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Unanswered Questions as the Planets Impact Stock Market Trading Movements


I always enjoy the opportunity to chat with Michael Yorba when he invites me to be a guest on his Traders Network radio show– we discuss the upcoming prospects for stock market trading, and he does a really great job of asking questions that bring the planetary connections with market movements into an understandable perspective.

But during our time on the air together just before the closing bell on Wall Street yesterday, the conversation was not only lively– it took us into a lot of interrelated topics that ultimately provided a great overview of the big-picture situation in the markets today.

As Michael put it during the interview, “A lot of people are yawning at the markets now, but I’m not so sure that this is one of those yawning moments. It could be the start of something big.”

We touched on the impact of Mercury and Neptune on current conditions in stock market trading, on crude oil and precious metals, on the geopolitical troubles that have been brewing (and which have been described so incisively by our friend and colleague Jim Cummins in his articles for FinancialCyclesWeekly.com), on the prospects for increasing market volatility as we look at the VIX during the coming weeks, and a whole lot more.

In fact, we actually ran out of time during the interview, and Michael had to sign off with an unanswered question still dangling– about today’s potent combination of Friday the 13th and the Full Moon.

I’ll be putting up a new blog post on that subject within the next couple of hours, so be sure to check back then (or Subscribe To This Blog to get email notifications whenever a new post is added).

In the meantime, here’s the recording of yesterday’s interview on the Traders Network show:

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High-Frequency Trading and What We Can Gain with the Astro-Trading Advantage

The Michael Lewis Flash Boys book has been creating quite a stir on Wall Street this week, so it was only natural that it came up as a topic of conversation when I got together with Michael Yorba for an interview on his Traders Network radio show on Thursday afternoon.

The book is about the corrupting consequences of High-Frequency Trading, and apparently Lewis is so passionate about this issue that he’s been pulling out all the stops to publicize his new publication.

But, as I told Michael Yorba during our interview this week, what we’re doing with our members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com is about as different from High-Frequency Trading as you can possibly get.

In fact, you could accurately call it Low-Frequency Trading instead. But no matter what you call it, this approach to the markets contently creates solid trading profits with minimal risk.

You can hear the first part of Thursday’s interview with Michael Yorba, when we discussed high-frequency trading, here:

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After the commercial break on the program, Michael and I picked up the conversation and discussed the astrological factors moving the markets now. You can listen to that segment here:

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