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When Will Mercury Retrograde End?

It’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot : “When will Mercury retrograde end?”

Yes, lots of people are aware of Mercury retrograde periods.

Not just astrologers.

Even folks who don’t seem to know much more than their horoscope Sun signs want to know when will Mercury retrograde end.

And I don’t blame them.

After all, this has been one of the most intense – and most challenging – Mercury retrograde periods I’ve ever experienced.

And I’ve been through a few of them – 214 at last count.

In this case, Mercury went retrograde on Halloween, October 31.

Since then I’ve been through the usual madness.

Miscommunications and cancelled appointments.

Inconvenient travel schedules, strange Uber mix-ups, and insane airport delays.

The Big Mercury Retrograde Event

But the biggest bit of Mercury retrograde craziness came just a couple of days before the transit of Mercury at the inferior conjunction.

It’s what has made this particular Mercury retrograde cycle stand out for me.

I discovered it when I checked my email.

There wasn’t any in my inbox.

In fact, there hadn’t been any for six or seven hours.

That’s unusual for me.

But since I was staying in a hotel at the time, I figured maybe it was a temporary glitch.

I left my hotel room to go to an appointment, and then came back several hours later.

Still no email.

In fact, I soon discovered that the site that hosts my email was down.

I decided to submit a trouble ticket to the hosting company.

That’s when I discovered the full extent of the problem.

Much Bigger Than I Realized

I couldn’t access the hosting company.

As it turned out, nine of my web sites were down completely.

A little more digging soon revealed that the hosting company, SmarterASP.net, had been hacked earlier that day.

It was a ransomware attack. It has encrypted all the sites and databases for roughly 440,000 hosting customers around the world.

So I wan’t alone. Not that that was any consolation.

The industry professionals who reported the ransomware attack estimated that the sheer size of the mess meant it would take awhile to get cleaned up.

Like three weeks to a month.

Needless to say, that didn’t make me very happy.

As it turned out, however, the hosting company was able to get everything back up and running in about 72 hours.

A big relief.

But still, an over-sized  (and very memorable) Mercury retrograde mishap.

That’s why I’m particularly glad to see this Mercury retrograde period getting ready to come to an end.

When Will Mercury Retrograde End? On November 20!

Yep, we’re just about done with this one.

On Wednesday, November 20, Mercury will be making its direct station.

When Will Mercury Retrograde End
The Mercury Retrograde period will come to an end with the direct station on November 20, 2019.

Remember, though, that sometimes the direct station is a particularly challenging time.

And Mercury will still be in its shadow phase until the retrograde return.

That won’t happen until December 7.

So even though this particularly horrendous Mercury retrograde adventure is almost over, we still have a few more weeks to deal with its after-effects.

I think I can handle that.

How To Get Past the Stress of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is retrograde now.

The planet of communication, commerce, and transportation started its backward motion yesterday, and it will continue its apparent retrograde course through March17th.

Mercury Retrograde is a challenging time, to say the least. We can expect things to go wrong at a lot of levels.

There are computer problems to deal with. Web sites stop working properly, and emails vanish mysteriously into the ether of cyberspace.

Telephone calls don’t get returned. Cars break down, airline flights are cancelled, and hotel reservations get scrambled. Even our one-on-one communications with colleagues and loved ones can suffer, and we may find ourselves sharing hard feelings or getting into arguments or misunderstandings that add to our stress enormously.

It can be a real nuisance!

But in the 46 years that I’ve een working with astrology, I’ve learned that Mercury retrograde periods aren’t all bad. In fact there are some specific strategies you can use when Mercury is retrograde to add clarity and confidence to your life.

These strategies are rooted in the unique characteristics of Mercury retrograde periods. They’re based on the notion that when you work with the flow of cosmic energies in an informed and intelligent way, instead of fighting against the current, you get better results.

That’s why I’ve decided to do something special with this Mercury Retrograde.

I’m going to be sharing these high-octane Mercury Retrograde strategies in a series of blog posts during the coming weeks, so you can be more knowledgeable and resourceful in dealing with the unique opportunities that are available for you now.

Check in with me here every 2 or 3 days, and you’ll get all the details on what these Mercury Retrograde strategies are and how you put them to work for you.

Better yet, subscribe to this blog right now. If you do, you’ll get immediate notification each time I’ve posted a new Mercury Retrograde strategy for you to use.

I know you’ll find them helpful, and I also think you’ll have a lot of fun applying them for yourself!