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Tulip Bulbs and Poseidon Power

“It doesn’t seem like tulip bubs to me.”

The mania over tulip bulbs is nothing like the powerful trading power of bitcoin.

That was Larry Pesavento’s comment on Wednesday.

The date was special because of the retrograde station by Poseidon.

He and I had gotten together on his Trade What You See program on the Tiger Financial News Network.

TFNN caters to traders who are interested in cutting-edge techniques and perspective for enhancing their performance in the markets.

An Astro-Trading Forum

Larry’s show is noteworthy, not just because he has such vast experience in trading and in training traders, but also because he’s so appreciative of the unique advantages that astro-trading techniques can bring to the market environment.

That’s why it’s always a joy when I get to join him on the air.

We get to talk trading. And we get to talk about astrology.

But tulip bulbs?

The Tulip Bulb Story

Larry was referring, of course, to the historical tulip bulb mania of 1637.

It was a wild market ride as the price of the prized plants went up and up and up.

tulip bulb mania in the 1600s
The wild run-up in tulip bulbs in 1637 became the model of mmarket mania.

The parabolic price trend was uninterrupted – until it crashed.

That, Larry noted, is not what’s going on with bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency has seen its share of ups and downs.

It’s had big advances, fallen back down to earth, and then rallied one again.

Along the way, it has climbed to higher prices, and gained a lot of attention from big players, including Elon Musk.

In other words, it’s a market that’s  rapidly maturing.

I totally  agree.

And there are astrological factors at work right now that indicate that the price of bitcoin is likely to go much, much higher.

Including the impact of the current Poseidon station.

You can check out our entire conversation – complete with Poseidon impacts on multiple markets – in the video from Larry’s show:


Gamestop Snags Short Sellers

It’s all about GameStop.

The word is out.

It’s only been a few days, but by now the story is already taking on legendary proportions.

While being cheered on by Elon Musk, a big group of young retail traders gathered on the “wallstreetbets” Reddit forum.

There they shared their enthusiasm to drive up the stock price of the nearly-defunct video game retailer GameStop (NYSE-GME).

A Short Squeeze On GameStop

The net result was that they began putting a major squeeze on big short-selling hedge funds like Melvin Capital. In pacing major bets that the price of GameStop would keep going lower, Melvin Capital literally exposed itself to an infinite amount of risk.

That firm was nearly bankrupted as skyrocketing prices forced it to cover its short positions. As the GameStop enthusiasts kept bidding up the price, the only way out was to take a huge loss.

GameStop Trading Chart

And that’s exactly what happened.

The short-covering brought Melvin Capital a loss of roughly $3 billion. But the damage didn’t stop there.

Along the way, the trendy fractional-share online brokerage Robinhood also took a beating, as it hurried to raise $1.5 billion overnight in an effort to stay afloat.

The Reddit crowd rejoiced as the price of GameStop went higher and higher. The little guys found new strength in numbers.

GameStop Transits

The astrology surrounding the trading action shows that GME was particularly ripe for its role in the mayhem.

Transiting Jupiter (A) conjoined the GameStop First-Trade Neptune in a classic signature of wild speculation.

At the same time transiting Uranus (B), still at the position of its recent station, formed a powerful “finger of fate” yod pattern with First-Trade Cupido and Zeus [an irresistibly forceful community] and an opposition to First-Trade Poseidon [explosive new ideas suddenly coming to light].

Even if they weren’t aware of the astrological background, the Reddit crowd certainly had great timing!