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Courage Required At This Solar Eclipse


That’s what’s needed now, perhaps more than anything else.

Courage at a personal level and in our social interactions.

But not just courage in the sense of “sticking up for myself” in the face of opposition.

If we add some clarity to our courage, it gets better. We are likely to discover that the essence of being courageous right now lies in “sticking up for US” instead.

It’s not about defending ego-driven beliefs.

It’s not about “us versus them.” It’s “us plus us.”

The Courage To Stick Up For Us

Sticking up for us is about recognizing we’re all in this together.

It doesn’t matter what our differences seem to be.

They may be social or economic.

Cultural, religious or racial.

We’re here to help each other out, in whatever way we can.

Doing that takes real courageousness.

it’s courage in the literal sense – an opening of the heart.

It’s a willingness to trust ourselves, and to trust each other.

A Time of Turmoil

Courage is especially important now.

Right now we’re in the midst of a time of turmoil.

There’s increasing emphasis being placed on what separates us.

The focus is on what pulls us apart and turns us into enemies.

Social media, political pundits and the popular press are selling fear.

They know that seeing your neighbors as a threat can make you do irrational things.

Crazy stuff like supporting questionable political candidates. Or buying stuff you don’t really want or need.

The fact is, we’re all susceptible to that kind of demagoguery.

Unless, of course, we choose to respond to fear with love.

With opening our hearts. With embracing our need to courageous enough to stick up for us.

Courage At A Solar Eclipse

The big solar eclipse coming up on February 26 is likely to add fuel to the fire.

It’s likely to add extra tension and extra stress to an already chaotic time.

But if we’re prepared for the eclipse, if we’re prepared with courage and clarity, it can offer us an opportunity for life-changing positive transformation.

Courage Clarity Time Turmoil E-Book
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Jim Cramer – Obnoxious Idiot?

I got an email yesterday morning from Norman Winski.

I’ve known Norman for a long time.

He’s been involved in astro-trading and astrological analysis for many years now.

He’s looked at market trends, with a special eye towards commodities, and has published a monthly astro-trading newsletter with amazing consistency.

I’m always curious about what he has to say about the current market climate.

But yesterday Norman Winski was contacting me because he had just read the latest issue of FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter, issue #1449.

The front-page article was about the latest challenges faced by CNBC TV host Jim Cramer and the miserable market performance of the company that Jim Cramer co-founded, TheStreet Inc.

Jim Cramer
Jim Cramer

It was my mentioning Jim Cramer that caught Norman Winski’s attention.

“It is my opinion,” Norman said, “that most of the traders I know think Jim Cramer is an obnoxious idiot and change the channel as soon as he comes on.”

As usual, Norman is great at expressing a strong opinion.

But I’m not sure he really got the point I was trying to make about Jim Cramer in my newsletter article.

Is Jim Cramer Really An Obnoxious Idiot?

Sure, Jim Cramer can be pretty obnoxious.

You might even say that he’s taken being obnoxious to the level of an art form.

That abrasive persona he cultivates on his “Mad Money” program  helps make him such a polarizing figure.

It’s also what give him enormous audience appeal. In my FinancialCyclesWeekly.com newsletter article I mentioned his over-the-top behavior as one key to his being such a consummate entertainer.


Notice that I said “Entertainer” and not “Market Guru”!

And as I mentioned in my newsletter article, it’s that incredible skill as an entertainer – and not his ability as a market prognosticator – that makes it important for us to keep up with what Jim Cramer is doing.

He often moves public opinion about the markets. That’s true whether or not individuals choose to follow his investment advice.

And because he’s so emotional in his presentations, he embodies one of the most important dynamics of the markets. The old adage is that markets are driven by fear and greed.

Jim Cramer adds an element of hysteria. That alone makes the markets easier to understand, at least for some people.

And the fact is, just because he acts like an idiot on-camera, it doesn’t mean he’s actually an idiot.

That’s not necessarily the conclusion you might reach if you consider his background. Like his Harvard Law degree, his writing, or his skills as an analyst.

Trouble On TheStreet

The real focus of my article in the newsletter, however, wasn’t Jim Cramer’s apparent idiocy or even his entertainment value.

The big story about Jim Cramer now is the criticism he’s been getting.

It’s coming from J. Carlo Cannell, the investor who owns about 9 percent of TheStreet, Inc. (NASDAQ – TST). That’s the company that Jim Cramer co-founded with Martine Peretz, editor of The New Republic.

Cannell is unhappy with the stock’s performance, and rightfully so.

TST stock is down about 96% from its high in 1999.

But what J. Carlo Cannell may not be taking into account is the astrology that’s been working behind the scenes on Jim Cramer’s natal horoscope.

Jim Cramer Saturn Return
Jim Cramer has just completed his second Saturn Return. This chart shows the final alignment on October 4, 2014. The first two passages in the series came earlier in the year, on January 6 and April 28.

Jim Cramer just completed his second Saturn Return. This means that 2014 is a watershed year for him personally. It gives him an opportunity to create new structures in his life and in his business dealings.

It’s a time when Jim Cramer may feel a lot of stress. But it can also be a time when he lays the foundation for some very big, very profitable changes, with or without the approval of J. Carlo Cannell.