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Warren Buffett Does Make Mistakes

That’s right – even Warren Buffett sometimes makes mistakes.

At least that’s the opinion of some contributing writers with USA TODAY, who wrote recently about the stocks that Warren Buffett currently holds in the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

They each picked one stock they advised against buying.

Warren Buffett’s Terrible Timing

And of course Warren Buffett does in fact make mistakes from time to time. Especially, as he confesses, in his market timing.

Warren Buffett

“I have been dead wrong,” he admitted in his 2008 letter to shareholders. “Even if prices should rise, moreover, the terrible timing of my purchase has cost Berkshire several billion dollars.”

Here’s what USA Today had to say about Warren Buffett in its recent article:

“Super-investor Warren Buffett has made plenty of investing mistakes. He’s also never been shy about talking about them; to the contrary, his must-read annual letter to shareholders will often spend more time pointing out his flubs than crowing about his successes. And since even the Oracle isn’t infallible, we asked three of our contributors to name a stock that’s in the Berkshire Hathaway Inc portfolio today that investors might not want to buy.”

The article goes on to quote Dan Caplinger, who questions the wisdom of buying Wal-Mart (NYSE-WMT). Caplinger points out that “Even with efforts to bulk up its online e-commerce abilities, Wal-Mart faces pressure from rivals that have no legacy store footprint to manage.”

For Brian Feroldi, Warren Buffett’s big mistake is American Express (NYSE-AXP). Feroldi notes that “the company’s brand name no longer commands the premium market position that it once did and intense competitive pressure is causing the company’s longtime customers to defect.”

And even though Warren Buffett has long been widely known as a huge fan of Coca-Cola, both the product and the stock (NYSE-KO), that’s exactly what Jason Hall calls into question. Hall reminds us that “consumer tastes are changing. Not only are the company’s flagship Coke and Diet Coke products losing popularity, but the entire segment is in decline, with volumes having fallen yearly for most of the past decade.”

You can connect with the entire USA Today article at: http://usat.ly/1pgK4tR.

But What’s Warren Buffett Doing Right?

While the writers cited in the USA Today article may have a point about the long-term viability of these Warren Buffett investments going forward, there’s no question about their success in the past.

Warren Buffett has had a spectacular track record in long-term investing, in spite of his mistakes along the way.

There’s a good lesson to be drawn from his performance.

Whether you’re a long-term investor like Buffett, or are looking for big short-term returns from the markets like our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com, it’s important to remember that not every trade will be successful.

Even if you make mistakes and take some losses, you can come out ahead in the long run.

Profit From Warren’s Buffett’s Secrets

It’s also worth studying the strategies behind Warren Buffett’s stock picks, especially the astrological factors that go into his investments.

Warren Buffett Stock Picks

That’s the subject of my e-book What The Government Won’t Tell You About Warren Buffett’s Top 10 Stock Picks. It provides an in-depth analysis that can give you some solid perspectives for your own personal stock market strategies.

You may find it worth re-reading now, especially in the light of some the criticism Buffett has been getting.

If you don’t already have a copy, you can get one as an instant download from Harmonic Research Associates.

Columbus Day and W. D. Gann

Columbus Day has become a neglected holiday.

That’s not entirely due to the fact that the first European to reach America was actually Lief Ericson, and not Christopher Columbus.

Columbus Day Isn’t Ericson Day

Maybe Ericson just needed a better press agent. But even with weak publicity Columbus Day gained wide acceptance and, at least in some cases, a unique status among American institutions.

But now Columbus Day is starting to fade. In some circles it’s seen as an insult to Native Americans, and Columbus himself is condemned for promoting racism, genocide, and the oppression of indigenous peoples.

The observance does, of course, provide an excuse for closing banks and government offices, and a three-day weekend is always a welcome event.

Columbus Day parades are still occasions for Italian-American pride, but attendance at those events isn’t quite what it used to be.

And then there are the Columbus Day Weekend sales. You’ll see them in some retail stores and at some online establishments as well, including my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates, where you can save 50 percent on DVDs and DVD sets on astro-trading. (You can CLICK HERE to access the sale information – the discount requires Coupon Code COLUMBUS, which is valid through midnight on Tuesday.)

(While I’m at it, one other confession is in order here – I’ve personally succumbed to the “Columbus Day Sale” mentality and authorized a special gift for new Gold-Plus Elite subscribers at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com. That offer is good – you guessed it – through the end of the day on Columbus Day, October 12.)

You can find the details on the bonus gift – and a description of the benefits of Gold-Plus Elite membership – at https://cleostbc.leadpages.co/fcwbenefits1/.

Beyond Columbus Day Commercialism

But crass commercialism aside, Columbus Day is still worth our attention.

We have none other W. D. Gann setting the precedent.

W. D. Gann
Columbus Day was significant to W. D. Gann in his astrological analysis of market phenomena and geopolitical trends.

Gann was a pioneer in astro-trading, and his writings deserve intense study by all who want to master the astro-trading advantage. Although he rarely discussed astrology in public, his writings make it abundantly clear that he was not only knowledgeable about astrology, but also specifically relied upon it as a tool in producing his amazingly accurate market forecasts.

In his book The Tunnel Thru The Air, which is a strange allegorical tale teaching the basics of astrological market analysis, Gann writes that his main character Robert Gordon “had proved by study and comparing past cycles that a time or a seaon referred to in the Bible meant 360 days, 360 years, or 360 degrees;– a measure known and used by the astrologers in olden times and still understood and used by modern astrologers for measuring time. He knew that half a time meant 180 degrees, 180 days or years, because Ezekial had said that the Lord had appointed a day for a year. He figured that America began with the discovery by Columbus in 1492” and used that date for cycle calculations of current events. [The Tunnel Thru The Air, pp. 370-371]

An Unconventional Birthday

Aside from the harmonic connections and W. D. Gann’s clarity about the importance of progressions and directions, what’s remarkable about this passage is his assertion that “America began with the discovery by Columbus in 1492.”

While the October 12, 1492 date for Columbus’ sighting of land after his sea voyage was certainly well-known and widely accepted, in Gann’s time (and even today) it wasn’t commonly used by astrologers as the birthday of America.

Ebenezer Sibly
Ebenezer Sibly, the noted British astrologer.

In fact, the most frequently-used horoscope for America appeared in Ebenezer Sibly’s 1817 book, The Science of Astrology, which gained a strong following in spite of the fact that Sibly was writing in Great Britain, and thus viewing events in America from a distinctly English perspective.

Even so, Sibly’s book was particularly noteworthy because it featured an engraving showing the archangel Gabriel coming down from Heaven to present George Washington with the divinely-ordained chart for July 4, 1776.

It’s truly a remarkable illustration, not just because of its historical context and its presentation by someone who was alive at the time of the American Revolution, but also because of the distinct biases that Sibly’s horoscope for America itself reveals.

Washington is shown waiting for the important horoscope to arrive from its heavenly source, but the chart is set for London time, and not for local time in America.

Sibly USA Horoscope
The archangel Gabriel arrives to present the official U.S.A. birth chart to George Washington.

Not that Sibly’s horoscope for America has been universally accepted.

Astrologers love to quibble over timing minutia, and ever since the publication of Sibly’s book there have been endless arguments in the astrological community about the best rising sign for America’s birth chart, and even about the correct date to use for the Declaration of Independence.

But W. D. Gann was an independent and innovative thinker.

It wasn’t that he ignored the American Revolution and its associated horoscopes in his work. But he was quite clear about the importance of the horoscope for Columbus bumping into America on his way to India.

It became one of the keys to his market forecasts – and W. D. Gann’s precedent is certainly something for us to think about on Columbus Day.

Solar Eclipse Insights You Need

We’ve got an important solar eclipse coming up on September 13. So we’re definitely going to be looking for an impact in the markets.

A Powerful Solar Eclipse

This is a partial solar eclipse.

But it’s still going to be pretty powerful.

It’s a part of Saros Series 125. The first solar eclipse in that long sequence took place back in the year 1060.

And in fact there are some pretty amazing connections from 1060 to the circumstances we’re confronting today around the time of this latest eclipse.

The eclipse on September 13 also has a big impact on Donald Trump’s natal horoscope.

While the Trump connection may be entertaining (and maybe even politically important, too), it’s really the potential impact that the eclipse brings to the markets that’s most important to us as astro-traders.

A Detailed Study

That’s why I’ve put a couple of months into researching the eclipse effects on major markets around the globe. I’ve also looked at precious metals, currencies, vital commodities, and key organizations that can impact the world economy.

I’ve also reviewed the lunar returns to the solar eclipse horoscope, studied upcoming eclipse activation points, and identified special trading situations based on the anticipated effects of the solar eclipse.

I also turned to mundane astrologer Jim Cummins, to get his unique insights into the potential eclipse effects in the geopolitical realm. While I may not always agree with his politics, Jim’s observations are always work reading.

The result is a 128-page e-book which has just been released by Harmonic Research Associates.

solar eclipse e-book cover
The new e-book Claiming New Territory: Shifting Dynamics at the Solar Eclipse of September 2015

It’s called Claiming New Territory: Shifting Dynamics at the Solar Eclipse of September 2015.

