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Kindle Book Breaks the Amazon Speed Limit

Trading is obviously a hot topic!

In my last blog post, which just went up a few hours ago, I described the Amazon.com offer for free downloads of the new Kindle book,Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading.

The giveaway was supposed to last for 24 hours, but it’s already come to an end.

Apparently Amazon.com got such a huge volume of free downloads that it blew past the limits they had put on their own system, so they decided to pull the plug on the whole deal.

Sorry if you missed getting a free copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading — but if you did miss out, it’s still a really good deal at the regular $2.99 price. It not only features my article on astro-trading, but also a good selection of other pieces on trading strategy, market analysis, money management, and other skills that can add up to your personal trading success.

Astro-Trading Featured in New Kindle Anthology

The audience for financial astrology and astro-trading continues to grow!

I’ve just gotten word that one of my articles has been published in a new Kindle book from Amazon.com.

It’s called Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading and it features brief articles by a bunch of different experts on making money in the markets, including yours truly.

I’m glad to be reaching a wider audience, and I’m honored to be rubbing shoulders in print with some of the top names in the trading business, too!

By the way, this Kindle book also super-affordable. You can download your copy directly from Amazon.com for less than three bucks!

Once you’ve gotten your copy of Learn the Secrets of Successful Trading
take a minute to add your comment here, and post a review of the book on the Amazon site as well!