solar eclipse itself, and with this solar eclipse path hitting Canada, it made a lot of sense to get the news from Ottawa today.

It was enough to send me into my chart files, to take a look at the horoscope for Canada:


This  presentation of the Canada horoscope on the 90-degree dial has the red-arrow pointer at the position of the solar eclipse. It activates the Neptune/Pluto midpoint in the Canadian chart, indicating powerful changes whose true significance is only recognized in the future. So it may take a while before we really know what was going on today.

Even more noteworthy is the solar eclipse activation of the Mars/Kronos midpoint in the Canadian horoscope. This symbolizes the power of the State, especially as it’s expressed through police and military action. It also suggests, of course, acts of violence against people in power or in high governmental roles.

As is so often the case, the astrology of events does a much better job of describing the day’s events than the explanations offered by the news media….

Solar Eclipse Trading Webinar

We had a capacity crowd at last night’s webinar on “How To Trade with Eclipses” – the event ran for about an hour and 20 minutes, but just about everyone stayed until the end, and I got some great questions emailed to me afterwards.

I’ve also gotten a lot of requests for access to the replay recording of the session, but the website with that video has been behaving quite strangely this morning (I guess we can blame that on the fact that we still have Mercury retrograde in play).

So, because the big solar eclipse is coming up tomorrow, and since I don’t know how long the main website will be down, I thought I’d get the replay posted here as well:

What’s This Lunar Eclipse All About?

Saturday’s lunar eclipse looks like it’s going to be serious business.

All lunar eclipses come at Full Moons, so we can certainly expect an extra dose of Full Moon energy.

But thanks to some extra planetary alignments that get plugged into the eclipse matrix, this cosmic event is likely to bring an extra powerful punch.

That’s why I’ve decided to do a special webinar on Saturday, the day of the eclipse.

We’ll start this special online session at 5:00 p.m. EDT that day.

There won’t be any charge for event, but since the numbers of lines that can connect is strictly limited by our webinar service, you will need to register ahead of time if you’d like to attend.

To register go to :


If you’re interested in what this lunar eclipse is all about and what it can mean for the action in the markets, you’ll definitely want to participate in this free event!

Profitable Eclipse Trading with a NASDAQ Stock

One of the stocks featured in last year’s special report on “The Solar Eclipse of November 2012: Its Impact on the Markets” was Charels & Colvard Ltd. (NASDAQ – CTHR).

CTHR was identified as a potential trading candidate because of the alignment the solar eclipse made with the company’s first-trade horoscope. The firm is a jewelry manufacturer and distributor based in North Carolina, and even though it’s not a heavily-traded issue it provided a great opportunity for astro-traders seeking short-term profits with minimal risk.

I’ve just been looking at the record of the trade in this stock that got underway after the eclipse in November, along with the other stocks covered in the November report. The results are pretty impressive!

You can get a review of how this trade was structured, including the use of stop-loss levels in the trade as it progressed in a new video I’ve just posted on YouTube. Take a look at:


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