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A Chat with Yorba on Astro-Trading Gold

When I got together with Michael Yorba during his interview with me on the Traders Network TV show earlier this week, we spent some time reviewing the Emerald Tablet trading strategy that’s discussed in the book on Mercury, Money and the Markets: Profitable Planetary Cycles for Short-Term Astro-Trading.

I posted the trading charts for Gold on a recent blog post, and used them as illustrations for my discussion with Michael about the potential for refined astro-trading timing by using both the inferior Sun/Mercury conjunction and the superior conjunction as well.

You can see those Gold charts at http://marketastrologer.realbusinessresults.com/another-emerald-tablet-trade-gold/

But Michael also used the interview time to review the ways that planetary indicators can highlight many market trends, offering us a clear advantage when we use astro-trading techniques.

You can watch the video recording of the entire interview from Thursday’s Traders Network show right here:

By the way, the webinar that I mentioned to Michael at the end of the interview was a live event later that evening; We got a video recording of that event as well; and it’s worth watching as an introduction to our Gold-Plus Elite membership program at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com and a review of the great material that’s in the works with our new class on How To Find The Money In Your Horoscope.

You can see the webinar recording here:


Not Quite Indiana Jones

Earlier this week, when Michael Yorba interviewed me on his Traders Network radio show, he wanted to know about the mysterious ancient manuscript that I’ve been using to set up Gold trades.

“When you mentioned Indiana Jones stuff it really got my attention,” he said.

I explained to Michael that although I don’t personally claim to be an Indiana Jones type (I really don’t look that much like Harrison Ford), I have found it useful to explore the connections between ancient wisdom and modern markets.

In the case of ancient descriptions of Mercury cycles and their relationships to current Gold trading, the connections are pretty dramatic!

You’ll find more about the manuscript and about how to set up the timing for the Gold trades in my book on Mercury, Money and the Markets.

You can listen to the complete interview with Michael from his radio show earlier this week right here:

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