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Online Trading Book Plugs Astrology

A new book on online trading has just been published.

It’s packed with useful tips, techniques, and trading strategies.

But best of all, it also features a chapter on The Astro-Trading Advantage!

Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5)
Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5)

The new book is Guide to Successful Online Trading (Traders World Online Expo Books) (Volume 5) and it’s now available at Amazon.

Edited by Larry Jacobs, the publisher of Traders World, this new title is an anthology of articles on technical analysis, trading strategies, and trading psychology.

Online Trading Is A Personal Matter

I must confess that I have a strong personal motivation for recommending this book.

The chapter on “The Astro-Trading Advantage” is my personal contribution to the Guide to Successful Online Trading . I’m a featured speaker at the current Traders World Online Expo. That’s why Larry asked me to provide something to add to the publication. I was happy to oblige him.

This volume is designed to serve all sorts of traders in a variety of markets. Many of the intended readers have little or no experience with applying astrology and planetary harmonics to the markets. That’s why the chapter on astro-trading is designed to appeal to readers at a very basic level.

You might say that it’s really a sales pitch for astro-trading in general.

But even if you’re already accomplished in applying astrological insights to your own trading, you should get this book. I think you’ll find the chapter in the Guide to Successful Online Trading on “The Astro-Trading Advantage” to be both helpful and entertaining.

Good Company

And of course there are plenty of other chapters by additional trading experts. They’re useful, too.

Actually, I think I’m in pretty good company here. You’ll find contributions in the pages of Guide to Successful Online Trading from Robert Miner, Adrienne Toghraie, Sean McKissen, John Matteson, Steve Wheeler, Tom Alexander, Gail Mercer, Jaime Johnson, Barry Burns, and many others.

The book is now available as a paperback from Amazon.com for just $9.65. You can also get it as a Kindle download.

A Surprise Spot on a Top Ten List

It’s been ten days now since I released my new book, Taurus Money Horoscope as a Kindle e-book available exclusively from Amazon.com.

While I’ve written a published a lot of books before, including a number of e-book titles, this was a new experience for me, since it’s the first time that I’ve used the Kindle publishing platform.

So I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I knew, of course, that Amazon has enormous marketing clout, and I was looking forward to seeing how they would tack the progress of new book when it was first offered to the public.

But I have to admit that I was surprised when I went to the Amazon website over the weekend and noticed that Taurus Money Horoscope was listed as a “hot new release”:

Hot New Releases

Needless to say, I was glad to see the book getting the attention. But I was even more surprised when I took a look at Amazon’s list of best-sellers in the astrology category for Kindle books:


Although Amazon said it was a list of the top 100 titles, I never got past the first page of the list, since Taurus Money Horoscope had popped onto the list in the Number Nine spot!

I was quite happy to see that attention and ranking, and quite grateful, too, for everyone who has taken time to download a copy of Taurus Money Horoscope from Amazon– especially those who have also posted five-star reviews of the new book!


But there’s just one other thing. Although I’m really proud of this Number 9 ranking on Amazon, the whole experience has gotten me thinking– what will it take to hit the Number 1 spot?

I hadn’t really aspired to having a Number 1 Best Seller before, but I have to admit that since I’ve started thinking about it, the whole idea is pretty appealing.

That’s especially true, of course, because it now seems like an attainable goal, even though rankings on Amazon are extremely unstable– they’re updated nearly constantly depending on the sales and reviews that come in, so it’s possible to be in the Top 10 now and then not even hit the Top 25 a few hours later.

Even so, I’d like your help.

If you haven’t already gotten a copy of Taurus Money Horoscope from the Amazon Kindle store, take a minute to do so. And if you like what you read, be sure to post a review on Amazon, too! Every 5-star rating helps attract new readers, and more readers are what it will take to hit the Number 1 spot.

I’ll keep checking the ranking during the next few days, and will keep you posted on how it all turns out!

Kindle Book Breaks the Amazon Speed Limit

Trading is obviously a hot topic!

In my last blog post, which just went up a few hours ago, I described the Amazon.com offer for free downloads of the new Kindle book,Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading.

The giveaway was supposed to last for 24 hours, but it’s already come to an end.

Apparently Amazon.com got such a huge volume of free downloads that it blew past the limits they had put on their own system, so they decided to pull the plug on the whole deal.

Sorry if you missed getting a free copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading — but if you did miss out, it’s still a really good deal at the regular $2.99 price. It not only features my article on astro-trading, but also a good selection of other pieces on trading strategy, market analysis, money management, and other skills that can add up to your personal trading success.

Just a Few Hours Left to Get a Free Download of this Best-Selling Kindle Book on Successful Trading

I just got word from Larry Jacobs, the editor of the newly-published Amazon.com Kindle book Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading, that this new anthology has just hit the #1 spot on the Amazon best-seller list in books on commodities trading!

That’s personally pretty exciting, since I’m one of the authors featured in the book, and since it means that an even wider audience is getting an opportunity to learn about the astro-trading advantage.

But what’s even more exciting is the other news that Larry shared– for a limited time, you can get a download of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading absolutely FREE!

According to Larry, this special free offer has been created to get the book into the hands of a huge number of additional people, with the idea that they’ll read it, like it, and then graciously post rave reviews of the book on the Amazon.com web page for the book. That will help drive even greater interest and ultimately promote even wider distribution of the anthology.

There’s also a bunch of special offers and promotional discounts stuck into the final pages of this Kindle e-book, and Larry’s obviously interested in having a lot more people see this marketing material.

Of course, even if you completely ignore all the marketing stuff, the information in the main part of the book is extremely valuable– especially if you can get it for free!

But there’s just one catch.

This special offer for a free Kindle download of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading is only good for 24 hours – and the 24-hour clock started ticking almost 12 hours ago!

That means you’ve just until about 9:00 p.m. EST tonight (November 17) to get a free copy downloaded to your Kindle.

If you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to get the book for free.

Instead, you’ll have to pay a whopping $2.99 for the Kindle download!

Either way, though, I think you’ll find it worthwhile to take a look at Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading – go to Amazon.com to check it out.

Astro-Trading Featured in New Kindle Anthology

The audience for financial astrology and astro-trading continues to grow!

I’ve just gotten word that one of my articles has been published in a new Kindle book from Amazon.com.

It’s called Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading and it features brief articles by a bunch of different experts on making money in the markets, including yours truly.

I’m glad to be reaching a wider audience, and I’m honored to be rubbing shoulders in print with some of the top names in the trading business, too!

By the way, this Kindle book also super-affordable. You can download your copy directly from Amazon.com for less than three bucks!

Once you’ve gotten your copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading
take a minute to add your comment here, and post a review of the book on the Amazon site as well!