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If You’re Early To Rise You Can See The Show

As an astrologer, I spend a lot of time looking at horoscope charts and staring at a computer screen. But it really helps keep things in perspective when I have a chance to sit out on my balcony, watching the weather, checking out the action in the river below me, and above all getting a glimpse of the planets I’m studying as they appear in the sky at night!

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter have been making a nice alignment in the pre-dawn eastern sky for the past couple of days, and you can get a glimpse of this spectacular trio if you’re up early enough on Monday morning and if your local weather cooperates.

Here’s what the scene looked like early Sunday morning in Germany:

Mercury, Mars & Jupiter at Dawn
This photo, taken at dawn on August 4 by Heiko Ulbricht in Freital, Saxony, Germany, shows the relative positions of the three planets as the Sun was just reddening the eastern sky.

On Monday morning, August 5, the Moon will pass Mercury in deep-red twilight. You’ll probably want to have some binoculars handy, which might be required for for you to spot the Mercury passage. But be sure not to point the binoculars directly at the rising Sun!

If you’re looking for extra motivation to get out of bed early on a Monday, this is it! Set your alarm for dawn and enjoy the show!

A View From Greece

A lot of people have been checking out the video I linked to here on the banking crisis in Cyprus and its impacts on global finance, along with the astrological perspectives on the situation. You can see it for yourself at http://marketastrologer.realbusinessresults.com/?p=726.

One of the strongest comments has come from Dionisis Panagopoulos in Greece, who wrote to say that “The only solution for European union is Germany out of Euro and devaluation of euro currency 50% down.

“Otherwise,” he said, “the fascism is coming.

“Greece was yesterday – Cyprus today. Who is next?

“Germany is the problem for EU. Not the other nations.

“FRANCE – ITALY – SPAIN YOU HAVE THE POWER . YOU ARE ALMOST 300,000,000 PEOPLE. How your factory will begin again producing? Only after devaluation of euro and only if Germany has got other currency in order to buy yours product. Not euro.”

While Angela Merkel isn’t likely to agree with Dionisis, his comment certainly underscores the big potential impact of the events in Cyprus. Remember that the astrological picture that lies ahead doesn’t look particularly promising.

Remember, too, that astrological indicators have given us advance warning all along about the emerging European crisis. In fact, it’s been more than three years since I posted this video about how the deteriorating financial circumstances in Greece had been triggered by a solar eclipse in 2009: