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Yorba’s Questions About A Stock Market Trading Top

“Thanks for keeping us on the right side of the market, Tim.”

That’s what Michael Yorba said at the end of our televised interview yesterday.

He’s been getting the bugs out of his new TV production format, but the format itself is secondary to the high-quality content his show consistently delivers.

During our interview yesterday we discussed the planetary factors that are ganging up right now to make a stock market trading top a bigger probability – including the Super Moon, the Mercury Retrograde Return, the Jupiter Ingress, and of course the big Jupiter/Apollon waning square that’s already shaking things up so much.

You can watch the entire segment from yesterday’s show right here:

Why A Big Discount on This Stock Market Trading Guide?

The report I put together on 62 Stocks To Watch at the Jupiter-Apollon Alignment is practically brand new.


In fact, it was just published a couple of weeks ago – it’s the result of the research I was doing into the best trading opportunities for stocks that are specifically impacted by the current Jupiter/Apollon waning square.

So why is it on sale from the publisher right now at a 72% discount?

Because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

First of all, it’s packed with practical information that can be turned into stock market trading profits, and a big part of my personal mission is to spread the word about the opportunities that await anyone who wants to apply astrology to the markets.

That includes small-scale, mom & pop investors who are up against the steam roller of the big banks, hedge funds, and behind-the-scenes market manipulators.

Secondly, I felt it was important to get this information out right now, since it specifically relates to the powerful Jupiter/Apollon alignment that’s currently driving the market action.

There will still be plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this situation as other planets trigger this alignment during the coming weeks and months, but you’ll have a distinct advantage if you get involved right now.

That’s why I wanted to get rid of any price barriers.

Finally, I wanted the price to be low during this limited-time sale (it ends on Monday) because this new report is not just a guide to current trading opportunities.

It also contains comments about the big-money forces that are driving the markets now, and I wanted to make sure that you got that perspective, too, even though it may not be 100% “politially correct”.

So the bottom line is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this new report – in fact, it’s actually a bargain at the full retail price.

I just hope you’ll take advantage of the current deep discount to get a copy so you can get the full advantage for yourself.

The sale is on through midnight Monday night at:


Planetary Price Resistance Webinar Set for Friday

Because the impact of the Jupiter/Apollon waning square is already starting to affect the action in stock market trading in a big way, we’re having a special webinar tomorrow evening to assess the situation.

It’s set to begin at 8:00 EDT on Friday, July 11, 2014.

We’re calling it “Planetary Price Resistance and the Coming Crash” — I think you’ll agree that it’s a fitting title!

This is going to be a totally free event, but you do need to sign up in advance to reserve your seat (we only get a limited number of webinar slots available, and they’re being doled out on a first-come, first-served basis).

To sign up for the event to to:


I’m looking forward to having you join us!

Jupiter & Apollon Hit the S&P, the Dollar, and Indonesia, Too!

We’re currently tracking the impact of the big Jupiter/Apollon waning square as it hits the market action around the world.

As this chart shows, it’s been active in defining the stock market trading action for the S&P 500 already:

But the influence of this cosmic event doesn’t stop with the U.S. markets. As you can see, these planets have also help provide support for the Indonesian Composite Index during recent trading on the stock exchange in Jakarta, just prior to the recent run-up. Will it also nail a resistance level when the rally runs out of steam?

The dollar has been impacted, too, as this chart for the U.S. Dollar Index reveals:

Jupiter & Apollon Bring 62 Stock Market Trading Tips

The moment is almost upon us.

Jupiter and Apollon are lining up for their big waning square tomorrow, with Jupiter at 28 degrees of Cancer and Apollon at 28 degrees of Libra.


This waning square, which comes just a couple of hours after the NYSE closing bell on Thursday, July 10, is a powerful and important event, and we want to be sure that we take it into consideration as we review the potential for a significant stock market trading top this month. (If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to visit http://vibrationcode.com/timetop right away to get your copy of the new report on “How To Time The Next Market Trading Top“).

When it’s set for New York, the horoscope for this event is loaded with stress. We’re approaching a big Full Moon this weekend, and at the time of the Jupiter/Apollon square the Moon is just rising as it applies to an opposition with Mercury. Note as well the tight alignment of the Uranus/Zeus opposition with the meridian axis in the chart.

Our back-testing of this aspect with the S&P 500 shows it to be extremely bearish– that index has declined about 78% of the time after previous such alignments.

But even though this planetary configuration may help define a major trading top, it doesn’t mean that the Jupiter/Apollon alignment on July 10 will necessarily coincide with the precise date that the market turns.

We may not see the top in the S&P on Thursday or even Friday, since there are other transiting factors at work – you’ll find more details in the current issue of the FinancialCyclesWeekly newsletter. (If you’re not a member getting this newsletter each week in your email inbox, you can get a free copy of this critical issue, which gives the exact dates that we’re watching for potential activating triggers to the Jupiter/Apollon action – just CLICK HERE.)

But here’s the good part.

Even though this can be a very treacherous time in the markets, it’s also a time of very big opportunity (the two usually go together, don’t they?).

As we’ve been approaching this event, I’ve been looking into the specific stocks and industry groups that are most likely to be impacted by the Jupiter/Apollon waning square.

The result is a 23-page report on the “62 Stocks To Watch at the Jupiter-Apollon Alignment“. It not only lists the specific equities to consider trading at this time and highlights many of them with transit charts that show the specific impact of this big planetary alignment; it also provides a lot of detail on just why this big planetary line-up is so important.


This new report is available now as an instant download – you can get it at: