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Should FOREX Traders Be Worried?



You don’t have to be a FOREX trader to know that something big is brewing in global currencies.

The Japanese yen has been in the spotlight as the Bank of Japan cranks up the printing presses and the economic news  continues to be turbulent.

The euro has been fighting hard to keep its head above water, but there’s still plenty of doubt about its longer-term stability.

Meanwhile, the US dollar has been looking pretty good. But just how long will that last, especially with China lurking in the background?

And just last week, some brand-new money hit the world stage, emerging from a completely unexpected source.

It’s obviously not an active factor in FOREX trading yet, but the astrology behind the event suggests that we need to take this newcomer very seriously!

I’ve been digging into the relevant horoscopes, and have really been amazed by what I’ve been seeing – this could wind up going far beyond FOREX, with a ripple effect that could be felt for years to come!

I’ll be sharing the details in a special webinar on Wednesday evening – hope you can join me for that free event:

Currency Trading and the Solar Eclipse

In preparing the forecast material presented in the new monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of May 2013: Its Impact on the Markets”, I reviewed the potential for influences on a variety of currencies.

That’s when I noticed just how important the eclipse was going to be for trading in the Japanese Yen.

Japanese Yen Eclipse effects
The solar eclipse on May 9/10 2013 triggered significant planetary midpoint structures in the horoscope for the Japanese Yen, shown here on the 90-degree dial.

With the solar eclipse conjoining the Sun in the Yen chart and hitting the Pluto/Midheaven, Chiron/Kronos, and Saturn/Kronos midpoints, it seemed clear that we would be seeing some dynamic action in this currency.

USD/JPY at solar eclipse
Here’s how the Dollar/Yen currency pair responded to the solar eclipse. The dollar began its surge in value against the yen 12 hours before the exact time of the eclipse, with Zeus conjoining the Midheaven in Tokyo.

That certainly proved to be the case when the eclipse occurred, with a plunge in the Yen beginning just 12 hours before the exact time of the solar eclipse. The Yen ended up falling to its lowest level in four years as the dollar surged versus the Japanese currency.

This big shift in the dollar/yen ratio certainly illustrated the power of the current solar eclipse, but it’s important to remember that the eclipse effects are far from over. We can expect residual effects on the markets for months to come, and during the coming week we’ll be looking at the unique equities trading opportunities connected with the eclipse.

You’ll find the details about these high-probability eclipse trades in the monograph on “The Solar Eclipse of May 2013: It Impact on the Markets”.