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Astro-Trading Tools – What’s Best?

What kind of astro-trading tools do you really need to be successful using astrology in the markets?

That’s not an easy question to answer.

It’s an important one, though.

Whenever I post something new about astro-trading on this blog, or whenever I’m interviewed on a radio or television show, it’s one of the concerns that my readers and listeners often share.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started?

Naturally, when they hear about the big successes that many astro-traders experience, they want to figure out how they can get in on profiting from the astro-trading advantage, too.

If you fit that description, I can assure you that some great astro-trading tools and resources are waiting for you!

But to start with, it’s a good idea to be honest with yourself about what you know and don’t know right now.

Don’t Know Much About Astrology?

If you don’t know anything at all about astrology, you’ll need to select the kinds of astro-trading tools that will help you begin at the beginning.

Get a simple horoscope calculation program (or find a website that calculates horoscopes on the fly), and start studying the effects of planetary transits.

Are You Inexperienced In The Markets?

Of course, if you are a complete newcomer to the markets as well, you’ll need to take that fact into consideration as well.

You’ll definitely want to get informed about the financial risks involved, and you’ll want to learn some of the basics about how the markets operate.

You’ll need to decide what kind of trading is the best match for your interests, experience, and the amount of money you can afford to risk in trading.

Consider Getting Some Extra Help

If you’re at all uncertain about how best to approach astro-trading for real success n the markets, you may want to think about getting some expert guidance.

Attend workshops, lectures, or online classes.

Read books and articles, listen to audios, and watch DVDs.

Join an online done-for-you astro-trading program.

You may even want to consider private coaching, or you may want to join a mentoring group or mastermind.

Assemble The Best Astro-Trading Tools

astro-trading tools for math
The best astro-trading tools go beyond the traditional instruments for precise mathematical calculations.

Regardless of the amount of knowledge and experience you already have, however, there are some key astro-trading tools you’ll want to have available.

There’s a certain amount of math involved in any successful approach to trading, so you’ll need a good pocket calculator. But unless you plan to do a lot of hand-drawn work on trading charts, you can consider tools for precision plotting optional.

Expand Your Knowledge

The best astro-trading tools are not only those that can make the tasks of trading easier, but also those that can help you expand your knowledge of astrology and the markets.

You may not want to become an expert, but the more you know the more profitable your trading is likely to be.

That’s one of the key concepts I had in mind when I recently put together my brief Astro-Trader’s Resource Guide.

While there are many fine alternatives to choose from, I wanted to be sure that I selected the very highest quality resources to share with you.

Each one of the top five astro-trading tools serves a slightly different purpose. It’s a good idea to get all of them if you can.

Each one offers you an opportunity to expand your knowledge of astro-trading and refine your understanding as you apply techniques that can really make you money in the markets.

And ultimately, each one of the tools featured in the Astro-Trader’s Resource Guide can speed up your personal journey to success as you explore all the benefits of the astro-trading advantage.

By the way, the Astro-Trader’s Resource Guide is my free gift to you. CLICK HERE to get your copy.

I Talk Stock Market Trading on New Yorba TV Launch

Michael Yorba never stops trying.

For a number of years now he’s been a non-stop promoter of excellence and education for traders, and along the way he’s been a noteworthy pioneer in using the internet as a broadcast medium while he’s opened up new opportunities for improved stock market trading.

He put together the “Commodity Classics” online TV show as a live streaming video feed when a lot of the audience he was trying to reach just didn’t have access to enough bandwidth to make streaming video commonplace.

But Michael kept pushing the envelope, putting out show after show on a live video feed when a lot of other internet communicators were struggling to get pre-recorded video up on their web sites.

In more recent years, with his “Traders Network” program, Michael Yorba has perfected a talk-radio format for his internet broadcasting that consistently delivers high-quality content to listeners around the world. He’s attracted a big international audience.

Since his early days of television experimentation I’ve had the good fortune to be a guest on his shows on a number of occasions, and I’ve always been impressed with Michael’s skill as an interviewer– he has a great way of asking the kind of probing questions that help clarify complicated material and make important concepts clear on the air.

That’s why, when he called me last week to let me know that he was launching a new television show, I was eager to get involved.

His new program is still very much in the test-drive phase, and even though the video technology has vastly improved over the past few years there’s a lot to juggle in getting a live show up and running.

So it wasn’t too surprising that things were a little wild from the video technology end of things when I was a guest on the third episode of his brand-new show yesterday. There are plenty of bugs that still need to be worked out, and I obviously need to get a little more mastery of keeping multiple computer screens going, keeping my facts straight and remembering to look into the camera.

But for what it’s worth, here’s a recording of our shenanigans on the air yesterday. Take a look and share your comments– and remember, you’re getting to see history in the making!

“You’re Darn, Darn Good at What You Do!”

Market timing.

Cycle analysis.

A trading edge that really works.

That’s what makes the astro-trading advantage so remarkable, and it’s the reason that Michael Yorba keeps inviting me back as a special guest on his Traders Network radio program.

When we got together on the air on Friday we talked about the accuracy of the astro-trading forecasts we’ve shared in previous weeks, and discussed the upcoming prospects for the markets.

Good At Market Timing

“You’re here,” Michael told me, “because you’re darn, darn good at what you do!”

For example, this chart compares what I forecast for the VIX to the way the action actually turned out as the trading week got underway:

An Accurate VIX Forecast
Based on our research into the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus waxing square that’s discussed in the report on The Stock Market Collision Course, we forecast (in the chart on the left) a spike in the VIX just after the trading week got underway. The chart on the right shows how the action in the VIX actually turned out.

You can listen to the entire 10-minute interview here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

By the way, the new report on The Stock Market Collision Course features many of the planetary dynamics relevant to market timing that we discussed in the interview. You can get a copy now at http://bit.ly/ATsmcc

A Chat with Yorba about the Market’s Collision Course

I had a great time chatting with Michael Yorba on his Traders Network radio show yesterday afternoon just before the closing bell.

During our interview, he wanted to know about the string of astrological dynamics that are set to slam the markets during the coming weeks, with a special push toward a potential trend reversal as we finish up February and move into March, with Mercury retrograde ending and Mars retrograde getting started.

It was an especially appropriate topic, since the S&P 500 closed yesterday at 1854.29, a new all-time record high for that index, dramatically setting the stage for a trading top as the aggressive planetary factors come into play.

Jupiter-Uranus Waxing Square impact on S&P-500, NASDAQ, Dow Industrials and VIX

I also posted this collection of charts on Yorba’s social media page, illustrating the effects of the Jupiter/Uranus waxing square on the S&P 500, the NASDAQ Composite, the Dow Industrials, and the VIX. On each chart, the center vertical zero point is the exact date of the Jupiter/Uranus aspect, with the graph showing the average percentage of price movement for 30 days before and 30 days after the date of the planetary alignment.

By the way, the webinar I mentioned during the interview is now available as a recorded online video to view at your convenience — I got it posted on this blog last night, so you can see it right away at http://wp.me/p1VnSz-ky

You can listen to the full 10-minute interview with Michael Yorba from yesterday’s show on the Traders Network right here:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

You’ll also want to check out the new report on The Stock Market Collision Course — it provides detailed information about the historical impact of the cycle of Jupiter/Uranus waxing squares, and also features 50 horoscopes and trading charts as well as a detailed listing of the key planetary dynamics that we expect to move the markets in the immediate future. You can download a copy at http://bit.ly/ATsmcc or just CLICK HERE.

Planetary Line-Up for a Market Inflection Point at the End of January

S&P 500 with Planetary Price Lines

This is a trading chart that I’ll be sharing with Michael Yorba’s listeners later today when I’m interviewed on his Traders Network show.

The interview is scheduled to get started at 2:15 p.m. Central Standard Time (3:15 p.m. Eastern) – you can connect with it online at http://www.yorba.tv/radio.

The planetary price lines for Uranus, Venus, Pluto, and Jupiter shown on this chart of daily price bars for the S&P 500 can help us visualize the way that the power of cosmic forces will be combining to create a potential inflection point for the markets on January 30-31, 2014.

The important thing to note about Venus is that it has been in retrograde motion (with the green line representing this planet moving downward through the chart) since December 21; it will resume direct motion on January 31. Note that as Venus changes direction it activates the midpoint of the Uranus and Pluto price lines– the Uranus/Pluto waxing square has been in play since 2012, and it will continue to be a dominant influence on social behavior and market action through the middle of 2015. With this activation by Venus at its Direct Station, we can expect the tension-provoking energy of the Uranus/Pluto square to come to the forefront.

The crossing point of the lines for Jupiter and Pluto is also noteworthy; it signifies a Jupiter/Pluto opposition, also on January 31. This activates a Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-Square configuration that signals a sudden shift in circumstances, creating a major opportunity for savvy astro-traders.

While these factors by themselves would be enough to get our attention, they get a lot of extra help from other planetary action, including an activation of the November Solar Eclipse on January 29, the New Moon syzygy on January 30, and the ingress of Mercury into Pisces on January 31.

In short, the January 30-31 period will be a key time for us to watch for significant trend reversals in all markets. With this much action going on, the potential for outstanding trading profits from appropriate short-term positions is definitely worth paying attention to!

If you’d like more information on astro-trading market insights, be sure to check our latest free online videos at http://bit.ly/ATIdvd