You’ll definitely want to grab a copy – it’s not only relevant as we get ready for the eclipse this weekend; it also has plenty of specific eclipse trading information you’ll be profiting from for months to come!

It’s W. D. Gann’s Birthday….


I forgot to get a birthday cake.

As it turns out, today is W. D. Gann’s birthday, and by all rights I should be celebrating.

After all, Gann was one of the true pioneers in developing the art and science of profitable stock market trading with astrology, even though he lived in a time and place where it wasn’t always comfortable or socially acceptable for him to mention astrology at all.

He was born on June 6, 1878 in Lufkin, Texas, which would have made him 136 years old today.

He died in 1955, but his work is still a constant source of inspiration today.

So I shouldn’t have forgotten his birthday!

But at least crass commercialism came to the rescue.

First I got an email from Lambert-Gann Publishing, letting me know that in honor of Gann’s birthday they’re publishing a facsimile edition of the missing pages from his 1941 commodities book, with the 190-page paperback available for jut $241.

Then I was reminded of the fact by my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates. Here’s an excerptfrom an email I got from them earlier today, announcing their W. D. Gann Birthday Sale:

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“Happy Birthday, Mr. Gann!

“Your Friends at Harmonic Research Associates

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Hmmm… I’m not sure if W. D. Gann would feel honored or offended by a sale in honor of his birthday.

But since a number of the astro-trading items that I’ve written are included in the event, I thought you might like to know about it.

Bungled Bargains with Mercury Retrograde

Hmmm…I just got this email from my publishing company, Harmonic Research Associates. It looks like Mercury retrograde is working overtime, so nobody knows about their Presidents Day Sale today.


But the good news is that I’ve been getting great feedback on my new DVD program on ASTRO-TRADING INNOVATIONS, and Harmonic Research Associates has an extra discount on it during their special sale event.


Anyway, I thought I’d pass this along, so you could take a look for yourself. Here’s what the email said:




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The Stock Market & The Retrograde Parade

Later today I’ll be joining Michael Yorba as a featured guest on his Traders Network radio show. We’ll be talking then about the current sequence of planetary cycle phases I’m calling “the retrograde parade.”

Right now we’re about one-third of the way through a six-month period in which we’ve got three fast-moving planets going through retrograde periods in a rapid-fire sequence– Venus was retrograde from December 21 through January 31; Mercury has been retrograde since February 6 and will stay that way through the end of the month on February 28; and then Mars will be retrograde between March 1 and May 19.

This series creates a lot of extra challenges for us as traders if we hope to add the advantage of planetary cycles and astrological insights to our activity in the markets. But retrograde periods can also be helpful, especially if we know what to expect when they happen!

Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, June 2013-March 2014As this chart of recent price history for the S&P 500 illustrates, the main impact of most retrograde periods is to create a short-term counter-trend in the market action.

The index had been in decline for about five weeks when Mercury went retrograde on June 26, 2013, triggering a rally that broke through previous resistance and lasted until Mercury’s direct station on July 30.

The S&P had been in a two-week rally with solid momentum when Mercury went retrograde on October 24, 2013, sending the index into a three-week period of trading congestion that continued until the rally resumed just after Mercury’s direct station on November 19.

The market didn’t stop its year-end rally when Venus went retrograde on December 21, 2013, but the top on December 31 ushered in a period of trading congestion that lead into the sell-off which produced the dramatic sell-off we saw in January, with the selling pressure continuing until just after Venus resumed direct motion on January 31.

Most recently, we’ve had Mercury begin another of its retrograde phases, with the retrograde station on February 6. Since that time, the S&P has rebounded sharply, erasing most of January’s losses.

If you’d like more information on the impact of Mercury cycles on the markets, there’s no better place to start than the book Mercury, Money and the Markets. It’s available at Amazon.com or direct from the publisher at http://bit.ly/MercuryBook.

You’ll find in-depth information on the latest and most profitable breakthroughs in astro-trading in the new set of DVDs that’s just been published by Harmonic Research Associates. It’s called Astro-Trading Innovations – you can order it at: http://harmonicresearchassociates.com/shop/shopexd.asp?id=153.


Full Moon Madness

Not sure that there’s been much publicity on this, so I thought I’d pass it on…

I just got word that Harmonic Research Associates – publishers of much of the astrology and astro-trading material that I’ve created – is having a 24-hour Full Moon Madness sale, starting with the time of the Full Moon a few hours from now.

Basically, what they’re doing is giving a 30% discount on every item that they sell (which includes my books, DVDs, e-books, etc.) – to get the discount, you need to enter the Coupon Code FULLMOON30 in the appropriate box during the check-out process on their website.

