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Free Webinar On Money Astrology

We’ve still got a few places left for our free webinar this Monday (September 28) on “8 Keys To Finding The Money In Your Horoscope”.

Our webinars are always extremely popular events, and it’s not unusual for us to have to turn people away because we’ve gone over the limits imposed by our webinar service provider (we’re currently investigating alternative webinar services at this point, and anticipate making a change before the end of the year so we can accommodate bigger crowds, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet).

Antique skeleton keys with wood background.
Our free webinar will focus on 8 Keys To Finding The Money In Your Horoscope.

If you’re at all interested in money astrology, you’ll definitely want to join us for Monday’s webinar. This live online event is going to be jam-packed with practical tips you can use right away to expand your financial horizons – and to open up a deeper understanding of your personal horoscope as well!

I know you’re going to love it, and I’m really looking forward to getting together to share this information with you.

Registration is free, but we do have a limited number of seats available, so you’ll want to get signed up right away.

Sign Up For The Free Webinar Here

To register now, go to: http://www.onlinemeetingnow1.com/register/?id=mcqf6zr7wt

Money In The Zodiac

Can you really find money in the zodiac?

Does your zodiac Sun sign make a difference in your money-making ability?

According to some studies, the zodiac sign you were born under does make some difference in financial well-being. So maybe it is possible to find money in the zodiac.

More Than Just A Sun Sign

But the fact is, your personal horoscope is more than just your Sun sign. In fact, when you consider all the planets, houses, zodiac signs, and potential aspect combinations, there are literally hundreds of factors to conducer in an analysis of a natal chart.

It can be very confusing – unless you know how to find the money in your horoscope.

As this new video demonstrates, even an extremely wealthy person has more to her chart than just simple Sun-sign evidence of money in the zodiac.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey provides good evidence that there’s money in the zodiac, but we need to look at more than just her Sun sign to see how money functions inner life.

Oprah Winfrey is a case in point – and even Donald Trump is no exception!

You can see the new video at:



Astro-Trading Resources for the New Year

Here are a few things you should be aware of as we get the New Year underway.

They’re all connections you can make to expand your astro-trading skills and improve the profitability of your trading in 2015.

How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope Class

This is an over-the-top learning experience that can help you connect with the money you deserve, whether or not you’re actively involved in the markets.

I mention it here because the registration deadline for the next class is rapidly approaching – you have until the end of the day on Tuesday, January 6, to get signed up as a class participant.

To get more details on the class, and to connect with the registration page, go to:



Trading Trends, Opinions & Attitudes Survey

This is a quick, 5-question online survey that will take you about 4 minutes to complete.

The reason we’re providing the survey is because we want to know what would be most helpful to you during the entire year ahead.

Your answers are confidential, of course.

Please take a couple of minutes now to respond at:



January Astro-Trading Webinar Replay

Earlier today we presented our special start-of-the-year webinar for our inner circle astro-trading group of Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com

You can watch the complete replay of the entire 50-minute online event here:




A Rare Daily Horoscope

Every day brings its own planetary configurations.The daily horoscope that gets created for all of us brings the potential for celebrations or challenges, depending on how our individual natal charts are impacted by current celestial events.

That’s what draws so many of us to the daily horoscope column in their newspaper or favorite website. We all want to know what makes us special. We want to know what we can do to align ourselves more effectively with today’s planetary weather, so that we can succeed in love, money, career, or other endeavors.

A lot of the timing factors that influence a daily horoscope are pretty bold and hard to overlook – big planetary conjunctions, solar and lunar eclipses, Mercury going retrograde, or an intense Full Moon.

What Makes This Daily Horoscope Different

But there are days, like today, when the key features in a daily horoscope get overlooked by many astrologers. That’s because there’s not quite as much drama involved. This chart shows you what I’m talking about:


November 2014 Daily Horoscope Cluster
There are only three tight planetary clusters in 2014, with five or more planets within a 20-degree span. This cluster began on November 21, with the Moon at 15 Scorpio; it ends on November 23, with Mercury at 22 degrees Scorpio. Note that this chart is set for New York City, but the time is GMT.

What’s interesting about this daily horoscope chart is the fact that includes at least five planets within a span of just 20 degrees of celestial longitude. Again, that’s not something that jumps out in astrology textbooks. But it’s worth paying attention to since it’s a fairly rare phenomenon.

What do I mean by rare? Well, the last time this happened was in January. We’ll get another alignment of this sort in late December. But after that we’ll only get one of them in all of 2015, and one each in 2017 and 2018. We won’t have one at all in 2016, and we didn’t get one in 1975 or 2008, either.

What Does It Mean For You?

So what does all this signify for your daily horoscope?

The answer goes beyond your Sun sign. This planetary cluster actually began on November 21, with the Moon at 15°51′ Scorpio. That means you should examine your own personal natal chart. Focus on everything that’s positioned between 15°51′ Scorpio and 22°37′ Scorpio.

That’s especially important if any of the money planets in your chart are in that degree range. But no matter what your daily horoscope has to say on a good day or a bad day, it always pays to know how to find the money in your horoscope!

Giving Away $55,515 To Astrology Students

Earlier today I was reviewing all the work we’ve been doing here to get our new class on How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope started.

Registration for the class runs through Thursday, October 2, and the orientaton session for new students will be on Friday, October 3.

Getting to the point where we are today, with students actually able to sign up for the class, is the result of several months of pretty strenuous work.

There have been over 50 videos to shoot and edit, and MP3 audios for each of those videos to get posted on a special website.

The website itself has been a big chore, with more than 175 active pages all linked to each other in order to deliver the course content to the astrology students who register for the How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope class.

And on top of all that, I’ve decided that we’re going to give away more than $55,000 worth of bonus goodies, not only to provide a more comprehensive level of support for our astrology students, but also to make it as absolutely enticing as possible for you to join us for the class.

That give-away has already started – I share some of the details in this (admittedly pretty clunky) video:

Whether you’re a seasoned astrological professional, a newbie among astrology students, or are simply interested in improving your financial future without really connecting to astrology in any way, I know you’ll get a lot out of this course.

But of course you won’t get the benefits if you don’t join the class – which is exactly why I’m trying to make it as irresistible as possible by providing over $3,700 in bonuses for you (more than $55,000 in all).

You can get more information and sign up now at


Horoscope Money Feedback

We’ve just finished up our premiere class in “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope”.

It was a sold-out event, and because it combined personal coaching and exclusive live conference calls with a variety of online materials, it took a lot of time and attention to put together.

But I must say it was worth it!

Creating and presenting the course was a very satisfying experience for me personally, but what has pleased me the most has been the feedback I’ve been getting from the students enrolled in the class.

“I was totally amazed by what I learned in this class!”

“You really put a lot of work into creating top-quality teaching presentations. I really do appreciate that.”

“I came into this class thinking that I already knew a lot about astrology, so I wasn’t sure how much I’d get out of it. But I was surprised to find one ah-ha moment after another during the course. Thank you for a wonderful experience!”

Needless to say, those kind of remarks make we want more! So I’ve decided that we’ll definitely be offering this class again, starting in early October. We need to do a little housekeeping on the website, and then I’ll be announcing the date when registration will open up for the new class sessions.

Stay tuned….

Sold-Out Money Astrology Class

Our new class on “How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope” is in full swing now, and the response from the students is truly fantastic!

I’m really delighted that we’ve got such a great group, with plenty of excellent questions coming in for our live Q&A sessions.

Unfortunately, though, we did have to turn a few prospective students away, since we hit full enrollment for the class just before our first session.

It’s important to keep the class size limited to allow for the personal interaction that really helps make learning possible.

So while I was disappointed that we had to send away some would-be registrants, I’ve actually gotten inspired because of it — I’m understanding how important this course material is, so I’m already thinking about offering the class again a little later in the year!

“That’s What A Surgeon Makes!”

As a financial astrologer, I deal with money issues – and the emotions around money – every day.

It’s emotions, of course, that drive the price action on the markets.

When greed is prevalent, prices go up.

When fear is in charge, prices go down.

But in the markets and in other transactions, too, money emotions are the keynote whenever we consider the distinctions between price and value.

That issue came up for me last night, when I got a call from a woman who was inquiring about a personal astrology consultation with me.

She began by apologizing for the time when she was calling; then she wanted to know when I might be available for a telephone consultation.

When I suggested a date a few weeks from now (my earliest availability), she said that would be fine. Then she went on to explain that I wasn’t the first person she had called.

“I got one man on the phone who talked with me for over an hour, and he barely mentioned astrology at all! Then he billed me for $450. By the way, how much do you charge for an astrology consultation?”


For a moment there was silence on the other end of the phone. “That’s a lot,” she finally said. “How long do your consultations last?”

“We can plan on spending about 90 minutes together on the phone, more or less,” I replied.

“An hour and a half? That’s $1,000 an hour! That’s what a surgeon makes!”

I started to say something about hiring a professional surgeon if you need surgery, but getting a professional astrologer if you need competent astrology, but she interrupted me.

“I can’t pay that kind of money now,” she said. “I may call you back another time, but for now I’m not going to schedule an appointment.”

She hung up.

There was clearly a question of value here, but how much value?

And at what price?

I was also grappling with that same issue in a blog post that I put up about a year ago, when the price on the Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course went up to $2,297.

I really wished that it could have been lower, but as it turned out the remaining copies of the course disappeared pretty quickly after that price increase. The Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course has gone out of print since then.

That means the $2,297 price tag is now irrelevant, since that course isn’t available at any price!

And today, of course, there’s the price question coming up again as we conclude our registration for the new class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope.

Compared to the $2,297 Basic Stock Market Astrology Home Study Course, this new course is a bargain.

Compared to our group-coaching class a few years ago in Rapid Astro-Trading Mastery (which was priced at $8,000) it’s more of a bargain.

And because you can get this new course for three payments of just $599 (or you can save $300 by making a single payment of $1,497) – and because it comes with over $3,700 worth of bonus materials, it’s even more of a bargain, too!

But just because the price is so low, does that mean that the value is lower, too?

I certainly hope not!

I’ve been doing everything possible to pack in some extraordinary value with this new class – innovative learning formats, extra tools to aid the students, interactive sessions, and a pile of bonus materials.

It all has one purpose – to help you find the money in your horoscope.

That’s why I’d love to have you join the class! If you, I’m confident that you’ll find that the value far exceeds the price!

A Chat with Yorba on Astro-Trading Gold

When I got together with Michael Yorba during his interview with me on the Traders Network TV show earlier this week, we spent some time reviewing the Emerald Tablet trading strategy that’s discussed in the book on Mercury, Money and the Markets: Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short-Term Astro-Trading.

I posted the trading charts for Gold on a recent blog post, and used them as illustrations for my discussion with Michael about the potential for refined astro-trading timing by using both the inferior Sun/Mercury conjunction and the superior conjunction as well.

You can see those Gold charts at http://marketastrologer.realbusinessresults.com/another-emerald-tablet-trade-gold/

But Michael also used the interview time to review the ways that planetary indicators can highlight many market trends, offering us a clear advantage when we use astro-trading techniques.

You can watch the video recording of the entire interview from Thursday’s Traders Network show right here:

By the way, the webinar that I mentioned to Michael at the end of the interview was a live event later that evening; We got a video recording of that event as well; and it’s worth watching as an introduction to our Gold-Plus Elite membership program at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com and a review of the great material that’s in the works with our new class on How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope.

You can see the webinar recording here:


Why Give Away A Free Astro-Trading Course?

I’ve been surprised at the number of people who’ve asked me about this.

The registration period for our new class in How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope is set to begin tomorrow, and the word has somehow leaked out about one of the bonuses that are being provided to the students who enroll.

It’s access to the entire course content for the high-powered program we did a couple of years ago on “The Confidential Astro-Trading Formula for Financial Independence” – all the videos, recordings, and downloads are included.

That class is a powerhouse of practical astro-trading information, and it was originally priced at $1,995.00 – by the way, that’s a good bit more than the entire tuition cost of the new How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope class!

So why am I giving it away?

Because I specifically want to encourage traders to participate in this new class, and I don’t want them to be scared away because the new class doesn’t have the word “TRADING” in the title!

This video has a few more details for you: