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Impeachment Horoscope

We don’t get many chances to check out an impeachment horoscope.

The U.S. House of Representatives impeached President Donald J. Trump on two articles last night after days of wrangling and debate.

There’s been a lot said about the divisiveness and acrimony surrounding the the whole process.

It was, in fact, quite a show. There were plenty of wild scenes and memorable characters along the way.

I suppose we could spend time running down some of those rabbit trails.

But I actually don’t want to go there. Not for now at least.

The Impeachment Horoscope

You see, what’s really interesting to me as an astrologer is the impeachment horoscope.

As I was saying, it’s sort of a rare critter.

Trump is only the third sitting U.S. President get impeached in the entire history of the country. And that’s exactly why this kind of chart is so rare.

Even so, I didn’t expect this horoscope to be quite so striking.

A mundane chart like this, a horoscope of a geopolitical event, can give us remarkable insights into the ultimate hidden significance of the action taking place.

This chart is no exception.

I timed it based on the moment that the electrically-recorded vote in the House passed the threshold needed to carry the motion on the first article of impeachment.

Here’s what it looks like:

Impeachment Horoscope

I’ve labeled some of the key points for easy reference.

Point A is quite striking. Transiting Uranus, the planet of explosions and surprises, was right on the Midheaven at the time the vote passed. That’s a prominent position.

When Uranus was first discovered in the late 1700’s  it was a time of revolution, most notably in France and America.

So Uranus is associated with revolutions, upheavals, and the overthrow of kings or other governmental leaders.

Transneptunian Factors

In this case that planet’s energy is amplified in a T-Square pattern with two transneptunians.

Uranus is square Vulcanus (B) and in opposition to Apollon (C).

Vulcanus is connected with coercive action or an extortionate “offer you can’t refuse.”

Apollon says that this event has a widespread impact, affecting the lives of many people.

The revolutionary theme is picked up by the Moon (D – representing the people as a whole) applying to a tension-provoking square to the Sun (E – representing the ruler).

But what’s really most intriguing is the action at point F. The Part of Fortune, an indicator of true happiness and fulfillment whose position changes minute by minute, conjoined the transneptunian Poseidon at the time of the impeachment vote.

Poseidon is about higher ideals and inspiration.

So it’s an unexpected signal.

The vote in the House was historic.

The conflict was evident.

But it was also a time of ultimate fulfillment.  And perhaps even more.

Maybe the birth of new spiritual ideals.

Planetary Pairs in the Markets

Planetary pairs are one of the keys to effective analysis in astro-trading.

What are planetary pairs?

Basically they’re just two different planets that are used in combination to determine the characteristics of specific market action.

Different planetary pairs can be used with different stocks.

Ideally the planets involved will not only connect with the trading action, but will also relate in some way with the characteristics of the company as well.

But even if you’ve managed to select a good pair, it may not last.

Sometimes the trading energy for a particular stock will shift, and the planetary pairs will no longer describe the trading action accurately.

When that happens it’s up to us as astro-traders to examine other potential combinations of planetary pairs. We begin the search for what’s working now.

Picking The Best Planetary Pairs For Trading

Sometimes that search can be pretty frustrating.

We may look through dozens of planetary pairs, seeking in vain for the precise combination that fits the behavior of the stock we want to trade.

At other times the process of filtering through potential planetary pairs takes almost no time at all.

With a flash of inspiration, the perfect combination seems to appear magically!

But what is it that makes the perfect combination?

Fast and Slow

Ideally, you’re looking for one fast-moving planet and one slower-moving planet.

The faster planet will often help define trading trends, while its slower-moving companion helps structure key zones of support and resistance.

And fast and slow are always comparative.

Mercury is faster than Jupiter, but Jupiter is faster than Pluto.

Generally speaking, though, when you pick a fast planet you’ll be selecting the Sun or the Moon, or Mercury, Venus, or Mars.

For slower-moving planets you’ve got lots of options.

Transneptunians As Slow Planets

The Transneptunian Factors are particularly slow moving, which can make them extremely useful in constructing planetary pairs for market analysis.
TNP Transitions Planetary Pairs

We discussed this briefly in our recent webinar on the current Admetos action. Our focus was “The Hidden Transneptunian Transition Just Ahead” – the session provided an in-depth look at some critical factors other financial astrologers have overlooked. The webinar recording is worth downloading and reviewing in detail.

A Free Resource From TradersWorld


As a result of some focused research on the importance of planetary pairs, I wrote an article which has recently been published in Issue #63 of TradersWorld magazine. It takes a detailed look at the importance of this kind of planetary calculation, and why it’s so critical for astro-traders to include it in their work.

Thanks to the generosity of Larry Jacobs, the editor of TradersWorld, you can get this information for free.

Not just the article I wrote, but the complete Issue #63 in its entirety!

It amounts to 161 pages of great information on trading and market analysis – you’ll find it enormously useful if you want to expand your personal effectiveness as an astro-trader.

Just CLICK HERE to get your pdf download of the entire issue as an instant delivery.



Ready for a Head Transplant?

I think I know some traders who could really use this.

In fact, I’ve often said that trading, if done properly, is actually a kind of psychological brain surgery – to trade successfully, you have to learn to use your mind in radically different ways.

But this takes it one step further than that.

Why Change Your Mind? – Get A Head Transplant!

Your read that right.

Get a head transplant.

Getting or giving a head transplant was a popular theme in science fiction and horror movies a few decades ago, but how will a head transplant play with today’s audiences?

That may sound like something from a B-Grade horror movie from the late 1950s, but apparently this head transplant stuff isn’t just the product of a revved-up imagination.

Sure, surgeons have been able to perform successful human transplants of various limbs and internal organs for quite some time now – kidney and heart replacements have actually become sort of run-of-the-mill.

But a head transplant?

Are we really ready for “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”?

According to a newly-released report, the answer is a definitive Yes.

Can You Trust This Head Transplant Source?

And exactly who broke the news of this medical breakthrough?

It wasn’t the National Enquirer.

Or even Mad magazine.

Would you believe the National Geographic?

In a mind-boggling (or maybe head transplant hyping) “Gory Details” blog post that went up yesterday on the National Geographic website, online science editor Erika Engelhaupt says that “a doctor in Italy has announced plans to transplant a guy’s head onto a new body two years from now.”

The human head transplant guinea pig is “Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian computer programmer who stepped forward in April as a volunteer; the body would come from a brain-dead donor.”

While admitting that the whole thing sounds pretty implausible, Engelhaupt insists that “I’m not so sure we should blow this off, whether it’s going to happen in 2017 or not. The more I read about the history of transplants, and spinal cord surgery, and experiments involving monkey heads, the more questions I have. And the less it all seems like a joke.”

Would A Head Transplant Improve Trading?

Sergio Canavero, the Italian neurosurgeon who says he will be doing the head transplant, hasn’t said much about what the emotional impact would be for a potential head transplant recipient.

After all, do emotions reside in the head or the heart?

Either way, it could be highly beneficial to active traders if a head transplant could help manage emotional states. Emotional excesses are what get most of us in trouble, in or out of the markets.

And What About The Astrology?

And then there’s the question of the astrology involved.

According to astrological tradition, it’s good medicine to avoid doing surgery when the transiting Moon is in the zodiac sign associated with the part of the body that’s being operated on.

In other words, if the Moon’s in Pisces, you don’t want to have foot surgery. If the Moon’s in Capricorn, it’s not a good time for a knee replacement.

But what zodiac sign is involved when you do a head transplant?

Aries rules the head, of course, but at the other end an entire human body is involved. So what’s the right choice?

Maybe you should avoid getting a head transplant when the Moon is in Taurus. That’s the sign that rules the neck, which is where all the cutting and stitching action is going on.

We’ll have to wait and see. But if a head transplant does take place in a couple of years, we not only will want to know if the operation is successful – we’ll also want to take a look at the horoscope for the event!




Jupiter and the Moon Caught My Eye

I spend so much of my time examining planetary positions by looking at astrological charts that it’s always an unexpected delight when I take the time to look into the sky and see what’s really going on.

That’s what happened to me just before dawn this morning when I stepped out onto the terrace overlooking the Manatee River.

The river was already turning red in the east, and as I gazed overhead I saw the Moon and Jupiter, both shining brightly.

They had met in a conjunction around 8 o’clock last night, but were still close enough together this morning to bring a big smile to my face – even before I’d had my morning coffee!

Although I’m mainly thinking about the Moon in relation to its impact on astro-trading action in the stock market, it’s nice to be reminded just how beautiful astrology really is.

Gold Gets Whacked by the Blood Moon Eclipse

COMEX Gold chart at Lunar Eclipse
June Gold on the COMEX reacted sharply to the Lunar Eclipse.


Gold sure hasn’t liked the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse very much!

The yellow metal started a nose-dive at exactly the time that the Sun and Moon lined up for the spectacular lunar eclipse about 24 hours ago, sending a lot of bullish traders looking for the exits.

The price has briefly dipped well below the 1300 mark a couple of times since then, adding to the jitters on the trading floor. Right now the latest tick for the June contract on the COMEX is at 1299.80, but the 1300 price zone still seems magnetic enough to hold up as support.

We’ll see what happens as the trading unfolds later today and for the remainder of this trading week– a big move below that 1300 level could signal much more bearishness ahead.

Most importantly, though, Gold’s reaction here is a reminder of just how powerful the impact of eclipses can be.

And if you think this lunar eclipse effect is worth watching, just wait until you see the big solar eclipse in a couple of weeks!

By the way, the new monograph on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets includes a section on Gold and Silver, as well as other commodities, currencies, and financial markets.

It takes a look at the eclipse astrology impacting the chart for London Gold as well as the one for COMEX Gold.

You’ll definitely want to read that section right away if you haven’t done so already– I think the forecast there will excite you, especially in the light of Gold’s reaction to the Blood Moon Eclipse!

Putting The Blood Moon Lunacy Into Perspective

I was in the middle of a client consultation in my office yesterday, discussing astrologically-grounded marketing strategies for an expanding enterprise, when the president of the company stopped me in mid-sentence.

“I almost forgot to ask you,” she said. “Tell me about the Blood Moon. Is it something we should be worried about?”

In the conversation that followed, it soon became apparent that she had gotten sucked into an a maelstrom of half-baked superstitions, Biblical prophecies, and media misinformation, with pundits and commentators fanning the flames sparked by Pastor John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, whom you may remember as the guy who claimed that Hurricane Katrina was the result of rampant homosexuality in New Orleans.

At any rate, my client was already upset by the Blood Moon brouhaha– after all, if the end of the world is here, why bother to plan a marketing campaign for your business?

I reassured her, and pointed out that even if you’e a fan of apocalyptic propaganda the Biblical connections with current events are pretty sketchy at best.

For starters, the lunar eclipse on Tuesday may not even be the color of blood. According to NASA, the current atmospheric conditions are more likely to make the eclipsed Moon look orange instead.

By the way, NASA will be providing real-time coverage and online commentary during the event at the agency’s website during the early morning hours of April 15. Click HERE for a link to their eclipse page.

NASA is a great source for eclipse information, at least from the astronomical perspective. While I was doing research for our new publication on The Solar Eclipse of April 2014: Its Impact on the Markets I found them to be an invaluable resource.

One of the claims about this week’s Blood Moon is that it’s particularly fated because it’s the first eclipse in a tetrad of four consecutive total lunar eclipses.

That, according to the end-time zealots, is completely unprecedented.

Actually, though, even though it’s somewhat rare to have four total lunar eclipses in a row, it’s not totally unheard of.

It happened in January 1909 through November 1910.

It happened in January 1927 through November 1928.

It happened in April 1949 through September 1950.

It happened in April 1967 through October 1968.

It happened in May 1985 through October 1986.

And it happened most recently in May 2003 through October 2004.

While it might be interesting to go back to those lunar eclipse dates and see what happened when the world ended then, but for now I’d rather pay attention to the potential impact of the Blood Moon on the action in the stock market.

In fact, that was one of the topics I discussed with Michael Yorba during my interview with him on Thursday. When I made that live appearance on his Traders Network radio show I was on my cell phone in an airport, so the audio quality is a little rough in places. Even so, I think you’ll find this two-part interview worth listening to.

Here’s part one:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device

And here’s part two:

click here to download or listen on your mobile device


Seeing a Market Decline Ahead of Time

It’s always gratifying to see our market forecasts play out accurately in the markets.

When a forecast turns out to be accurate, it opens up bigger opportunities for profitable trading.

Even more importantly, though, it increases our confidence in the astro-trading tools and techniques we use to decipher the hidden factors that work relentlessly behind the scenes to drive the market action. As our confidence grows, we are more likely to trust our ability to take advantage of the next trading opportunities that arise, and the net long-term results can be worth it.

But even so, I’m particularly impressed whenever a market forecast is made weeks or even months ahead of time, and then still turn out to be accurate as the market trends unfold.

That proved to be the case with the forecast presented in late August during our monthly webinar for our Gold-Plus Elite members at FinancialCyclesWeekly.com. We specifically discussed the high probability of a market pull-back getting underway after the September 19 Full Moon, and correctly predicted a negative short-term trend for equities during the September 23-17 trading week.

Of course it wasn’t just the Full Moon that pulled the markets down. It had help from other factors as well, including the Pluto Direct Station and the Fall Equinox. Here’s a 5-minute video that digs into the details:

By the way, what I neglected to mention in the video was the fact that our next webinar will be on Monday evening, September 30. There’s a tuition charge for this event, but if you’re one of our Gold-Plus Elite members you can attend for free– it’s a pretty good reason to sign up for a trial membership in our Gold-Plus Elite program, especially since you’ll also get a free astro-trading DVD when you do.

You’ll find the details at bit.ly/ATmonthly

If You’re Early To Rise You Can See The Show

As an astrologer, I spend a lot of time looking at horoscope charts and staring at a computer screen. But it really helps keep things in perspective when I have a chance to sit out on my balcony, watching the weather, checking out the action in the river below me, and above all getting a glimpse of the planets I’m studying as they appear in the sky at night!

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter have been making a nice alignment in the pre-dawn eastern sky for the past couple of days, and you can get a glimpse of this spectacular trio if you’re up early enough on Monday morning and if your local weather cooperates.

Here’s what the scene looked like early Sunday morning in Germany:

Mercury, Mars & Jupiter at Dawn
This photo, taken at dawn on August 4 by Heiko Ulbricht in Freital, Saxony, Germany, shows the relative positions of the three planets as the Sun was just reddening the eastern sky.

On Monday morning, August 5, the Moon will pass Mercury in deep-red twilight. You’ll probably want to have some binoculars handy, which might be required for for you to spot the Mercury passage. But be sure not to point the binoculars directly at the rising Sun!

If you’re looking for extra motivation to get out of bed early on a Monday, this is it! Set your alarm for dawn and enjoy the show!

Moon/Mercury Market Activations

I’ve just been reviewing some of the latest planetary action that’s been impacting the markets.

What’s caught my attention is the way that Mercury and the Moon have been connecting in a way that’s described in the Mercury, Money and the Markets book. This stuff really works!

Right now I’m putting together a video presentation describing this effect. It will also share some information about the new Mercury Metrics quarterly, which simplifies the process of using Mercury activations as a part of a trading plan.