You can check it out at: http://harmonicresearchassociates.com.

Getting My Head Straight About Price & Value

I can’t say that I’m particularly thrilled with the fact that the retail price on The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course is going up by 15 percent on September 1.

I don’t remember exactly, but I think it’s been a least 5 or 6 years since the last price change on this item.

At any rate it’s been awhile.

And I can understand why the change is necessary now, especially since the only other alternative at this point seems to be letting the Course go out of print, so it would no longer be available at all.  (CLICK HERE to get the full explanation from Harmonic Research Associates, in a letter they sent out last week to preferred customers.)

But even though coming to terms with a price increase has made me a little bit uncomfortable, it’s also given me a great opportunity for me to clarify my thinking about price and value.

The two aren’t always the same thing.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you’ve found those rare and wonderful items that are amazingly low priced, but that consistently deliver extraordinary quality and value. And it goes without saying that we’ve all paid way too much from time to time for products and services that just didn’t meet our expectations.

But I’ve been pleased that students and traders who have purchased The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course in the past have been so lavish in their praise for the material in the Course, and so straightforward about the the financial benefits they’ve gained by applying what they’ve learned by studying it.

In fact, some of them have said that there’s so much great information in the Course that it will take them years to master all of it– fortunately, though, that hasn’t stopped many of them from applying just a few of the insights the Course contains and turning them into profitable trades.

It’s not unusual for a single stock market trade to return profits that are more than enough to pay for the entire cost of the Course!

I’m not saying all this to brag, although I am actually pretty proud of the comprehensive material that’s in The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course, and of how much it’s helped countless students and beginning traders.

I mention to keep my own head clear about what this remarkable Course is really worth.

No, it’s not cheap– not by anybody’s standards.

But in terms of the practical information and insights it contains, and in the potential return on investment that it offers, it’s truly an exceptional value.

And the fact is, 15% is actually a pretty puny price increase.

As a point of comparison, it’s worth noting that since the end of 2008 the S&P 500 has gone up in price by roughly 80% — so the slightly higher price for the Course is tiny indeed, compared to the expanding opportunities that the markets provide.

So all in all, I guess I can learn to live with a higher price, knowing that anyone who gets The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course is receiving genuine value– even if they wait until after the September 1 price increase to get it!




Clearing Up Mercury Retrograde Confusion

There’s nothing quite like Mercury Retrograde to help create mix-ups and confusion.

Mercury has been retrograde since Wednesday, and I’ve already had my share of both.

Emails have gotten lost, computer links have broken, and some of the latest news has been misunderstood, with things apparently getting worse instead of better.

And while it would be nice just to pull the bed-covers back over my head and take a nice nap until July 20, when Mercury returns to direct motion, I’ve decided to do my best to un-complicate some matters that shouldn’t have become all that complicated in the first place.

As a part of that effort, I’ve just produced this video.

If you take just a few minutes to watch it, I’m sure you’ll find that the time is well spent.

And I hope it will get you up to speed quickly about some great opportunities that are here right now!

To get all the details on the Harmonic Research Associates Summer Blockbuster Sale offering the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course as half price (this offer expires on June 30, 2013), click this link:


To get information on pre-registration for the new training program in Astro-Trading Innovations 2013, click this link:


Giving Mercury Some Credit

In all of the discussions about the astrological triggers for the big sell-off in stocks last week, I’ve neglected to mention the contribution that Mercury made to the market plunge!

As the Sun/Jupiter conjunction was capturing most of the attention, Mercury was busy lining up in a precise angular relationship with the Sun that typically signals a trading top for the S&P 500 Index.

What follows a trading top, of course, is a declining market– and that’s exactly what we saw last week!

The principles behind this Sun/Mercury market activation was discussed in the book Mercury, Money and the Markets, which is available from Amazon.com or at a discounted price direct from the publisher at http://bit.ly/MercuryBook.

But the timing of Mercury activations like this is the tricky part. They don’t follow the guidelines of traditional astrology, so many astro-traders miss out on them completely.

Mercury Metrics Quarterly

That’s why we started publishing Mercury Metrics earlier this year. The latest issue of this easy-to-read quarterly publication was released earlier today; it covers all the specific Mercury activations for July, August, and September.

If you’re interested in adding the precision of Mercury energy to your market timing, I highly recommend that you take a look at Mercury Metrics.

You can order the current issue as an instant download at HarmonicResearchAssociates.com – or you can get a money-saving subscription at http://bit.ly/mmSubscription

Either way, I think you’ll find Mercury Metrics to be a simple, easy-to-use tool for adding this essential astrological dynamic to your trading.